Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'


Il Psilocybe cubensis "B+" è una popolare varietà di fungo magico per i suoi stupendi frutti da 30cm di grandezza. Questi Supa-Gro kit producono molteplici raccolti ; tutto ciò che serve è pazienza. Questo kit di coltivazione contiene 1200ml di substrato con spore inoculate.

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Supa Gro Kit 100% "B+": Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno è essere positivo

Il Psilocybe cubensis "B+" è una varietà di fungo magico che produce meravigliosi corpi fruttiferi, capaci di raggiungere i 30cm di grandezza massima. Questa varietà di funghi magici è così popolare anche per la ridotta nausea che normalmente provoca, rispetto ad altre varietà, nei primi attimi del viaggio psichedelico. "B+" è il secondo nome più azzeccato per questa varietà: perchè dopo averlo provato non potrai che essere positivo "Be Positive". Questi Supa-Gro kit contengono un mattoncino da 1200ml di substrato al 100% di spore inoculate, capace di produrre un gran numero di raccolti. Se non avrai cura del kit otterrai fino a 5 raccolti.

I kit per la coltivazione di funghi allucinogeni Supa Gro sono preparati da micologi esperti e contengono micelio estremamente vitale.

Manuale di Supa Gro

Contenuto della confezione

  • 1200ml di substrato
  • Busta di coltivazione

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+' - Scheda Tecnica
Volume 1200ML
Marche Supa Gro
Varietà B+

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Recensioni (428)
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    More than expected!!!🤙
    100% satisfaction had 4 flushes, the first one gave 184gr of fresh mushies. Very easy to look after, just keep it sterile - will give more shroomies 🤘

    M. J.

    Premier jet d'une bonne cinquantaine de champi! Hâte de voir la suite!

    C. M.

    1 mois et demi toujours rien
    Je suis extrêmement déçu surtout vu le prix cela fait 1 mois et demi que j'essaye de faire pousser et toujours rien c'est énervant en sachant le prix du kit

    A. C.

    Nach 7 Wochen kein einziger Pilz.

    T. V.

    Received really quickly however had them over 3 weeks followed all instructions and still nothing has happened would like to order some more seeds and another kit but a bit apprehensive of ordering as these have not grown at all.would like another kit free of charge and could send pictures of how they are at the min with no results.

    N. L.

    heat strike
    I think I can not argue that much I had a heat wave locally and with the hot climate i think a lot of other bacterias came in the box so a lot of mold grew in it .. also the box had some cracks on arrival . Will review it a 3 because of the crack on arrival the mold is probably my fault because of the heat .. Would give it a 3.5

    C. D.

    Der letzte Schrott
    Ich habe mehrere Kits bestellt, nur dieses ist kontaminiert. Es wurde sich strickt an die Anleitung gehalten und ich habe 20 Jahre Erfahrung mit solchen Kits, trotzdem ist es versammelt. Der Support wurde angeschrieben und um Ersatz gebeten. Die Antwort war, schick mehr Fotos oder warte noch. Das kit stinkt jedoch bis zum Himmel. Dies habe ich auch erneut mitgeteilt. Irgendwann war mir dies dann zublöd. Ich kaufe NIEWIEDERetwas bei zamnesia

    B. G.

    Facile à cultiver. 4 récoltes. Et l'équipe a été disponible pour mes questions, sachant que c'était la première fois pour moi. Les effets sont top. Je recommande !

    Q. S.

    Nichts ist gewachsen
    Das war nicht mein erstes Mal arbeiten mit einem Grow Kit. Leider ist überhaupt gar kein Pilzchen gewaschen. Habe das untaugliche Grow Kit heute entsorgt.

    U. B.

    No juice
    I've stored it in close to perfect conditions following given protocol 19-22°C & 85-95RH%, positioned it in a grow tent with diffused & indirect light ever since I received it. The room of choice was given a good sterilization for 15h and allowed to be given fresh air 4 days prior entry of the kit, after such been maintaining the room at top notch conditions without exposing the kit to any harm, any perfume or anything that could cause damage to the mycelium. Been like this for close to a month now, strange thing is... after about a week it popped up about 10 pins and I was happy as, only to have it stuck like that ever since... nothing happening, no juice. About a week ago I searched for supa gros manual, the one supplied by Supa Gro and it recommends an entire different temperature? Zam's rec is 19-22 whilst Supas is 24-26°C? Sucks as this one will end up in the compost without any bang for the buck.

    J. H.

    Didn´t work at all.
    I did everything wrong that was on your instructions. The mushrooms became huge. Unfortunately I lost Baby Jesus on the trip in a small cave made of blades of grass. Fortunately, the door to the secret of a medieval wizard was open. We loved it. Thank you.

    S. K.

    Kit Broken
    The kit arrived broken but i didn't see it at first. I saw it was broken when it was time to put it to soak for the second go. The plastic is broken on a corner from to to bottom so it was impossible to fill it with water. I put in a bigger box with water (everything cleaned up properly beforehand) but it stays half floating it didn't work no condensation at all in the bag after that. Lost for lost i put it to soak again with weight on it, it works but the second crop was poorer than the first which is not normal. Impossible to get condensation for the third batch, all together I got 12 grames of dried shrooms, miserable.

    D. F.

    Not great
    The first flush was so uneven, only grow on one side of the box! So yield was low, just over 14g dried. The second flush consisted of 3 mushrooms with a total dry weight of a staggering 1.3 grams dry! No mould or infection so really dead box. I’ve used many grow box’s over the years and this was by far the worst.

    J. G.

    Not potent
    Unfortunately these were not potent enough to provide a good trip, quite disappointing for my first trip. Only managed to produce 1 flush from this kit, but the mushrooms were very small, the second didn't grow whatsoever.

    I. K.

    Not great
    These died under the correct conditions, pretty annoying as I waited a while for them to arrive.

    R. B.

    Great product
    Easy to grow and great effect. After my original batch was defective, Zamnesia let me pick a new kit for free. Currently on my second flush only a week after picking the first lot.

    B. G.

    Pretty good yield
    I harvested 3 batches, in total about 20g dry. The box in which you put the kit doesn't stop all the light from coming in from the sides, and I got quite some side pins from the first two batches. After I taped the kit with black tape the side pins stopped sprouting with the 3rd batch

    X. Y.

    Cresciuti in una settimana!
    Sono sibito diventati grandi!

    L. G.

    Pas mon préféré
    Première fois que j'achète ce kit, la deuxième culture a été peu fructifiante et les effets moins forts qu'avec le kit Zamensia B+ mais cela reste quand même correcte

    C. M.

    Got moist but nice customer service
    My Kit was totally spoiled, a white spidery mold began to invade all the bag (not mycelium). But the customer service is very nice and efficient in this kind of situation. And usually i have no issues with this variety. so it's tricky for the experience i would give 1 stat, for the product when it works and the customer service, i will give 5 star.

    C. L.

    after two generous flsuh it has gone mouldy

    A. A.

    C Dog
    Fantastic product no problem with shipping at all , thanks Zamnesia

    C. R.

    Tryit, is not bad. Easy to grow.

    G. A.

    I soaked it at the beginning which is why it fifnt really work out but still hood kit

    T. K.

    J'adore quand un plan se déroule sans accroc
    Discret, rapide et efficace

    E. N.

    Would not recommend to anyone.
    1. The grow bag is filled with holes. 2. Aside from the above mentioned holes, the bottom of the bag I received was ripped, had black tape it and even still, it leaked everywhere. 3. The yield was OK but the potency was very below average from what I am used to with B+

    R. M.

    Nice first flush
    3 flushes with a lot of sidepins. The first one was plentyful, the ones after seemed somewhat weak. The mycelium also seemed very dry, too dry to be honest.

    S. M.

    Got moist
    Unfortunately my kit got moist after the first flush... maybe due to summer time.... but weird, never happened before.

    J. B.

    Happy power
    Nonostante la temperatura di coltivazione fosse più alta di 8-9 gradi il primo raccolto è stato un successo !

    G. B.

    Super schnelle Lieferung.
    Hallo zusammen, hab das Teil hier bestellt und innerhalb von nur 2 Tagen war es bei mir in Deutschland. Das Myzel in der Zuchtbox sieht TOP aus. Das ist keine Werbung, sondern nur mein persönlicher Eindruck. Ich hoffe das wie bei beim Golden Teacher Zuchtset davor, auch wieder 220 Gramm Nass rauskommen :) . Danke für eure Arbeit !

    D. B.

    small harvest
    This was not my first magic grow kit, but the first one that disappointed me. From the first harvest, I got 4 grams of dry, the second one never happened.

    B. L.

    Supra groo
    Facile d'utilisation

    G. D.

    My first attempt my first ever one, it’s not been so good. I followed the instructions to the tea but somewhere I’ve gone wrong. I’m still waiting for the first pins and I think I’m five weeks in maybe next time I’ll be better lucky

    D. J.

    J’en suis au premier cycle, tout s’est bien passé, hormis le faite que les sachets en plastique était troué et pas très costaud mais enserre. Tout se passe bien. Je remercie fortement énorme geste commercial que vous m’avez fait trois semaines après ne pas avoir reçu mon premier colis. Je l’ai reçu dans la boîte aux lettres. Merci. Je recommande énormément ce site.

    M. G.

    Schnell und unkomplizierte Abwicklung. Das Gro Kit funktioniert jedes mal, ist aber sehr empfindlich. Also 3mal ernten hab ich noch nie hinbekommen.

    B. H.

    Great Service!
    Unfortunately, I only had a very small flush and then gray mold. Although I worked super sterile and paid attention to everything. But after a short message to the support, a replacement or voucher was promised. Super Service!

    K. B.

    Super quick delivery with regular updates
    I’m following the instructions and expecting some pinning in the next few days. Excited for the results. Will 100% be ordering again once flush is confirmed

    C. M.

    Very good mycelium and I was very happy about the shipping as well. Zamnesia still the most trusted grow shop

    J. N.

    Ganz nett, hab aber wahrscheinlich was falsch gemacht, denn ich hab keinen 2ten Flush hinbekommen. hoffe das bekomme ich besser mit meinem 2ten Set hin. Wirkung war auch ok, musste aber wirklich hoch dosieren. Vllt. ist aber auch meine Toleranz hoch -.- . Ansonsten kann ich es weiterempfehlen.

    A. S.

    hm not working?
    my first flush was maybe 10 g, 2nd one gone black and died

    M. S.

    5 Star rating
    Hatte zwar anfangs paar Schwierigkeiten mit unseren Kits, aber der Support ist aufjedenfall unschlagbar

    I. Z.

    Already at second flush
    Amazing first flush within 2 weeks and going strong on the second one. Respect the instructions and it's not difficult to grow the mushrooms. They like humidity and warmth so make sure they are kept warm.

    D. A.

    Was ok
    Work out ok..

    V. G.

    Very good
    it worked really well. The first flush was really strong, and unfortunately I harvested it a bit too late, some caps opened and the next flushes were not that strong. But very decent. The strain has almost no visual trip, but everything is a looot prettier during the trip so it's a very contemplative high, but not philosophical

    D. S.

    So easy!
    Dead simple and really quick. Followed the simple instructions and within 3 weeks had a beautiful full flush. Magic!

    R. C.

    Purtroppo questo kit non mantiene le promesse,ho seguito tutte le istruzioni date da Supa gro ma purtoppo non ho visto neanche un fungo! in passato ho usato dei kit a marchio zamnesia ed è andato tutto bene, ho seguito il metodo previsto per questo kit ma non ho ottenuto alcun risultato. Sono deluso

    A. R.

    I messed up
    So I messed up and the mushroom didn't grow passed 1 cm. It's .y fault thou. But I love your team so I give it 5 stars

    D. R.

    Trotz leichten hygienischen Fehlern sehr gute ernte und hervorragende Wirkung. Nur zu empfehlen!

    J. B.

    Commande reçu rapidement première récolte au bout d'une semaine et demi deux semaines 10/15g récolté (sec). Vrai trips Je recommande

    M. B.

    Nice kit
    Works well, takes a little longer to pin but nice pin set

    R. W.

    Amazing growth
    Supa Gro are fantastic, I had 2 fruitful crops. I heard the effects are not really strong, but I have not tried yet.

    R. G.

    Très bien
    Premier bon rendement, malheureusement pas de second flush du à un déménagement et certainement un bon loupé de ma part.

    G. B.

    Bin begeistert
    Für meinen ersten grow war das schon ganz gut ...hat echt Spaß gemacht .Zamnesia hält hier was es verspricht.Gleich nochmal n andere Sorte bestellt.Weltklasse

    T. W.


    M. A.

    Excellent customer service.
    The customer service at Zamnesia as usual is second to none, thanks for all the help and prompt responses to my messages. Excellent staff excellent company, glad youre here for us all. Thankyou

    D. C.

    Trotz Fehler meinerseits passable Ernte
    Leute passt auf mit den Heizmatten. Ich habe einen Fehler mit meiner Thermostat Uhr gemacht und das Kit einen Tag auf 40 Grad hochgebruzzelt. Ich dachte damit wäre das Mycel tot, aber es kam nach einiger Zeit dann doch noch ein passabler Flush. Blitzschneller Versand! Erstaunlich.

    F. G.

    Ottimo prodotto

    F. C.

    Top quality
    Zupa gro never let me down. 35g dry from first flush.

    D. L.

    Great and easy to use kit
    Took 15 days from setting up to first harvest of 200g fresh mushrooms.

    G. N.


    S. S.

    Supra b+
    Fantastici senza difetti

    S. K.

    amazing product 🫴🪽

    K. T.

    Great results!
    The kit yielded a great 1st flush and 2nd one is on the way - would recommend, simple to use kit, almost no effort required and the results speak for themselves. Top notch!!

    M. B.

    took 3 weeks to show but how going strong maybe its because its my 1st time trying to grow mushrooms and I am still learning

    D. S.

    Great kit. Great quality.
    Super happy with the 1st harvest. Your kits are not the cheapest but they are the best quality and yield.

    S. S.

    First time growing
    I got around 190g wet mushrooms and very quickly, took 7 days to see first pins and after that they were pretty much ready for harvest in 5days! Would recommend this product. Customer service is very helpful with all questions i have had since i desidet to start grow

    M. P.

    Falsche Versprechen in der Beschreibung, sonst super
    Super Set, alles dabei, keine Kontamination, Versand und Informationen super. Das Kit hat sich quasi von allein gepflegt (ich nutze allerdings eine Heizmatte, um die Temperatur sicher zu stellen). Es ist wunderschön, den kleinen Köpfchen beim Wachsen zuzusehen. Ein ordentlicher flush kam dabei rum. Beim zweiten flush fünf, beim dritten zwei kleine Köpfchen. Die Beschreibung hat fünf gute flushes versprochen. Das kann ich absolut nicht bestätigen. Abgesehen davon ein schönes Kit, welches für netten Zeitvertreib sorgt.

    P. E.

    Great yeild would definitely recommend
    A little more work than other grow kits but I got more than 4x the amount of shrooms than other kits I will definitely get these again

    J. M.

    Plutôt positif
    Une très bonne première récolte à 22G sec pzr contre deuxième pas folle jzttend les prochaine

    Q. S.

    Good product
    Had several flushes and good shrooms

    G. G.

    groeit goed, mooi volle bak!
    dit is de derde kweekset die ik koop van Zamnesia. na dat ik de research had gedaan en de blogs had gelezen heb ik nog geen enkele keer problemen gehad. shrooms groeien goed. gewoon weten waar je mee bezig bent en dan komt alles goed. hygiene & timing is key!! dit is de 1ste set waarvan ik capsules ga maken. wish me luck! Love you Zamnesia

    O. V.

    Gute Ware
    Wäre wie angeboten. War sehr zufrieden.

    A. R.

    anleitung erst nach der ernte gelesen, alles falsch gemacht und top ernte also super tolles produkt

    D. G.

    Sehr enttäuschend
    Noch nie so ein schlechtes kit gehabt und das war schon der Ersatz für ein kontaminiertes.

    C. S.

    Je n’avais jamais pris de champignons. Je pèse 50 kg (femme) et j’ai pris environ 1.5/2g . Conditions : Soirée entre potes + film (The Big Lebowski = Meilleur film pour tripper !!!On dirait même qu’il a été inventé dans cette intention…((Scènes courte est complètement wtf +)) Les champi ont été séché ( = très bon rendements = économique puisque pas besoin de tapis chauffants, ou même d’acheter un sac puisqu’ il est inclus) Mes potes les ont consommer en les mâchant simplement (Je recommande de les consommer en ayant le ventre vide parce que celui qui avait mangé avant (apéro) à eu des nausées Effet ressenti par mes potes = Couleur intensifier , modification des couleurs exemple le blanc perçu comme du bleu, déformation, visage qui semble dessiné , fractal , euphorie. Conso: Je les ai découpé en petits morceaux , par la suite je l’es ai fait tremper qlq minute dans du jus de citron puis j’ai ajouté dr l’eau tiède au mélange (j’ai eu plus d’effet que mes potes) ((Je n’est pas mangé pendant qlq h avant l’a prise)) Pour ma part cela à altéré mon état de conscience, je n’avais plus la même voix, je ne pouvais m’empêcher de rire à chaque fois que je m’exprimais + ralentissement de la parole, difficulté à comprendre le film qui il faut l’avouer et quand même complètement perché, j’ai également eu des halu (fractals, déformation des proportions visage / corps, une fascination pour les motifs géométriques (Qui sont omniprésents dans le film),Sensation de percevoir le monde comme s’il était dessiné (lisse), Sensation de percevoir des visages comme s’ils étaient faits de Lego (pixels), déformation des cheveux qui semblait comme dessiner, les paysages ressortaient en fractale (comme des pixels). Attention si vous habiter dans un lieu où les murs sont fin nos voisins nous ont entendu mdr Je recommande !!!

    C. B.

    A nice strain for not only beginners also I’f after more of relaxed positive experience. Hence the name, not the strongest though level on euphoria awareness colours etc. Where most other strains lean slightly to one side of more colourful, body high or awareness etc. Very basic to cultivate too, these aren’t temperamental to grow at all. Nice mushrooms

    J. L.

    Good packaging
    So far I cannot say whether it's going well or not because I'm still waiting for them to pin, but delivery, packaging and support have been great

    H. F.

    Le colis est arrivé chez moi avec un peu plus de temps que prévu. J’aère le sac et pulvérise de l'eau tous les jours, en espérant que les résultats arrivent bientôt.

    O. B.

    1er flush 260g
    Ayant déjà eu des problèmes de contamination par le passé avec d'autres souches et autres marques, j'ai choisi les B+ pour leur résistance aux contaminations. Au bout de 2 jours j'avais un point vert, que j'ai enlevé mais du coup j'avais peu d'espoir pour la suite, surtout que le sac de culture fourni est juste troué et non avec un carré de tissus comme tous ceux que j'avais eu auparavant. Je me suis un peu moins pris la tête sur l'hygiène (je me suis juste bien lavé mains et bras et séchage au sopalin. Pas de gants), l'humidification et l'aération (1 fois tous les 2 jours devant la fenêtre). Au bout d'1 semaine apparition des premières tetes d'épingle, et 6 jours après (donc même pas 15 jours au total) une 1ere récolte de 260g Vivement la suite !

    V. M.

    Han fet bé la seva feina
    És la primera vegada que he tingut una experiència amb psilocibina. Després de cercar vaig trobar el web de Zamnesia i vaig comprar el kit. La primera florida ha estat de 180 g en pes humit, la segona encara va fent. I els bolets han fet bé la seva feina: 2,3 g en pes sec per a una persona de 62 kg sense experiència. Un viatge d'iniciació intens, d'entre 4-5 hores i, sobretot, molt bonic, plàcid. Com un somni lúcid.

    I. M.

    Great kit for beginners. Very happy with my first flush. Waiting for the second one :)

    I. L.

    1er essai satisfaisant
    Colis bien reçu et première récolte. Je n’ai pas encore consommé en attendant j’ai fait sécher les champis. J’essaye actuellement de faire une deuxième récolte avec le kit…. À voir. Pour l’instant je suis très satisfait du produit envoyé par Zamnesia. Y’a plus qu’à tester…

    E. S.

    Growing strong
    I am happy with my purchase the grow kit came to my house in a good state and I did not even began right away a week later I began with the basic instructions witch where very simple but very good at first nothing would grow and I think this was because of the temperature as sine as I put the grow kit in a better place with a higher room temperature the growing began and I am now watch every day as my mushrooms are growing bigger by the day I can't wait to see if the effects are as interesting as the grow itself

    J. M.

    Really heavy and nice flushs.

    K. J.

    Easy Grow
    As a beginner I had no trouble getting a decent harvest. Follow the instruction, keep everything clean and voila!

    N. C.

    Super en soirée entre potes, rigolade assurée

    M. L.

    Good kit
    Good kit first flush 125gram fresh now waiting for the second flush

    E. M.

    First experience
    As my first experience with a mushroom grow kitI can't say honestly if the product is worth or not, or either better or worse compared to others. I followed the instructions very carefully, sanitizing everything around me to avoid contamination. After only a week I couple of tiny heads appeared. Now, after almost 3 weeks, I can count 5-7 small caps(0.5cm tall) and some "white foam" that looks mould. I don't know if I'm on the right path, but in my inexperienced honest opinion, it's quite slow and not very productive this first flush. Let's see in a couple of weeks if the situation is getting better!

    R. M.

    Best customerservice
    The growkit was contaminated after a few days. Customservice sended me a new one.

    I. Ö.

    Numero Uno
    I have been a customer of Zamnesia for many years and have ordered many grow kits. Have tried grow kits from all of their providers. The range of products and the superb customer service make Zamnesia "Numero Uno" on my list. Simply the best. Thank you.

    M. C.

    Bad Product when compared to other kits
    Couldnt grow a single shroom with this kit sadly. I will stick to growkits you flush first again

    C. R.

    Super service client
    Mon produit a eu un problème et il mon tout de suite proposé de me le remplacer il on un super service client en qu'à de problème

    M. A.

    No 2nd/3rd Flush
    Cannot recommend this Box. First Flush got 8g dried, second Flush got 1.2g dried. I did everything exactly as mentioned in the manual and worked very clean. Have thrown the Kit away after the "2nd. Flush". Support replies quickly but cannot help in my case.

    C. K.

    The B+ has started to fruit! And we are all smiles at my house.

    M. M.

    Great Kit
    Fantastic kit having a decent first flush so far, would recommend this kit

    M. P.

    Livraison génial
    Livraison génial très rapide, meilleur SAV !

    A. F.

    Thanks to customer service !
    I had some problem with my box but the service offered me some solutions, thanks !

    M. D.

    Beautiful grow kit
    Easy to use Many mushrooms Taste really good Thank you

    I. V.

    After several tries (some kits were not functionning or contaminated), and thanks to the customer service of Zamnesia (good support, reactive and understanding), I could grow and harvest my mushrooms. Thanks !

    L. L.

    4 weeks in and only tiny shrooms
    Four shrooms have broken the surface and the tallest is about 1cm - after 4 weeks! Not impressed...

    S. P.

    My first kit I ordered, to my disappointment didn’t even give me a single shroom. However thanks to zamnesias excellent customer service I received a complementary kit which has just had its first harvest. The first flush was pretty weak and I’m waiting hoping for more flushes, but I seem to have been more lucky using zamnesias “Fresh” kits and might stick to them more in the future. Over than that B+ seems like one of the better strains I’ve tried, but nothing beats the “Golden teacher” ;-)

    C. L.

    Best Customer Service EVER!!!!!
    Unfortunately my kit was contaminated from start but the exceptional support that zamnesia has they offered a free replacement. Shout out to the best customer support I’ve encountered. Grazie ragazzi, siete davvero i migliori!!!!

    F. F.

    Extraordinaria atención al cliente !
    En calidad de producto y SATISFACCIÓN al cliente son los mejores. Rápidos, amigables y con un servicio al cliente extraordinario. Hoy día nadie te trata tan bien como Zamnesia.

    I. S.

    Excellent service
    Unfortunately my kit was contaminated from start but the exceptional support that zamnesia has they offered a free replacement. Hands down the best customer support I’ve encountered. You wont regret it! I will order all of my supplies from Z in the future :)

    L. Ö.

    Purtroppo anche questo kit non si è rivelato produttivo, nonostante l'assoluta precisione nel controllare e mantenere le condizioni indicate. Seconda spesa fatta è risultata totalmente infruttuosa. Pessima esperienza anche con il servizio clienti: sono al 100% insoddisfatta dell'esperienza di acquisto.

    E. S.

    Good kit
    I got the first flush (250g fresh) after three weeks, very nice mushrooms, the second flush e week after, a third flush pending. I recommand this kit, my second try a good results each time. I must say that the after-sales service is very responsive and efficient: I previously bought a kit that did not work very well (not a failure but a low yeld), after few exchanges that allowed me to explain the problem, a new kit was offered as compensation. A very good service I must say

    L. N.

    Not arrived (?)
    Order arrived but without containing my ordered growkits :( Very sad

    S. K.

    Very Top
    Je ne peux que conseiller Zammesia, pour leurs produits et le service

    T. T.

    Risate garantite.
    Funghi bellissimi, facili e divertenti. Qualità ottima.

    M. P.

    very good, but
    ..i'd wish you would put out a more detailed manual/guide on your website, i.e you say "soak box in water and put with closed lid into cold place for 9-12 hours" i did that but i didnt know what i did that for, only later i found out through other people that it was to make mycelium spread better, but my mycelium didnt spread well - should have waited longer, so my flush was actually weak... otherwise a great kit!

    D. V.

    Awesome customer-care service
    After I bought a kit that didn t go well for somme reason, I contacted them to complain , and they sent me a new kit for free , as well as a smaller mexican kit from Supagro as a gift ! That is the reason why they are the best , very trustworthy and they take great care of their customers ! Couldn t be happier , thanks very much !

    B. F.

    Pacco nato contaminato. Peccato.

    J. S.

    Easy Grow, Big Shrooms
    Easy to grow kit, follow the instructions and bingo. Big sized shrooms, will do several flushes

    C. R.

    Quick and easy
    This kit has worked like a charm. By following the instructions I got the first flush (~220g fresh, ~22g dried) after two weeks and the second flush is beginning to peek out after another week.

    S. A.

    très déçu
    Deuxième achat de cette box, deuxième échec ... J'ai déjà utilisé cette box venant de vos concurrents, jamais eut de soucis .. Je suis minutieux et appliqué. J'ai contactez le service client puis plus de réponse de leur part aprèsl'envoi de 'preuves'

    L. V.

    Great Shrooms Quality but...
    ... ... But you have to be very careful when handling this kit. Disinfection of hands and arms is absolutely essential! This kit needs daily humidification, which means more chances for germs and mold to invade your crop. For me, Zamnesia kits are way much simpler and more productive.

    F. J.

    Perfetto. ha fatto 3 gettate

    D. S.

    Super sérieux
    C’est ma deuxième commande chez Zamnesia mais malheureusement mon kit n’as pas fonctionné… cependant la livraison est plus que rapide, en contactant le service après vente, Zamnesia m’as renvoyé un nouveau kit. Grand merci à eux pour leur sérieux et leur professionnalisme

    L. D.

    Gut gewachsen
    Gut getrippt :)

    D. L.

    Aaaah si quanti bei ricordi e quante risate.. il mio primo fungo magico:) quasi quasi vien voglia di tornare ai vecchi tempi;)

    I. R.

    Ich kenne die Growkits noch von früher, leider hat die Qualität des Herstellers sehr nachgelassen. Nach ungefähr einer Woche fing der Brick an unangenehm zu riechen, eine weitere Woche später zeigte sich dann Schimmel. Kann ich nicht mehr empfehlen

    S. F.

    Totally didn't read the instructions through thoroughly, since I grew the same kit a year ago and got 3 big flushes. Turns out the process had changed and I could NOT use a heat mat this time and certainly not do a 12 hour water dunk between flushes, as I did last time. I put the kit on a heat mat the first thing I did, even so I managed to pull three fat bastards and a couple of small ones out of the first flush, around 90 gram fresh. But then I dunked it and it looked like rotting garbage and that was the end of that story.

    P. M.

    Super pour débutant
    Première culture de champi avec ce kit, les instructions ne sont pas évidentes à comprendre mais pourtant très simple en pratique : pas besoin de tapis chauffant ou de brumisateur. Le premier flush m'a donné 200g frais pour environ 15g sec, et les effets de cette variété sont idéaux pour une introduction aux champignons magiques, je ne suis pas déçu !

    V. F.

    Formazioni bianche immobili
    Pur avendo tenuto la confezione nella sua busta nebulizzandola tutti i giorni , dopo 3 settimane nulla che si possa chiamare fungo è apparso

    F. B.

    Positively happy
    My first box didn’t actually take off despite meticulously following the directions. Never fear! Outstanding customer service had a new kit on its way in no time and the next kit worked well. It lasted four flushes gave 30-40g dried fruits. Colorful and intense trips. Would buy again without hesitation knowing how reliable the customer support is in keeping the customer confidence.

    M. P.

    jamais deçue
    ils ont pas encore poussé mais je n'ai jamais été déçue par ces box, c'est une chouette expérience et c'est très facile.

    E. D.

    La box n'a pas marché du tout
    J'avais déjà fait plusieurs boxes sous soucis mais là j'ai beau avoir suivi les instructions parfaitement la box n'est jamais partie. Elle est lancée depuis le 27 janvier dans une pièce stable à 24° avec brumisation quotidienne mais rien n'a bougé à part un petit dépôt blanc sur la surface de la box.

    H. S.

    Nicht wirklich
    Ich habe alles streng nach Angaben gefolgt und trotzdem hatte ich nur einen minimalen Ertrag von 3,5 g Keine Ahnung ob es an mir lag oder an dem Set

    G. M.

    Still waiting
    It now has been 21 days til I started to grow this kit but still nothing. Now im waiting Zamnesia's help and hopefully they can tell me why it doesn't start growing.. other strains have been great tho!

    T. H.

    Lots of mushrooms
    Quick delivery, 250 g nice big mushrooms in first flush, waiting for second. Will buy here again :)

    A. A.

    Good service
    I had a defective kit at first. But the team has been quick to send me a replacement that worked as a charm. I have yet to taste them though

    F. V.

    Friendly growing
    Rookie grower. The instructions are not so clear especially if you want to understand a bit about what you're doing. Reddit helped me to follow better the growing cares. B+ are quite easy to grow tho. for now i got two flushes. i did it for MD so, for the effects, i can't really tell in a short period of time.

    M. D.

    Sehr einfach zu growen und super Wirkung
    Ich hatte bereits meine erste Ernte und die zweite ist auf dem Weg. Ging alles super easy. Die Pilze haben eine gute Wirkung, nicht zu stark. Habe es Freunden von mir gegeben, die noch nie Mushrooms genommen haben, und alles waren total happy. Sind auch sehr sanft zum Magen, keiner musste sich übergeben :-D Bin gespannt ob ich noch weitere Ernten hinbekomme. Es gibt nur 4 Sterne, da nicht so viele Pilze gewachsen sind wie auf den Fotos gezeigt trotz optimaler Bedingungen. Trotzdem war es reichlich.

    A. K.

    Ottimi ed efficaci
    Con un po' di attenzione questo kit da degli ottimi frutti, facile e semplice da coltivare

    M. M.

    Meerdere oogsten mckennai gehad, uitstekende flushes gehad. Nu B+ geprobeerd en had ik een bacterie helaas. Zamnesia heeft mij verder geholpen. Heb weer een mckennai besteld.

    W. B.

    N'a pas marché
    Rien n'a poussé en quasi 40 jours, j'ai fini par abandonner...

    J. B.

    J'ai acheté des kits Supa Gro (Golden Teachers) par le passé, et ai toujours eu des résultats parfaits, en faisant toujours attention à éviter la contamination. Cependant, lors de ma dernière commande, j'ai acheté un kit Supa Gro Golden Teacher, un Supa Gro B+, et pour la première fois, un kit de marque Fresh Mushrooms. Dans des conditions exactement identiques d'entretien (kits côtes à côtes), seuls les Fresh Mushrooms ont donné deux flushes. Ceci ajouté aux commentaires récents sur ces kits me permet de penser avec assez de certitude que les Supa Gro sont arrivés déféctueux à l'origine. Zamnesia m'a renvoyé deux kits de mon choix (que j'attends de recevoir) sans frais supplémentaires, c'est pour ça que je laisse tout de même trois étoiles.

    G. C.

    got a replacement product
    1st one didnt work, got a replacement product. Thank u

    W. G.

    Excellent service! H.B.

    H. B.

    Grow kit défectueux
    Grow kit défectueux, alors que mon 2 eme kit as trouvé à son deuxième flush, seulement des moisissures blanches apparaissent dans cette box. Je ne sais pas si c’est la marque ou la box en question mais apparemment je ne suis pas le premier à avoir ce soucis.

    L. M.

    1er kit défectueux
    Premier kit défectueux mais super zamnezia doit me renvoyer le même, j'attends avec impatience de les goûter. Merci zamnezia

    T. M.

    Spedizione rapida e discreta
    La spedizione tutto bene, la crescita dei funghi per adesso, non molto. Sarà molto probabilmente perché ho iniziato a metà ottobre e il freddo ha fatti ritardare ma a 3 settimane passate nel box si intravede appena in minuscolo stelo sulle aree più ammuffite e più bassi di 1 mm. Comunque con la giusta temperatura e umidità, dovrebbe andare tutto bene

    A. L.

    falici da coltivare
    Per me è la prima volta che coltivo. Al momento sono alla seconda settimana e coltivarli è davvero molto semplice, richiedono solo un paio di minuti al giorno, il tempo di spruzzargli l'acqua per pochi secondi e poi fino al giorno dopo non bisogna più toccarli. Spero di avere un buon raccolto.

    N. C.

    Not this time
    I've purchased several grow kits from zamnesia and they've always worked, got delivered fast and yielded good flights. However this one was a miss. Didn't get anything. Oh well it happens.

    D. V.

    Already past 21 days
    21 days and only pins still in the gro kit...

    I. P.

    Good stuff!
    B+ is amazing!! beautyful, colerful and strong. Just do it all nicely and you will get some nice harvests. .... being grateful! Thank you Zamnesia!!

    M. H.

    Did alright
    Although I left this one in the fridge for 4 months it still managed to produce a few heads

    S. P.

    Livraison rapide. 1ere flush au top! En attente de la 2em. Super service client. Merci zamnesia!

    L. M.

    Excellent service and good first grow... Waiting for the second... Good job.... I will buy again... :)

    R. C.

    Waste of money
    This one seems to be a complete waste of time and money. It has been 1 month now and I was able to "harvest" one single mushroom. Zamnesia was helpful at first, but haven't received any replies to my last email.

    K. W.

    Pourquoi ?
    Une pousse... pas deux ... Mais le produit est bon...

    L. G.

    Good strain
    Very fast to grow and happy sensasions.

    F. B.

    Supa grow kit b+
    Après 2 semaines de pousse, toujours rien. Est ce que le kit peut être défectueux ? Pour l’instant j’attendrais encore un peux mais bon je suis un peu déçu pour l’instant de ce type de champignons :(

    V. R.

    Pas de chance
    Une première bonne récolte, puis les suivante beaucoup moins. Plusieurs champignon on pousser au niveau du bord de la boite sous-terre, ce qui contenais le plus. Du cou il y a du avoir dégât...

    B. R.

    5 stars for this great product and the great team!

    F. R.

    Bonne première récolte
    Très bonne première récolte qui nous a donner pas mal de champignons En attente de la deuxième en espérant qu’elle soit aussi bonne

    R. C.

    Bon service client
    J'ai reçu la box mais elle ne s'est pas lancée. J'ai contacté zamnesia et ils m'en ont expédié une autre et je viens de la recevoir. Merci à vous et je vous dirais le résultat de cette merveille 🤘

    L. P.

    That’s the stuff
    Sooooo first of all thanks Zamnesia dudes youre so fucking great. My order got probably checked at the frontier and they sent me another one. Then my kit got a nasty shroom fly invasion and they sent me another kit... You get my point. They’re the best. The shrooms are great and grow quickly. I ate one last night with a friend, he had the visuals and I had the “I can’t stop laughing, I might die laughing” effect.

    A. D.

    SupaGro B+ Big fruits
    First I ordered the Supagro Hawaiian, but this kit didn't grow that well. There was only one very small flush, after that flush the kit was done. But Zamnesia came with a great solution, so I could order a new kit. Very kind of Zamnesia and it shows how good this company is! So I ordered a new one, the B+. After setup, it took 2 weeks and 5 days for first pins started coming. 6days later I could harvest and total of 130gram came out. The paddo's were huge, like 20cm. I did a cold-shock in the fridge for the the second flush and waiting now for the first pins. I already tried the paddo's (mixed with a little Hawaiian shrooms) Took 3grams dry and it was awesome. The visuals were very detailed and fast. Especially with some psy-trance on. I was in cloudy tunnels everything was moving smoothly and heads were popping out the clouds. The visuals took like 2 hours. Very nice. I would definitely recommend these B+. One tip for Zamnesia; Change the bags. Make them stronger, because when the bag gets humid it will collapse the whole time and it could effect the mycelium. Now I had to build a construction with wooden sticks. That's not handy. Overall big thumbs up.

    R. K.

    Supe Grow Kit B+
    Doesn't grow so "aggressively". I am courious about next progress. Arround 3g dried from the 1 flush. UV night lighting seems to help growing. Anyway - excellent service and delivering.

    P. K.

    Au top
    Cette variété est juste magique 2g5 suffit pour un petit voyage, facile à pousser. 3 flush pour environ 300g frais

    C. P.

    Nice growkit, first experince with b+
    I did not follow the instructions. I took the cake out the kit and build a fruiting chamber, the first week nothing happen but i was also cold temperature (18-19C) i moved then afterwards and after a week more there was plenty of fresh mushrooms in (20-23C), i have not weighted all fresh, but i think its about 30+g when dry. Then i put the cake into a sterile bag and filled it with water and let it get cold for 12+ hours, next day already new pins. Nice kit! Can only recommend!

    P. N.

    The grow kit is super easy to handle even for amateurs like me :D My first batch is drying right now and I am very excited to try them. I can recommend this product for everyone. Thanks!

    J. H.

    Fast shipping, fair price and 100% success rate
    This Strain I recommend for first time home-growers, and first time travelers. I would say there’s a 100% success rate as this strain is a kind grower. It will start sprouting after 2+ weeks, so be patient. And you can get up till 4 batches from one kit. Super win. The strain is also a safe choice for a first time traveler, being balanced between the visual- and feel experience. Where other strains might be more visual or emotionally deep. I would also recommend it for micro dosing.

    H. R.

    Defective from the start
    It should have a 5 stars but It was defective from the strat. ( No contamination )I had only 4 large 44g fresh mushrooms each. 1small 20g and other very small pins never grown. The Zamnesia staff was very friendly and provided me with a voucher for the same amount of money. I can say that the trip of the few collected was very beautiful and intense making me more than positive. thanks !! I'm going to try a different one.

    M. B.

    Une récolte de très bonne qualité
    J'ai eu une récolte car le substrat a séché lors d'un départ en vacances. La première récolte était abondante et on s'est bien amusé :)

    S. B.

    B+ is niiiice
    Man I love B+. It's a mild mushroom but it's easy to cultivate and gives high yields. I would say it's a beginners best friend. Both for growing and tripping. ^^ I take about 5g dried, but for a beginner I think 2g is perfect. Work your way up the ladder (0,5g each time) with at least a months break between the trips. Have a nice trip!

    F. H.

    Looking forward for the next flush.
    First time growing, ordered 1 kit of B+ and I just finished the first flush yielding around 20g of dried shrooms! Very easy to grow.

    R. S.

    Changer ma vie.
    Me voilà 2 ans après mon kit il a produit 3 cycle qui on changer ma vie. Merci Zamnesia Un voyage fort en émotion.

    A. B.

    DONT BUY !!!
    All together 3 kits ordered. None of them produced anything. NONE ! Its just started as small pins and that's it ! NOTHING !

    D. K.

    Definitely worth its money!
    Shipping was quick, customer service great! Just finished the first flush yielding around 20g of dried shrooms.

    E. R.

    Great support, thanks again Zamnesia
    Great product. Very potent. Had 4x flushes within 6 weeks. Total yield 84 grams dried B+ cubensus.

    H. J.

    supa gro B+
    Ce kit n' a pas bien fonctionné pour moi, mais le service après vente de zamnésia a été compréhensif et m' a offert un bon d' achat de la valeur du kit!!! Encore une fois au TOP zamnésia !!

    F. M.

    Arrivé en 5 jour a l'autre bout de la France bon rendement si on gère les bactéries ;)

    O. C.

    it is an amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing strain very generous yield and potent.. thank s my brothers seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soon like always!!

    K. Y.

    Parfait pour ma première expérience
    C'était ma première expérience, tout a bien marché, j'ai d'abord réuni toutes les instructions de culture, de stockage, de récolte etc. qui sont sur le site, et je les ai suivi à la lettre. Première récolte déjà sèche et sous vide au frigo. La première dégustation a été une vraie réussite (dosée grâce au calculateur du site), effet vraiment positif, rire, joie, mode love, des visuels, du plaisir physique, que de bonheur. Pas de nausée, pas de mal de bide

    A. M.

    Le kit n'a pas fonctionner
    Malgrès avoir suivi à la lettre les instructions et en étant vigilant à l'hygiène le kit n'aura produit aucun champi. Très déçu...

    T. Q.

    B +
    Really nice! Got 5 harvest.. And

    J. K.

    Ottimo prodotto, anche senza esperienza ma con poche semplici attenzioni si possono ottenere raccolti belli e abbondanti in 2 settimane.

    G. O.

    Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+' - Volume : 1200 ml
    Top product

    V. S.

    Gut gewachsen aber keine Wirkung.
    Der erste Schub kam nach etwa 3 Wochen und alles schien gut zu laufen. Leider hatten die Pilze keine Wirkung, auch nach wochenlanger Zeit zum Trocknen auf Zeitungspapier.

    D. P.

    Pretty good as always
    2nd time getting a growing kit from zamnesia and I still have nothing to complain about. 3 big flushes till this point. Not really sure if its gonna be a 4rth because the tempretature here is starting to drop, but I'm really satisfied so its cool.

    N. A.

    Fácil de usar y con buenos resultados
    Buenas, ya voy por el segundo flush y de momento el primero genial, saque 220 gramos de setas frescas asique súper contento.

    C. C.

    Contentísimo, como siempre/Super happy, as always
    Crecieron muy fácilmente, muy rápidamente y estoy muy satisfecho con la cosecha obtenida después de la tercera recogida. Un poco de moho apareció en los ciclos segundo y tercero, pero creo que fue mi culpa por tener demasiada humedad y falta de ventilación. En cualquier caso, unas pulverizaciones de agua oxigenada mezclada 50/50 con agua de grifo directamente sobre el substrato y una buena aireación me permitieron librarme de él. Eso sí, son alrededor de un 25% menos potentes que otras que he probado en otras ocasiones (esto es, con estas necesito 2'5g para alcanzar los efectos que con otras alcanzo con 2g). Por otro lado, este kit me fue enviado gratuitamente y sin gasto de envío después de adquirir uno de la marca propia de Zamnesia que vino defectuoso (no creció absolutamente nada), por lo que una vez más he de felicitar al servicio técnico de Zamnesia por su eficacia y profesionalidad). Grew super easy, super fast, and I am quite satisfied with the yield after the third harvest. On the contrary, I have found them to be about 25% less potent than other strains (I need 2'5g of these to reach the effects that other strains will provide with 2g). On the other hand, this kit was sent to me for free after I purchased one from Zamnesia's brand from which nothing grew, so congratulations once again to Zamnesia's technical support for their efficiency and professionality).

    A. A.

    Easy to grow
    The first kit i bought was a B+ kit, i was very suprised by how fast and how many mushrooms i had on the first cyrcle, really easy for beginners

    A. E.

    Idéal pour débutant!
    Ce kit est idéal pour un débutant: peu d'effort et de beaux champotes (Attention à l'hygiène)!

    S. P.

    Awesome trip, flush and quantity
    Simply amazing product. Followed all the instructions and I was able to get three flushes (the last one only contained a few mushrooms, but they were huge!!!!). The trip was amazing, very positive and open to communicate. Images were vivid and colourfull and thoughts were intense. This was the first time I actually tried them. Definitely recommend them. Zamnesia team was as very prompt to answer my questions, as always.

    R. D.

    Superb Zam!
    Fast, efficient postage. Excellent customer service - product is fantastic.

    T. G.

    Kit I got was contaminated
    I got a kit which was contaminated (not 100% sure, could've also been my mistake) and reached out to zamnesia. Within the next day they contacted me and offered to send me a free 1200ml kit of my choice without me even asking for it. Best customer support I ever witnessed, I'll definitely order here again.

    S. I.

    Supagro vs freshmusrooms . both good kits but....
    Before Supagro I was using Mushmush growkits (they were really amazing but missing now), so I decided to try the supagro and the freshmushrooms brands. Both B+. While freshmushrooms did ok, the supagro kit was incredible. I have never had 8 flushes before with any grow kit. The yield was amazing, the mushrooms potent and from the fourth started to give few mushrrooms in number , but still big and heavy. All this while growing the kit in 27-29 degrees. Incredible kit. Zammnesia allways good in deliver, as usual. I recently had my first problem and it was resolved with satisfaction.

    F. D.

    Really dissapointed
    So after following the instructions given to the letter I’m disappointed to say that my grow box hasn’t yielded anything after 4 weeks. I have used grow boxes from other companies and they have been fine, thought I would give Zamnesia a try and wasted my money. Not a happy customer and won’t be using Zamnesia again

    M. N.

    Happy with the delivery and product

    M. A.

    Powerful but not as productive
    Nice trip, got 15g first flush. Waiting for the second one. Big mushrooms rather than quantity.. good overall

    J. A.

    Excellent growing and tripping experience
    These bad girls were top notch. Flush 1: yielded 21g dry - we had perfect summer conditions at 23 degrees - first caps on day 9, harvest on day 14. Flush 2 yielded 6g dry - first caps days 9, harvest day 13. Flush 3 yielded only two, but big feckers - first caps day 15, harvest day 20 (they grew really big because we played them loads of Pink Floyd one night). Have just put Flush 4 to bed this week and have been playing them Mozart and Chopin on the piano so hopefully will yield something good. The trip itself was unbelievable. Ate 3g dry weight. Had amazing visuals, made dragons in the sky etc. The walls were breathing in and out and the carpet lapped gently at our feet. The food was the best bit - everything tasted amazing - the roast potatoes were especially funny. The trip lasted 6 hours but the positive effects lasted a week afterwards, with all my anxiety gone. Beautiful stuff.

    S. O.

    Took about 2 weeks for the first flush boy was it worth it. Took a pretty big dose, I have bit of experience with shooms, of 6g dry followed by probably the best mushroom high of my life. I have taken larger doses of other shrooms but the kick from these where other worldly without the occasional nausea. Would highly recommend this strain and very easy to grow om

    D. F.

    Super, arrivé dans les temps, première récolte abondante, j'attends la deuxième. Service après-vente excellent, ils m'ont remplacé un autre kit défectueux. Tout ce que je leur ai acheté correspond à la description.

    F. G.

    excellent as ever
    the grow kit arrived on time and with all parts included. during setup i followed the information to a t and all was going well but unfortunately the kit fell off its supports and so it lay on my heat mat for over a day before i realised that the grow kit had reached an extreme temperature. At this point i though the kit had died, however it bounced back and the first flush of around 15g dried was harvested after 3 weeks. i just finished harvesting the second flush of around 10g dried. the mushrooms were resilient and flourished despite me fucking up

    F. L.

    Good potency, low production.
    These mushrooms are good, the potency is just perfect for me (even an 7g fresh tea a week after a big trip was very enjoyable). If you're looking into visuals, check another strain, they are not as visual as other strains can be. The kit however was not as efficient and productive as advertised despite it spent the whole time in perfect conditions, yielded around 10g dry on first flush, and 13g dry on second flush after overnight fridge dunking tek wich would usually end up producing around 30g dry.

    T. B.

    Bon SAV
    Problème de kit qui n'a fais qu'un petit flush. Vu avec le service SAV qui a était très compréhensif. Merci zamnesia (Ne pas mélanger au cannabis si vous être maigre et/ou sensible !!. )

    V. B.

    First flush good!...
    Good strain but lack potency, very easy going and no belly cramps. Good choice for first timers...but great service as always!

    A. F.

    magic stuff
    easy to grow got three flushes lovely tripping on these thanks zamnesia

    P. K.

    Great !
    Fast delivery, good quality!

    K. E.

    B+ kit
    Had better performance from other kits but that’s the way it goes with them. Only 3 small flushes. But service great website great will order again for sure.

    G. C.

    Fast and easy
    Fast and easy Growbox with good yield. Though, years ago i’ve ordered a similar box and i believe that the outcome was more once... But lets see, there are more flushes to come!

    M. R.

    Poor yield
    My previous supergrow kit had a better yield this one was really poor - 15g dry :( really disappointing. I’ve been using kits for a long time now and so not a newbie to kit growing. I know they can be hit and miss but this one was poor.

    E. P.

    slightly disappointed
    I was slightly disappointed in the strongness of effects of these shrooms. Most likely just a problem with these specific boxes I got. As usual delivery was quick!

    M. P.

    Incredible mushrooms
    the kit itself seemed to have had some minor issues but communication with the team solved everything. I did have 2 flushes on the smaller side (initial grow was maybe a third of the kit but big mushrooms) but they are incredibly potent when dried and even 1g can trigger a really powerful trip, at 4g's I had astral projections.

    L. S.

    Love this
    Easy to grow, amazing pay off

    S. B.

    Best yield and growth of any of the kits we have bought. Very fast growers none have grown on the sides and have got 2 full flushes easily without any hassle. Would definitely buy again!

    B. C.

    Première culture TOP
    Culture facile et bien expliquée ! Discret , 1 seule flush car j'ai récolté trop tard Trip vraiment excellent , en festival , en soirée , en balade dans la ville même ( les meilleurs trips ) ! 1,7 g pour moi c'est une bonne perche mais vaut mieux y aller petit à petit , redescente tranquille sans effet secondaire , sensation d' apaisement plutôt !

    N. D.

    Super comme d'hab, bon rendement en peu de temps
    Bon Rendement en peu de temps, les effets sont la, livraisons très rapide et discrète super encore

    B. L.

    Order with confidence
    UK buyer, excellent communication by Zamnesia, fast and discreet delivery, Product was perfect and as described and better than kits I've used in the past, actual fruits of excellent quality. Order with confidence! If you follow the simple instructions you will be rewarded well :)

    V. K.

    Quick delivery, great customer service! First flush 25 dried gr, very pleseant effects and the easiest to grow. Recommended!

    I. T.

    A+ for B+
    These B+ kits are the best I have tried so far. No, the flushes do not resemble the picture, but it is still the highest yielding kits I have experienced. I can highly recommend these.

    S. K.

    For B+ I give an A+
    Great service. Quick delivery. Managed to get 6 flushes.

    D. M.

    Brilliant service, differing opinions on instructions
    Firstly, to review Zamnesia as opposed to the product, these guys are brilliant. Fast and discreet delivery to UK. Ordered on a Friday before a bank holiday weekend, kit was with me the following Saturday. The kit itself is still in progress - slightly different instructions on Supa Grow site. They recommend not to use heat mat, and not to mist until pins appear then mist sides. Zamnesia recommend heat mat and mist until pins appear. I started kit on a Saturday, cut top and bottom off box, and sat it on top os pencils on heat mat and misted daily as per Zamnesia...7 days later I had pins, and 6 days after that it was harvest time. Dry weight of just under 20g. Easy peasy. Followed further instructions for 2nd 33g shroom picked within 4 days, now everything slowed down. I've picked an additional 5 amounting to 7g dried in total, then I left home for a few days. I may have dried out the cake with the mat so I've ditched it, so hopefully returning to some treats. Just ordered some GTs and will follow Sgrow intructions. May mate ordered Freshmushrooms B+ from Zamnesia at exactly the same time as my B+and is having very similar growing experience, though with half the dry yield of my first flush. His kit arrived at the same time. Excellent service - thanks guys. you rock

    T. B.

    Good yield
    Had 2 flushes so far, third is coming but far less pinheads to see than with the previous two. Had 350 grams in 2 flushes so I'm very satisfied already. Haven't tried them yet.

    E. O.

    I love this kond mushrooms. You can go like bar etc. Kinda like xtc
    Good mushrooms. idont read instruction eneugh so i can only 1 good watering and then next time half of it. Ans now 3rd flysh just 3 small mushroom only. Read instructions

    A. T.

    Très bon
    Je prends toujours cette variété, que ce soit pour rester posé dans les champs ou aller en soirée. Les effets visuels vont varier en fonction des box et de la dose prise (à partir de 2 g on peut avoir de bonnes déformations mais jamais d'hallucinations), par contre c'est un EXCELLENT champignon pour rigoler pendant plusieurs heures entre copains ! Je récupère environ 35 g secs par box en moyenne

    B. L.

    this was my first supa grow kit. only had normal kits before. supa grow really rocks. almost 250 first flush

    F. S.

    Strong mushrooms! First flush 16gs dry second flush 10gs dry and just on the third now!

    T. G.

    After a disappointing no show from another batch of Mushrooms, zamnesia allowed us to pick a new kit of our choice. This B+ grew fast and big and we couldn’t be happier, thank you for consistently great service and products!

    C. M.

    Easy to grow, great trip
    First time growing mushrooms. Not much to say, everything was okay. First flush gave 170g fresh, which might be somewhat below average, but again, first time I'm doing this.

    K. S.

    10 days and a good flush

    R. R.

    Le kit à marché
    Tout s'est relativement bien passé pour moi, pas de contamination...etc Cependant en plus d'une récolte pas incroyable en quantité les champignons ont beaucoup trop poussés sur le coté ce qui rendait la récolte vraiment difficile sans abîmer le substrat et le mycélium. Je pense que Zamnesia devrait revoir la manière dont il cultive leur mycélium pour éviter qu'il y ai trop de place sur les cotés. Également j'allais suivre la consigne de la récolte une semaine après les premières pousse. Mais j'avais vu que le voile était déjà bien tombée après 4 jours donc je me suis décidé d'aller acheter ce dont j'avais besoin pour la récolte, je suis revenu trois heures plus tard et ces petits salauds avaient déjà commencé à répandre leur spores, Le fond du sachet était un peu noire. Donc fiez vous plutôt à la position du voile plus qu'à ce délais arbitraire d'une semaine après les premières pousse. Je vais quand même essayer de faire une nouvelle récolte avec un autre sac neuf.

    G. B.

    Great as always
    First flush 210g within 10 days, the second flush started showing only 2 days later and I picked them this evening only 5 days after that at 190g, seems to be growing thick and fast! Great as always

    J. E.

    Mushroom Heaven
    Whether you're a first time grower or novice, you couldn't ask for better with this grow kit. Follow the instructions exactly and you'll get several super happy flushes, worth every penny and some! First flush had 23g, 20g second and a very promising looking 3rd in the making. Zamnesia and SupaGro are the perfect match :) Tip: I talk to my shrooms just as I do with my plants and growing vegetables, the positive energy makes all the difference

    C. T.

    4x flush so far.. Still growing. I'm super satisfied!

    F. L.

    4 x fresh 482.23g, total dry 45.66g. Good mushrooms. Highly recommended.:)

    J. S.

    Good Kit
    I've had 3 good flushes and am waiting to see if i get a fourth

    C. B.

    Great product, WORKED and ofc great customer service.
    Hardship with kits, is sometimes they work, other times they don't. After 1 flush from 5 different types of kits, including one XL! , I went with supa gro for my last kit, mainly cos their kit didn't need dunking and it being 100% mycelium sold me. Both kits produced mushrooms within 10-12 days, saw pinning within a few days. Price wise, yeah you can produce a kit better yourself with the PF tek and others, but if you include the time + material used in this kit; cos it aint BRF and Verm + price of spore syr + print to start of, its a good deadly, esp seeing as you get mushrooms within 2 weeks, instead of having to a month, and put with failure. saying all that Kits can fail, the great thing about this one, was the two i got haven't, and have produced some of the best flushs from any kit from any brand ive got, also been the least hassle by far.

    R. R.

    Had a great first flush and currently waiting for the second

    F. G.

    good results
    the kit was very good and the mushis good as well . zamnesia has definetly an excelent customer service team which is great and very helpful .thanks a lot guys !

    S. P.

    Peu de récolte
    Je suis déçu, depuis un an par la qualité des barquette qui était très bonne il y a quelques années, mais la malgré un environnement adéquate je n'arrive à récolté qu'un flush correct mais les suivant sont très maigre.. Malgré un message envoyé à vos service je n'ai eu aucune réponse de votre part..

    N. G.

    Very good kit!
    Very happy with the B+ kit and the zamnesia support. First of all my first kit came and had no mycleium growth ontop of the kit.. I let if going but after 2 weeks nothing had happened. Zamnesia were straight on the job and let me place a new order for a free grow kit which came in less than a week! Very big mushrooms first flush around 100g. Hoping for more on the second!

    A. G.

    My favourite
    Love this strain , as always first class service from Zamnesia, love you guys !!

    G. T.

    Kit arrived fairly promptly, and shrooms grew well. First flush produced 190g wet weight and dried to about 20g. Tried a small dose using 'lemon Tek' (ground up mushrooms, soaked in fresh lemon juice and taken as a shot) We only had two grams, (after eating a meal, bad idea) between four people, just as a bit of a test - warm fuzzy light trip, with some giggles and slight visuals - bear in mind this was only about a half a gram each! Currently awaiting news of second flush, as my timing was bad and ordered just before Christmas and just before going on holiday, so no time to take them properly and have had to give kit to a friend for babysitting the second flush! Pins already appearing :) I do wish I had known to remove the whole cake from the box (sterile of course) to pick the shrooms from the side off, then replace the cake in box, but didn't do this after the first flush. This is because mushroom matter seemed to be left down the sides, and it's a worry that it may go rotten or mouldy? Hope not! Otherwise, all fantastic! Thank you Zamnesia :)

    M. K.

    Por enquanto tudo bem
    É a primeira vez que pedi estes kits, já fiz 2 colheitas com um total de 460g frescos, aguardando as restantes, obrigado zamnesia

    A. S.

    Excellent service and products
    I'm happy to see that Zamnesia are shroom shipping grow kits again to the UK. The service is hassle free and the kits are always delivered on time. I've never had them grow like they do in the pictures, as most seem to grow around the edges, regardless of whether I leave the kit in the box or not. I still get a good amount of shrooms though, when all the flushes have done their job

    R. E.

    Small first flush
    Its still early days, but first flush was just 2 large mushrooms (still drying, so dont know dry weight. It looks like only five or six fruits coming through on second flush. Both flushes at edge of box, nothing growing at all in the middle, so its not been great up to now, but still exciting for my first time growing :)

    C. G.

    I've ordered many kits, and B+ seems to be the most "flushy" of them all. As said in the description, it is possible to get 7 flushes, but ofcourse that needs some proper attention. Its not impossible to get nearly 50g of cracker dry shrooms with good care. Thanks, my only shop where i buy "magic" :) Warm fuzzy feeling inside when tripping, soft and calm trips. I have vivid imagination, so visuals comes out to existence already with +2g doses.

    T. H.

    Très bien
    J'en suis à mon 3 em flush Et vraiment cool !!!

    L. S.

    They grow really fast like 10 days and grow big. Biggest one was 20cm. The 2nd time they grew there were only 50% of the last time. Had gloves and breathmask. Satisfied with the kit exept that the amount is getting smaller

    T. W.

    Ottimo servizio
    Salve, desidero ringraziare lo staff per l'eccellente servizio. Ottimo primo raccolto, qualità notevole, vedremo i prossimi.

    V. R.

    easy and safe!
    very easy to grow and effect positive guarantee! AAA+!

    C. C.

    Super effets. Culture qui pardonne au débutant
    Le kits à bien produit. 4 flushs. ça aurait surement pu être plus si je ne m'étais pas embrouillé dans les transitions entre deux récoltes: donc bien écouter et ré-écouter la vidéo. Au total un bon 40g sec en tout. De quoi faire plusieurs bons trips à deux. Dosez prudemment et progressivement, le potentiel est vraiment très puissant. Un des trips a été un vrai voyage astral, très visuel (surtout la première heure), 4 heures de surf psychédélique puissant. A dosage plus léger, euphorie, scintillement, détails et perception accrues; c'est aussi très agréable. Nausées proportionnelles à la quantité, mais toujours gérable. Hydratez-vous, restez dans un contexte sûre.

    V. C.

    Belle première récolte, plus de 20 grammes sec je crois, rien à redire. Arrivés à maturité en à peine 14 jours.

    P. M.

    Big fruits on first yield
    Got some massive fruits on the first flush, but not so much total as other kit(s). Looking forward to second one.

    P. B.

    Fast grow and super sweet trip
    They took less than two weeks to came out nice and strong. Got 22g dry off the first flush. Second flush only gave me 5g but I probably did something wrong. I had a super relaxing trip with them, nowusing for microdosing. Love them

    I. S.

    Amazing Product !
    Bought this 2 times and it is Really Awesome. It is easy, and the shrooms is lovely ! Really a great buy !!!!!

    S. O.

    1rst Flush great, second not so much
    the first flush was really good. I dont know what happend with the second one but only few grow. But they were much bigger. It grows really fast, around a week.

    E. P.

    Fast growing!
    I give this growkit 5 stars because it grows really fast, delivers many big mushrooms and it they really work in a positiv way! So I deffenetly think that they live up to the name B positiv! :) Awesome shrooms!

    B. B.

    Great Flush
    Très bon rendement, et excellent trip

    E. P.

    nice result
    Just harvested my first flush, they grew pretty nice and easy. Got around 20g dried.

    J. H.

    Great mushrooms!
    Awesome mushrooms, thanks for the good product !!!

    N. L.

    1er flush top...
    Expérimenté au niveau de la culture de champi, j'ai respecter à la lettre les règles pour la culture de mush. Mais lors de la deuxième flush... presque rien. Pourtant la première avait donner. A voir sur ma prochaine commande

    K. G.

    Recommendation, easy & productive
    Nice yield, no problems!

    A. S.

    Fast delivery, got 5 flushes out of it, in total 60-70 dried grams. Unfortunately I didn't do the cold shock properly, so that ruined a few flushes. Place the water in the growkit when cold shocking! The trip was mild with 3.5 grams, but I've heard stories that 3.5 grams is quite intense. In some ways I felt more "sober" than I do normally; hypervision, taste, smell, sounds, etc. Definitely recommended to go outside!

    C. J.

    great results
    So far so good, 2 flushes in and they look great!

    C. S.

    Top mais...
    Super premier flush avec une quantité très raisonnable. En revanche, une semaine après le choc à froid, seul 2 champignons ont poussé lors du second flush qui est encore en cours. Je dois avouer que je suis un peu déçu du coup...

    G. J.

    awsome mushrooms!!

    D. V.

    Muy bien.
    Esta es mi primera experiencia de cultivo de setas, siguiendo las instrucciones de higiene y limpieza de momento han salido 2 cosechas bastante buenas, en la 2ª cosecha apareció un poco de moho blanco que eliminé pulverizando directamente sobre el moho con agua oxigenada diluida al 3% en agua destilada, en la 3ª cosecha están saliendo pocas setas (creo que es debido a que la temperatura ha cambiado, voy a probar con una esterilla a ver) ...

    A. L.

    Very visual
    Great flushes, about 30g dried but they smash your ego and face your demons then there would be no psychologists as the mushroom is the answer to all you need to know if you just let it pass by you and show you then the visuals are great. I needed cannabis with this strain I took my usual 6g but the euphoria was very high with these excellent as always

    N. K.

    Great product that I have personally purchased multiple times and have never had a problem. Easy to grow, large flushes and great shrooms!! Highly recommend.

    C. G.

    Great grow kit
    Huge first flush=287g.....later flushes are smaller. 466g after five flushes=40g dry. Very good kit. Excellent delivery and service by Zamnesia. Will buy again :-)

    T. B.

    outstanding customer support by zamnesia
    i had many good experiences with supa gro... very good quality :) but unfortanly i had no luck with it this time, because i recieved a contaminated kit! shit happens... but zamnesia is very customer friendly and replaced it without hesitation... thanks for this outstanding service! i really appreciate it and just can recomment zamnesia and these grow kits

    R. Z.

    Le rendement est bon, rien à dire. 190g frais au premier flush, 120g au deuxième, et ils poussent encore. Les champignons sont beaux, très grands, par contre beaucoup moins bons à manger que les autres, pour moi. Les effets sont plutôt stylés, des bonnes alus, mais deux trois sensations d'angoisse. Sans doute rien à voir avec la sorte de champignon. Je recommande !

    L. B.

    You can buy it without question , the kit is easy to work and the mushroom grow fast!

    Q. A.

    Aniway you will become more clever
    Supa grow kit is very effective I did not knew mushrooms grow speed Actually i am expecting my third flush

    P. A.

    Très satisfait
    Bonne récolte (~300g) Champi facile à cultiver pour les débutants. A recommander

    M. D.

    Niquel pour un débutant
    C'était mon premier kit, en 15 jours j'ai eu mes premiers champignons, au bout de 4 ou 5 flushs j'avais deja 25g (secs). Ils font beaucoup rire, pas trop de visu a part des gros bugs quand tu regardes les visages des autres gens (j'ai fais que des sessions de 1g-1.5g aussi). La sensation dans le corps m'a légèrement fait penser aux effets de la MDMA (à basse dose) c'est agréable et rassurant, pas agressif, ce qui est dingue et bien c'est que ces popotes me font grincer des dents tout comme. Voila foncez et n'ayez pas peur, les Cubensis B+ se montrent particulièrements gentils avec leurs consommateurs. Peace !

    M. C.

    Meilleur champis
    300g pour la première récolte, avec des effets plus marquer que les autres variété.

    F. P.

    Parfait pour un début !
    Première expérience dans ce genre de culture avec cette box et je suis grandement satisfait du résultat ! Premiere recolte de 250g (très similaire a la photo du site) au bout de 9 jours grace au tapis chauffant sans doute, que je recommande aussi !! Et deuxieme récolte 6 jours après avoir fais le choc a froid, champignons plus grands mais moins nombreux, récolte tout aussi satisfaisante, j'attends la suite Niveau effets, je recommande aussi pour ceux qui cherche un visuel facile d'accès et un effet mental moins pousser que les mexicain (experience personnelle), ce qui n'empeche pas de devenir un philosophe durant quelques heures ! Livraison rapide et discrète, au top !!

    D. O.

    Comparism between Supa Grow B+ and Fresh Mushroom Kit B+
    I run my Kit almost a month now. Currently I'm at my fourth or fifth flush. The first 2 Flushes were very bulky with much yield income, however the yield decreases strongly after the second or third flush. I got out with approximately 20 dried grams. In comparism I bought a "Fresh Mushroom Kit Cubensis B+" to determine if there are any diffrences between the Supa gro and the Fresh Shroom Kits. It is to say that the Supa Mushrooms are producing much more bigger singular Mushroom and the Fresh Kit is producing more bulky mushroom appearance though the height isn't as big as in the Supa Grow. Thie yield is about the same in both Kits. To mention is that the harvesting is much better at the Supa Grow, because the cake doesnt get ripped out like in the Fresh kit.

    M. B.

    Great kit
    I'm really happy with this kit. First flush gave me 20 gramm dry, and on 4 day after cold shock got another pins:) Had amazing,mind bending experience on 5 gramms. Recomended!

    V. B.

    Very fast discrete delivery in UK. Excellent multiple flushes and very easy to use. The first trip I sensed an animated plant entity around me with purple and green colour essence, the entity felt very unconditionally loving. Also saw a light blue overlapping circle of life pattern in the ceiling. Learning to surrender and not resist was a challenge of mine during the first few trips, especially since the mushroom does have a way of showing you your own hidden shadow, expect confrontation, don't be scared of it, learn from it and allow your personality to be transformed and repaired in the following weeks and months, this is the true purpose of the mushroom, it is not for recreational light shows under the use of irresponsible minds.

    J. D.

    bon kit
    bon kit avec de bons rendements, à conseiller merci!

    J. B.

    La pousse est très rapide, cependant ma box n'a poussé que sur les coté et rien au milieu, dommage je suis un peux déçu par la quantité récoltée. Sinon la rapidité de la livraison est top, le conditionnement est de qualité et la livraison discrète.

    E. S.

    Easy and great !
    I started this kit on a sunday night, 11 days later I had finished the first harvest, it got me 26.5g cracker dry. The 2nd flush is on the way and it started pinning 4 days after the cold shock. Couldn't be happier.

    L. H.

    un'ottimo prodotto, arrivato in pohi giorni, crescita veloce e controllata.

    S. T.

    Supra gro B+
    Prodotto arrivato in tempi brevi, coltivazione non impegnativa (maturi dopo 12gg), perfetto per chi vuole iniziare.

    S. T.

    Perfecte eerste flush
    Voor het eerst een poging gedaan om zelf paddo's te kweken. De eerste flush was perfect, na twee weken al kunnen oogsten, een volle 200 gram. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende flush!

    R. D.

    Une énorme première récolte en seulement une semaine et demie et là, je goûte (première prise de toute ma vie), j'en ai pris il y a deux heures (une dizaine de grammes presque frais (je les fais pré sécher depuis quatre jours)) et les effets sont sympas, je rigole devant une série débile qui ne me fait pas rire en temps normal, je me sens très bien dans mon corps, le petit effet de nausée ne se sent vraiment que si on se concentre dessus, par contre j'ai qu'un tout petit effet visuel, vraiment léger, il faut vraiment que je me concentre sur les couleurs et motifs pour "voir" une légère modification. Idéal donc pour les débutants, je vais en prendre un peu plus pour voir si ça change quelque chose et je reviens !

    H. M.

    amazing product
    Amazing product, got close to 30g dry out of the first flush alone! product was shipped fast and the mushrooms took a little over a week to finish. took 1g of dry and had a heavy trip that was very mind bending

    J. Y.

    Bon produit
    Les premiers champignons sont sortis en 4 jours, donc à peine une semaine pour la première récolte. Kit simple, même pour les débutants, et qui fonctionne très bien.

    H. L.

    The customer support from Zamnesia is simply amazing. They reply back in just a couple of hours and are ready to provide neccessary information if needed. Shipping is fast and your product arrives within days from placing the order. Product itself is also amazing, I see beatifully growing fruits in just 5 days and they're growing really fast, maybe 0,5-1cm in a day! Once I ingest these holy mushrooms, I'll come back to write another review of the trip. But I am pretty sure it's going to be great just like every other thing from Zamnesia. Recommend!

    D. F.

    Plutôt satisfaite dans l'ensemble
    Super simple d'utilisation et relativement rapide concernant la pousse... Première récolte à environ 250g frais, le prochain flush était de 150g, pour le 3ème je ne m'attends pas à autant, seulement deux petits chapeaux montrent le bout de leur nez après 4 jours d'attente, beaucoup moins qu'aux premiers, se sera donc probablement le dernier, moi qui pensais m'en être assez bien occupée pour en obtenir au moins 7 ou presque... Sinon, en ce qui concerne les effets, je les ai testé avec des amis, on les a consommé secs, j'en ai mangé plusieurs demi parts tout au long de la soirée (peut-être bien 7 ou 8 grammes en tout sur le week end), et on se sentait vraiment bien, qu'est ce qu'on a rit ! Idéal pour passer un bon moment posés entre potes, délires assurés ! Au niveau du visu je n'ai rien remarqué, peut-etre juste une très légère impression d'étirement par moment mais léger ... J'ai déjà commandé les suivantes !

    L. M.

    Ja was soll man sagen?! Ich habe mir 2x B+ geholt und einmal Mexican und beide B+ haben nach öffnung nicht mehr als 48 stunden überlebt. wohingegen die Mexicans wachsen und knallen..... ich habe alle gelich zeitig geöffnet und gleich behandelt. aber nach wenigen stunden bildete sich ein weißbläulicher und harriger pilz über das ganze growkit! ich behaupte ohne ein fachmann zu sein das es nicht an mir lag, da ich alle hinweise beachtet hatte..... aber ich weiß, das ich nichts weiß!

    B. B.

    Situation sous contrôle
    Avec sa bonne productivité, sa culture facile et ses effets modérés, ce kit est l’idéal pour les débutants ou les personnes souhaitant éviter d’avoir des montées souples et modulables.

    S. M.

    trés bien
    je suis assez impréssionné comme ces champignons poussent facilement leur effects est parfait, pas besoin d'une grosse dose pour un bn voyage super produit

    C. L.

    Top !
    Toujours au top pour ses champi, belle pousse et bonne riguolade entre amis, contrairement a ce qu'on peut croire : pleins de visuel a grosse dose ! ;)

    N. S.

    customer service
    Not so much a review of the product, but I gotta say: Zamnesia has basically the best customer support in the universe. Thanks Zamnesia!

    M. B.

    The best growing kit of all time, the first flush 320 grams fresh, thanks Zamnesia!

    F. P.

    Excellent service as always
    My 2nd kit from zamneisa and all was going so well. kit arrived quickly and in perfect condition and I got 280g wet from the first flush!! however that was pretty much it after i cracked the box it came in (meaning it couldn't hold water to soak) and so moved it onto a plate. This did not do the kit any good and the flush after that was a tiny 60g. My fault entirely but i do think this strain is less tough than the mckenaii i had previously. The fruits themselves were beautiful, less visual than previous trips I've had but the head-space was amazing. My friend said he saw all the answers to every question he could've ever asked!! Would buy again, but would recommend mckenaiis.

    M. M.

    good as always
    I must have ordered 10 of these the past year. They work well 4 about 3 flushes. They can give you a very intense trip, given that you eat enough of course! 1:st flush gives you enough 4 a few good ones! Remember to get some rest in between your trips! And do them in a safe environment. :)

    J. H.

    produit tres fiable super content

    L. L.

    J en suis à ma 5em boîte et à chaque 1er récolte les résultats sont à la hauteur des promesses (entre 200 et 250g frais) , au 2em flush j ai réussi à récolter 100g dan le meilleur des cas (pour les autres boîtes ça a était 50g grand max) et pour les autres flush j ai quasiment rien obtenu (entre 1 et 3 champs à chaque flush). Mes conditions de culture sont excellentes mais si vous avez un conseil à me donner pour améliorer mes 2em 3em... Flush je suis preneur.

    S. B.

    Great product as described

    R. F.

    The shipping is nice and discrete and very fast. Great service. Product is very nice, easy to set up, unfortunately no flushes for myself. Green mold formations started at the 8 day mark however I am giving it another go and purchasing heat matts for a higher success rate hopefully the next one will be fruit-full. Great stuff Zamnesia!

    T. M.

    Good quality of service, very productive box.. ;)

    F. G.

    Bien +
    Livraison niquel, super emballage avec la box bien protégé. Premier flush 25g sec, 2ème par contre seulement 4 gros champi ont pousser dans la box, je remet sa en marche et croise les doigts, en tout cas pas déçus de l'investissement ! Pour faire simple, il faut rire dans la vie, peu de visuel mais vraiment dans un bon délire (~3,5g) L'effet est comparable à une grosse défonce au canna donc conseillé à tout les novices !

    B. M.

    Really easy and so fast to grow! After 9 days the shrooms were ready to harvest! We loved the trip with really beautiful but not too strong visuals, ate about 2g each.

    F. G.

    Parfait, arrivé une semaine et demie après avoir commandé, méga récolte pour la première flush (250g frais). Avec le petit tapis chauffant en cadeau qui va bien! Rien à redire, merci Zamnesia !!

    E. H.

    Sehr gut, ich dachte ich hätte irgendetwas falsch gemacht aber schon nach 6 Tagen zeigen sich die kleinen Dinger :). Es hat etwas gebraucht bis es da war (ca.1 1/2- 2 Wochen), lag aber hochwarscheinlich an DHL, deswegen 5 Sterne.

    J. C.

    like it
    good for beggining

    D. S.

    trop bon !!!!!!
    déja 6 pousse pas toute de la mème quantité mai bien sympatique bonne alu bon trip que demandé de mieux

    C. D.

    Hi I have grown my shrooms and the girl has split so I'm gonna pick them out but at the bottom of the mushrooms there is loads of white fur is that normal

    C. K.

    Good product
    Fast grow and nice trip

    J. A.

    Great Kit!
    Shrooms grew within about 9 days, when watered daily. I placed them by a radiator on the floor, and rotated the tray after a while. They seemed to like a higher heat of about 22-25*c as I kept a thermometer under the box. The shrooms were surprisingly potent, and verged on a little too intense, so I'd recommend trying 3/4 10cm sized ones first.

    S. A.

    These shrooms grow really fast! Got 34g (dry weight) from the first flush. Will definitely order more :)

    L. P.

    Super GrowKit
    Schnelle Lieferung. 3 fette schübe, schöne große pins. Angenehme körperwirkung, schöne dezente visuals. Gerne wieder.

    M. H.

    treés bon produit mais pas e,core gouté

    V. P.

    Really nice flushes and easy to use for us beginners :) I mixed them with McKennaii's and Golden teacher and made a really nice tea! Awsome

    J. B.

    First flush 18g in 9 days. Will try them out tomorrow. :)

    K. K.

    au top
    b+ au top premiere recolte m'en a donner de quoi me regaler et c'est sur que j'en reprendrais !!!!!

    L. Y.

    Bien amusant!
    Première récolte bien abondante, une bonne centaine de champis en comptant les petits! En attente d'un deuxième "flush"... C'est bien tripant de s'occuper de sa petite boîte magique!

    S. D.

    En Test
    Bonjour, Pour ma part c'est une première. J'ai lancé il y a 1 semaine, sous néon grolux, avec fil chauffant (T° entre 23.1 et 24.1°C) Je pensé voir pointer les premiers comme ma T° est pas trop mal, mais il faut encore attendre... Je pressé de les voir arriver et de les gouter :)))

    C. D.

    Very good product , delivered in 1 week !

    C. P.

    Absolutely amazing product, will buy again more of these !!!

    L. G.

    Macht weiter so
    Bin mit euch echt zufrieden

    P. B.

    tres bon produit
    Très satisfait du produit !

    A. B.

    super pilze
    Schneller und diskreter Versand Habe bis jetzt 2 Flushs geerntet mit ca. 300g nass Flush 3 ist auch unterwegs Und die Wirkung der Pilze ist auch super.

    D. B.

    First grow I got 23g dry. I took about 10g in one go. I tripped the fuck out. Forgot what reality was. Got really confused and pretty scared but once I assured myself I wasn't dead and just reliving my life through memory. I was fine. There's not a great deal of information on how to handle the product after the first flush and I fucked up. I didnt think being sterile when handling the mushrooms was a big deal, but on 2nd flush they no longer grey out the top, only sides. So you must be very clean when handling the mushrooms. All in all I'd give these a 9/10. I read like 3.5g is a High dosage but iv only taken them once before and it took me 10g to get as fucked as I wanted to be.

    C. P.

    Very Very nice. I got 4 flushes.

    D. R.

    Richard & Jenny
    Delivered to UK no problem. Really helpful staff. Nice clear instruction and really easy to grow. Recommended.

    R. H.

    really nice pack, got 5 flushes
    really nice pack, got 5 flushes of happy hats :-)

    S. S.

    Devo assolutamente ringraziarvi. ho maturato il mio primo kit lo scorso questo è stato strabiliante e oltre alla buona crescita, la stecca era molto migliore dell' altra volta. Non so se smetterò mai di ordinare da voi, vi ammiro per il vostro lavoro e vi invidio perchè vorrei esserci dentro anche io ;D. Thanks you guyyzzzzz

    M. D.

    I find cooler nights 15/18 and day time 23/25 have givin me good results day 6 have 12 pins and one medium one that's getting bigger by the minute amazing product will never look back

    D. J.

    very fast grow
    My first growkit, instructions very easy to follow, first pinheads appearing after just 4 days, harvest 3 days later, so very fast! Had about 300g. Second flush arrived a week later. Very good price/quality ratio.

    M. C.

    The best growkits on the market!
    Does everything thats it's supposed to, about 300 grams first flush!

    J. W.

    220g primo flash in 5 giorni da inizio fruttificazione! ottimo! E ieri sera abbiamo condiviso il viaggio in famiglia! Ottima serata! grazie a tutto lo staff!

    A. P.

    Tomppa H
    Good Kits!!

    T. M.

    Bon produit
    Un très bon produit , je prend ces box depuis 1 an ils m'ont toujours donné de bonne récolte même si je regrette que les autres fluch soit petit :)

    F. N.

    maybe you can learn from my mistakes!
    My star rating reflects my overall experience with Zamnesia. I want to be clear that I have had many wonderful results in the past with these gro kits, but for the past few months I have had some really bad luck with mold contamination. I am still figuring out the cause but I think my boxes have been too warm underneath and maybe there has been too much moisture in their environment. I now have a thermometer to check how warm the growing environment is (which I recommend as you would be surprised that 23 degrees feels cooler in a room than it does in the sun!). I am about to have another go and as I have had some great results in the past I anticipate more in future. The customer support at Zamnesia have been amazing - giving me good advice and replacing some kits for free when I have had this bad luck and I am very grateful! The delivery is always swift and very discreet and I think this is generally a really great company! :-)

    H. N.

    9 days after with a 320+ g flush !
    Got my packed 8 days after ordering bit dissapointing start would love to have a faster delivery option but other that that can't complain, took me my third time trying them to get a good trip. Slowly worked my dose up from 1.5g to start then on the 3rd time i did 3.5g and that when it got good. I would recommend 2.5g to start can't see anything going wrong with that then take another gram if you want more about an hour later should give you a nice 4-6 hour high, i find the first hour and a half to be the most intense often find myself clenching my teeth. Oh and iv gotten headaches after two trips but not others dunno if its a side effect or something unrelated

    J. H.

    first harvesting
    Hi! shipping was fast and very discreet, thank you!! Now, I just harvested my beautiful children for the forst time. I have to say I stayed away from home for one day and I arrived 1 hour ago I saw this wonderful surprise, they were ready to be harvested. But the veil is already tear from the rest of the body and the mushrooms (some of them) are covered by a dark violet/black that ok?? I'm not ready to start drying them now, can they be stored a day in the fridge??

    M. M.

    First timer with great results
    These kits are as good as they say. I'd never tried to grow before but I managed two huge flushes in time for a festival and got all my mates completely off their tits. The variety is so well named too. B positive. Everyone was filled with love and laughter. I've already re ordered and will no doubt order again. Great job zamnesia.

    P. H.

    Habe das Kit nach 3 Werktagen erhalten.Es dauerte 7 Tage bis zur ersten Ernte(200g). jetzt warte ich auf den 2ten Flush.

    P. F.

    Great service, great product
    Arrived safely in Scandinavia four days after ordering. Started to fruit after about a week, and a few days later I harvested the first flush of 150 g. (1200 ml version). Nothing to complain about!

    J. B.

    Okay i ordered 2 kits , dried them got 46grams. And i tried like very small dose of 0,6 grams and got a good trip, im happy man!

    R. G.

    Mal géré ma box, mais top du côté Zamnesia!
    J'ai trop attendu, cette box étant ma 1ere box, du coup 1er flush quasi bon a jetter, 2eme flush en cours, ya eu un max de spores, box quasi stérilisée, j'ai quand même tenter de le remettre, on sait jamais, même si j'ai que quelques champis, c'est mieux que rien! :) Du côté Zamnesia, parfait, Rapide et discret, simple, rien a dire! Si, une micro notice papier serais cool, ou alors détailler sur la récolte sur le site... ça manque un peut sur le net... Bientôt une grosse commande!! (5/6 box! :D )

    G. P.

    good harwest and good product :)

    K. S.

    first time growing
    Super easy to grow, almost impossible to make a mistake if you follow the instructions! On the first harvest, 2 of the mushrooms weighted 50gr each... in the end an yield of 230gr, and it is still growing more!

    I. S.

    good packaging and quick delivery. It was my first time growing - first flush went great and got me about 300g and I'm in my 2nd flush now. If you want it quick and easy buy this kit

    P. A.

    i was given lsd when i was 5 years old
    where are my free gifts ,these people from zamnesia need to come and live in england and order stuff from holland ,allways we recieve free gifts,of course we become loyal customers,unfortunatly zamnesia is the only company who is brave enough to send mushrooms to engalnd ,many thanks , i paid by bank transfer and if you transfer and pay in pounds you pay the bank 15 pound in fees ,if you choose to pay in euros you pay the bank 25 pound in fees , The parcel arrived fast ,i put it in a fish tank and coverd 70 percent of the top and placed water on the bottom of the fish tank ,less than a week later i have an explosion of mushrooms should be ready next week , really fresh and strong grow kit,no need to soak the kit in water ,

    V. M.

    day one
    First day with b+ got perfect temperature , heat mat, praying for a good harvest, will post update when there is one

    O. M.

    300 grammi in poco piu di 2 settimane.. si aspetta il secondo getto ;)

    A. C.

    These are good but not so strong strain. Perfect for beginners :)

    M. T.

    Supa Dupa!
    Very discreet & quick delivery. Dispatched on same day as purchase! arrived 2 days later. 1 day earlier than the time scale provided (very impressed). Buy a zamnesia filter bag instead of using the one that comes with the kit!!!! Far better quality. Kit started fruiting on day 5. Almost full coverage of pinheads. One very very large one grew much quicker than the rest. Using its spores for my next grow after this kit stops producing. All in all very impressed with this strain. This kit is certainly the way to get spores for a full scale operation, rather than just buying spores & starting from scratch. First flush approx 275g-300g. Second flush approx the same. Third flush 200g. Fourth flush 200g. Fifth flush about to start fruiting. 5/5

    J. D.

    Ça va
    Au niveau livraison et service client il n'y a pas mieux que ce site. Les champignons ont bien poussés, par contre leur taille reele n'avait rien avoir avec la photo dans la description. Malheureusement le bac en plastique s'est cassé en bas ce qui a fait rentrer de l'eau dans le mycélium et qui a donc pourri après. Mais bon, cela n'est pas la faute de Zamnesia mais du fabricant des Supa Gro. Ce que je trouve un peu dommage c'est le fait que beaucoup de gens ont déjà dit que le sac livré avec le kit n'est pas assez rigide, et pourtant il n'a pas ete remplace, ce qui ne représenterai vraiment pas un grand coût supplémentaire et beaucoup moins de galère pour les cultivateurs. Merci en tout cas pour le bon service et a bientôt :-)

    N. K.

    Ich habe schon einige Growkits wachsen gesehen, und würde sowieso nur noch die 100% Myce Boxen empfehlen. Zur Zeit habe ich die B+ hier stehen - der 1. Flush wird episch. Die Pilze drängen drängen nach oben, wie ich es vorher nie gesehen habe - rekordverdächtig. Zamnesia, du bietest wirklich Qualität, alle Daumen hoch!

    T. P.

    super geil
    Schöne große pilze immer wieder gerne :) ^^

    K. P.

    Louise and Ben
    Started slow but with the downed UK room temp what could I expect? I got a good first flush of around 350-400g wet MASSIVE flush then a second after I bodged up some of the picking, leaving the mycelium not to great I suppose. Be carefull not to pull out substrate when getting them very deeply 'rooted' ones out, you can often see these from the sides of the container. You dont want to make a mess altho it is hard when there are pins all over the place. All in all these 100% Mycelium kits are great fun to use, a 'novice' should be able to acheive atleast 300g out of this kit with very minimal knowledge but youl find youl learn alot about them as you go along. They are very fickle beings. My kit is currently on its second flush which iv let go abit they have been matured now for around 4days and there are spores everywhere!! They are almost 7 inches tall with caps around 2 inches in diameter. I recomend picking befor this happens BUT It is very nice to watch them grow tall and majestic looking :) ALSO I RECOMEND YOU USE THE SEPERATE ITEM FILTER BAG FOR THESE. They fit perfectly in and fold nicely and stay up compared to the ones that came with the supa gro kit. Just a tip I have had great results WITH the supa gro bag but I found it hard to well keep the damn thing up having to use props and what not whilst the filter bag is ideal plus it has a filter peice :)

    L. B.

    Adoro questo kit!!
    Molto facile da coltivare e con ottimi risultati!! Grazie Zamnesia!!

    C. L.

    Supa !
    Unglaublich... bereits nach 9 Tagen konnte ich das 1.mal ernten.Ich habe mir schon vorher gesagt , dass ich mit 80g zufrieden sein würde doch die 1. Ernte brachte SATTE 260g !!! da ich nicht genug Platz hatte um alle zu trocknen beschloss ich die übrigen mit ein paar freunden frisch zu essen...einfach nur krass. Kann dieses Grow Kit nur empfehlen.

    M. D.


    D. Z.

    1er flush une sorte de foret très dense de champote de 15/20 cm plus ou moins 700g humide sur 2 boite 1200ml livraison rapide et bien emballé service après vente de qualité

    B. S.

    Ich liebe diesen Pilz!Extremes wachstum!
    Versanddauer:ca. 3-4 Tage nach Zahlungseingang.Die Box:Schnee weiß und beim öffnen roch man schon die Power.1. Flush erntereif nach 9 Tagen.Menge:215g frisch.Schon 6 Tage später 2. Flush:"leider" nur noch 81g frisch.Der 3. wächst grade heran.Das Myzel ist immer noch Blüten weiß,ausser an den Stellen wo die Pilze geerntet wuden.Dort ist eine leichte Blaufärbung zu erahnen.Meiner Meinung nach sind die angegebenen 400g durchaus zu erreichen.Mit ein bisschen Geduld,kein Problem.

    M. D.

    Incredible fast
    Both, delivery and to grow. So happy with Zamnesia!

    U. R.

    Diese Pilz-Box überrascht schon beim auspacken, eine etwas aufgeblähte und beim öffnen leicht riechende Box überuegten mich von der Qualität! Der "bisher" 1.grow ist sehr vielversprechend!

    M. I.

    top delivery, fast growth
    fast shipment! primordia visible 2 days after opening the kit. first harvest: 8 days after opening (260 g fresh). nice mild trip for 4-5 hours on 2,35 g dried. Hope to get more flushes... also hope to see XXL kits with more volume in future ! Thanks

    A. T.

    Ich war von der schnelligkeit des Wachstums sehr überascht. Top Qualität

    M. J.

    Recived the product within 2 days! First flush was ready to harvest after 8 days! It was a huge yield, about 25g, 98% dried!

    M. M.

    Product as discribed
    This Box is like the standard B+ but more mycelium, more shrooms and of course more flushes!

    A. K.

    Sehr zufrieden
    Die Lieferung erfolgte innerhalb weniger Tage. Super Service und sehr gute Box.

    S. J.

    amazing kit
    fast shipping, arrived 100% micelium, ready to grow 7 days first harvest 160g, very resistent strain, this is the best kit i ever bought.

    P. P.

    perfekt 600ccm
    guter erste Flush 80g nass (Variante: 600ccm). Viele große Pilze! Wie immer schnelle Lieferung! ;)

    K. S.

    Super Kit
    Erster Flush brachte 21 Gramm trocken und 2. scheint auch gut zu laufen. Auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen !

    L. W.

    Seems to be good.
    I ordered this friday morning and it arrived wednesday, quick service! It is now saturday (8 days after i ordered) and another dutch shop which i ordered from at the same time hasn't even got around to send my order yet... The mycelium-cake looks really good - it has 100% colonization all the way around (healthy white) and looks ready to be birthed. It is way heavier then i expected, so i hope the yield will be good.

    J. L.

    Impresiona la cantidad de micelio de este kit. Ademas tiene una gran ventaja respecto al resto y cualquiera que los cultive se dará cuenta.

    E. I.

    B+ (Y)
    grows really fast after watering i had my first harvest 8 days after :) great service good site fuck the law :D

    H. H.

    Excellent Kit !
    Livré en 72h... Mycélium très bien développé à l'arrivée... 287gr récoltés 7 jours après !! Merciiii !

    R. T.

    je n'achèterais plus jamais des 100%, premier fleuch d'enfer mais après laisse tomber la galère. et ça sur chaque variété que j'ai acheté

    P. C.

    go zamnesia
    I can't believe how easy it is to get ur shit done nowadays with zamnesia very fast and reliable delivery, perfect and legal product that will make you trip balls. Looking forward to my next buy Keep it going

    A. K.

    100% good
    livraison rapide très bon champotes!!!!

    A. D.

    Excellent stuff!
    I've ordered some growboxes in the past, but these are by far the best ones I've encountered. I was sceptical at the beginning as to how can shrooms grow without any substrate or humidity preserving agent, but I was proven pleasantly wrong. The shrooms grew and overwhelmed the whole surface of the box!

    D. P.

    Viva la Revolution !
    Did not think that there are so easy is to grow mushrooms with such a good quality!

    M. G.

    Very beautiful shrooms
    first flush 180g very beautiful shrooms. and very potent :) this growkit is just overloaded with shrooms. very easy to handle. thanks zamnesia

    R. H.

    Good stuff!
    Good product, easy too handle and good effects :)

    D. T.

    My best Grow
    In 1 Week, the shrooms were already to harvest and the mushrooms are pretty big! The subtrat was 100% full of mushrooms! Nice Zamnesia!

    A. T.

    I made my best shrooms with this

    E. S.
    Non puoi lasciare una recensione perché non hai acquistato questo prodotto
Domande (3)
Juus 2014-06-23 00:44:03

Hi, wie entferne ich die Pilze, die in das Substrat reingewachsen sind am besten? Danke im vorraus :)


This happens more often since mushrooms grow every way they can. The best thing is to wait until you start harvesting. As soon as you make your harvest you take out the cake from its plastic container. Please make sure you do this sterile and with care. When you've taken out the cake you carefully take off the mushrooms from the side and make sure you get everything of the mushroom so nothing is left. After this you put the cake back in it's container and you start the grow process from step one again. If you have any further questions please let us know. We're here to help.

sousou 2014-01-12 11:58:57

Did you now how much mushroom we need to eat for a standard trip and a strong trip ? i want to now that for to have a good trip :-)


While the recommended dose for mushrooms is dependent on many factors, general consensus is 15 to 30 grams of fresh mushrooms and 1.5 - 3.5 grams dried (due to the weight loss incurred during drying). This of course depends on the type of mushrooms. For the stronger mushrooms a lower dose is recommended.

Miguel Izco 2013-05-30 19:53:23

how long can be stored the unopened package?


Mushrooms are very robust creatures, but we highly recommend to start the growing process instantly after receiving your kit. If you need to store a kit, you can put it in the refrigerator - at 3-5°C the box will be preserved for at least 6 weeks. Important: store the box in an air sealed plastic bag to prevent contamination.

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'
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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'
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