Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'


Il Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher è una varietà di fungo magico che vi insegnerà un mondo migliore. Questo ceppo iniziò a diffondersi alla fine degli anni '80, ma la sua precisa origine non si conosce. Il nome Golden Teacher deriva dal colore dorato del cappello e dalle capacità sciamaniche capaci di mostrarvi un mondo migliore.

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher': Insegnare per un mondo migliore

Il Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher è una varietà di fungo magico che iniziò a diffondersi alla fine degli anni '80, ma chi lo scoprì e da dove provenga sono un'incognita. Il suo nome deriva dai suoi cappelli dorati e dall'eccellente capacità sciamanica di insegnarci un mondo migliore. Questo kit Supa-Gro contiene un mattoncino da 1200ml di substrato al 100% di spore inoculate, pronte per essere coltivate (l'unica cosa che si deve apportare è un po' di pazienza). Non fatevi ingannare dal primo getto: questo ceppo tende a produrre poco la prima volta, ma la seconda è già più abbondante della prima.

I kit per la coltivazione di funghi allucinogeni Supa Gro sono preparati da micologi esperti e contengono micelio estremamente vitale.

Manuale di Supa Gro

Contenuto confezione

  • 1200ml di substrato di coltivazione
  • Contenitore di coltivazione

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher' - Scheda Tecnica
Volume 1200ML
Marche Supa Gro
Varietà Golden Teacher

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Recensioni (652)
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    Very good
    Good series, grew really fast, the first cultivation produced 270 grams of fresh mushrooms. I recommend it to others too.

    J. B.

    Hi yield
    High yield , going for 2nd flush. Would and will buy again

    B. P.

    Super Kit
    Immer wieder gerne . Lieferung wie immer sehr schnell . Die ersten Pins waren nach 6 Tagen zu sehen .. Super Kit

    T. E.

    Molto bene
    Ho ordinato molte volte da zamnesia e devo dire che sono veramente professionali, purtroppo qualche volta il kit arriva già contaminato ( normale, i funghi sono molto delicati), se però dimostri che hai lavorato bene, sono disponibilissimi a spedirti uno nuovo gratuitamente. Parlando invece dei Golden Teacher, sono i miei preferiti, una volta assaggiata questa qualità non ho più cambiato, la quantità di produzione varia da volta in volta, bisogna crescerli con amore ed avere un po' di fortuna.

    S. M.

    Con mínimos cuidados y paciencia,los resultados son espectaculares....1er flush de aprox.250 gr....y promete más.

    M. M.

    No growth
    Seems that done all as per instruction but, stopped growing after small pins.

    S. K.

    Je reçoit le colis. Protege et désinfecte l'endroit ou je vais le mettre. Mains avant bras désinfecté. Gant stérilisé lors de la manipulation. Je mets également un masque mais non. Rien à faire, 3 jours après une contamination. 55 € jeté par la fenêtre !!! Il vaut mieux les kits fresh mushrooms ou ceux de Zamnesia. Peut être à resseyer plus tard les Supa gro mais pour l'instant je suis décu

    V. J.

    Great customer service.
    As I said in the title, I had a problem getting my original order, when I got in touch with Zamnesia, they were brilliant, replacing the original order without any quibble, both the original order and my replacement arrived the same day!. For this I thank you very much Zamnesia! Unfortunately, even after following the instructions to the letter ( correct humidity, temperature etc. ) the kits haven't grown anything at all. This isn't my usual experience with these kits as I have never had a problem with them before. I tried to order another kit but I can't until December, Zamnesia site says I have ordered my quota for 2 months I think , which I totally understand and agree with, unfortunately it's kinda worked against me this time. All of the above will not put me off buying from Zamnesia as I've had nothing but great results in the past, it's just been a wee bit frustrating this time around.

    K. A.

    War mein zweites Mal :)
    Tolles Kit! :) Es kam frei von jeglicher Kontamination und in super Zustand bei mir an. Ich hatte es zu kalt stehen, weshalb erst nach ca. 20 Tagen was zu sehen gewesen ist, und auch nur sehr wenig. Ich bekam so 4 Pilze raus glaube ich. Dann hatte ich es zu warm, und es bildete sich eine blaue stelle, da ich versehentlich auf das Mycel gesprüht habe und die Sprühflasche ungewollt auch noch viel zu hart gesprüht hat. Da ich das erst für Schimmel gehalten hatte, habe ich es mit einem desinfizierten Wattestäbchen untersucht, es war Bruising. Mit der zu hohen Temperatur, dem Herumgestochere und der zu hohen Feuchtigkeit habe ich das Wachstum so gestört, dass 99% der Pins Aborts geworden und das Mycel angefangen hat, sich die wieder zurückholen (hat sich drüber gebildet). Ich habe dann mehr Luft rangelassen und die Temperatur angepasst und bekam Sidepins, die habe ich rauswachsen lassen, bis sie reif waren, dann holte ich das Substrat aus seinem Behälter und habe die Oberseite und Seiten von den ganzen Aborts und Sidepins befreit und umgedreht (also die Seite, die vorher oben war, nach unten) in ein Desinfiziertes Minigewächshaus aus Kunststoff gestellt (wo es die Seiten nicht berührt). Ich ließ das Minigewächshaus einen Schlitz offen (habe außerdem dann 2 mal am Tag, den Deckel zum lüften abgenommen und an die Stellen wo der Deckel trocken war Wasser gesprüht) wonach es plötzlich völlig eskalierte. Überall waren Pins (an JEDER Seite und auch oben) und das hat mich dann auch veranlasst, doch noch eine Rezension zu verfassen! (eigentlich wollte ich nämlich gar nich, weil mega peinlich was ich da veranstaltet habe xD) Es war auf jeden Fall wieder eine tolle Erfahrung! PS: Vielen lieben Dank, Zamnesia! Ihr seid einfach die BESTEN!!!!!

    L. V.

    It worked really well, lots of muchies! I was a bit worried because I could start with the kit 1 month after it was dispatched, but gladly it didnt affect the product at all. First heads started to show already on 2nd week. Thank you!

    S. M.

    I excitedly received my grow box today. Instantly got them settled into there new environment. Everything looks and smells fresh and as it should and I'm looking forward to getting outside some beautiful fruit. The process went as smoothly as I could have expected if not better amd zamnesia and the various couriers and carriers were professional and prompt. If you're sat reading this pontificating over whether or not to buy a grow box, do it. The excitement when it arrives is a trip in itself. I had plenty of experience with psilocybin as a younger man and I think I've missed its benefits. Despite a lacking but growing research environment, what I've read about the benefits of this wonder chemical on mental health conditions SEEMS to show positive signs and I'm hopeful to reap those benefits in around a months time. Hope you're all well. Peace and love

    G. L.

    Those mushrooms singlehandedly cured my depression
    Title says it all. Really helps you reflect on yourself and getting a new perspective on life.

    T. W.

    Mush mush
    Toujours heureux de la grow box seul point négatif pour moi sons leur nouveau sac plastique poir enfermé le kit son moin bien que les anciens, moin résistant et il n'y a plus le filtre sur les trou d aération se qui augmente le risque de contamination. Mais bon à par sa au top

    G. L.

    Came in pre contaminated..
    I was pretty uncertain on wether or not I should give this site a try but ended up being happy giving it a shot.. The delivery went fast, easy and most importantly anonymously. Unfortunately my kit came 100% pre contaminated since after almost 5 Weeks, only 4 tiny mushrooms have grown. Followed the instructions tightly and always worked as steril as possible.. Will most likely try another Site if I wont get compensated, Don’t wanna Order from a where its a gamble if you get a working kit lol

    W. J.

    Sviluppo rapido ed abbondantissimo.

    S. F.

    A blast

    W. W.

    Good product
    Is good, be aware temperature range is different to the manual grow kits

    N. W.

    Good product
    Maybe 2week and first flush was ready!

    T. I.

    Great products
    Fantastic company super fast delivery

    L. C.

    Champignons incroyables, je recommande !

    P. C.

    Had een Golden Teacher Supa growkit besteld maar deze was binnen no time gaan schimmelen.Erg jammer omdat ik me het deze keer gemakkelijk wilde maken met kweken.Normaal gesproken kweek ik op eigengemaakt substraat met de benodigde mikmak .Dus ben goed op de hoogte .Helaas .Misschien had ik om hulp moeten vragen maar niets had geholpen om de kit te behouden.Echt jammer !

    J. R.

    Fliegen im Beutel - Flies in the Set
    Scroll down for english language. Zunächst muß ich Zamnesia danken, für ihre Großzügigkeit, mir ein zweites Set zu schicken, nachdem das erste nur zwei Pilze hervorbrachte. Der Roggenkuchen war von Anfang an nur zu einem Viertel durchmyzeliert. Dass aber das zweite Set noch schlimmer schief ging, ist meine Schuld. Dieser Bericht soll Euch meine Fehler vermeiden helfen. Der zweite Kuchen kam komplett durchmyzeliert bei mir an, nachdem ich Zamnesia mein Problem geschildert hatte und mir sofort Ersatz geschickt wurde. Freudig, akribisch verfolgte ich noch am Ankunftstag den Wuchsplan. Leider passierte dann auch schon gleich das Unglück, dass Essigfliegen durch die Luftlöcher krochen und sich in der feuchten Schwüle pudelwohl vermehrten. Woher die kamen...? Ich nehme an durch den Pilzgeruch angelockt. Denn es stand nichts Essbares im Zimmer. In meiner Not versuchte ich es mit Gelbfallen, die ich in den Kuchen steckte. Ja, die Viecher blieben kleben, aber von einem auf den anderen Tag bildete sich ein widerlicher Teppich aus schwarzen Fäden, wie Glaswolle. Ich nehme an, dass ich mit dem Metallstecker an der Gelbfalle den Ärger des weißen Myzels hervorgerufen habe. Nicht nachmachen!!! Ich mußte alles entsorgen. Diese Erfahrung machte ich mit dem supergrowKit golden Teacher. Der Nachteil ist, dass dort die Luftlöchter 0,5 cm groß sind und keine mikro-Wattebarriere davor haben. Als ich vor einiger Zeit ein normales Zuchtset kaufte, war die Luftzufuhr an der Tüte mit Mikroperforation abgedichtet. Ich würde in der heißen Sommerzeit nur noch solche Kulturbeutel verwenden! First, I have to thank Zamnesia, for sending me a second Growset, after yielding only two shroomies. The initial rhycake had arrieved with not more than a forth of mycelium. But ruining this second cake is entierly my fault. I write this review to keep you from making my mistakes. The second cake came quickly and completly myceled, after reporting my problem. Happily and even more carefully I followed the growplan. But soon after the second day the misfortune happened. Acidflies crawled through the airholes into the bag and made love like crazy. In my need, I put a yellowsticker into the cake, and this was the big mistake. I assume the put-on ironstick, together with the high humidity was something the nice white mycelium didn't like at all. A thick black fur grew in lightspeed and ruined everything. I resume, the problem were the open airholes of the supagrowKit together with the hot humid summer of 2023. Some time ago, I forstered a normal grow kit with micropores airflow, and had no problems with flies at all. I hope this helpes.

    K. H.

    Even though this was my first time growing and i never had the right equipment this supa grow kit still fruited and produced about 5g dry. I’m gonna buy again to see if i can get a better harvest with better equipment

    T. M.

    Golden harvest
    Got two good flushes in less than 4 weeks out of this Box until now. Very pleased with the results in all regards , thanks zamnesia!

    F. S.

    thx zamnesia
    i had a slight problem with my kit and just wanted to post my experience. i was happy with my purchase even when it didnt perfom as expected. but the (very friendly) support team jumped in and offered to solve this even when i told em that i was happy with things as they were.... this is why i shopped will continue to shop on zamnesia, because the quality is usually superb and the support (should something go amiss) is even better. thx very much zam 😍

    F. H.

    What a fantastic product. After a dud Supergro the customer team were magnificent and supplied their own make Golden teacher. Grew beautifully and produced a spectacular yield from the first flush. Currently awaiting the second. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

    R. W.

    I messed it up.
    I bought this kit and the heat Matt following the wrong instructions and was having a lot of trouble getting to the pinning stage. As I was following the wrong instructions it seemed like things were going wrong. I reach out to Zamnesia and they advised with photos of my kit. Ultimately I had to terminate this kit however kindly Zamnesia have given me a second chance and sent out a replacement kit. Being a first timer I found this excellent and very happy I picked Zamnesia to purchase from.

    P. R.

    Prächtige Ernte schon beim ersten Schub
    Nach zweieinhalb Wochen erschien bereits er ergiebige erste Schub. Selbst wenn jetzt nichts mehr käme, wäre ich zufrieden, aber aktuell kündigt sich ein zweiter Schub an. Ich bin super-zufrieden.

    S. M.

    bien bien
    commandé 4+4 kits cultiver dans 2 bacs séparés. un bac m'a donner de tout petit ninos, 4cm max. le deuxième m'a donner une abondante récolte avec de ninos de 10cm. un 2eme flush est en cours.

    D. P.

    All good
    Dès l'ouverture du kit, j'ai été impressionné par la qualité et la propreté de tous les éléments inclus. Les instructions fournies étaient claires et faciles à suivre, même pour un débutant comme moi. En très peu de temps, j'ai pu observer les premiers signes de croissance des champignons, ce qui était à la fois passionnant et gratifiant. La variété 'GOLDEN TEACHER' est un choix fantastique. Les champignons qui ont poussé étaient d'une beauté éblouissante avec leurs teintes dorées caractéristiques. Mais ce qui a vraiment marqué mon expérience, c'est la puissance de leurs effets. Les voyages que j'ai vécus grâce à ces champignons étaient profonds, introspectifs et incroyablement positifs. J'ai ressenti une connexion profonde avec la nature et une expansion de ma conscience que je n'avais jamais expérimentées auparavant. Je tiens également à souligner le service exceptionnel de Zamnesia. Mon kit est arrivé rapidement et en parfait état, bien emballé et prêt à l'emploi. Les réponses rapides et utiles du service client à mes questions ont également contribué à rendre mon expérience d'achat agréable et sans souci. En résumé, je ne peux que recommander chaleureusement le SUPA GRO KIT 100% 'GOLDEN TEACHER' de Zamnesia à tous ceux qui recherchent une expérience de culture et de consommation de champignons magiques exceptionnelle. Vous pouvez avoir confiance en la qualité du produit et en l'expertise de l'équipe de Zamnesia pour vous guider à travers ce voyage extraordinaire.

    C. Z.

    Envoie et réception rapide. Bon produit Même en faisant de travers j'ai obtenu quelque Champis... Ils ont surtout poussé sur le côté du pain malgré que la boite était dans son carton... Ben je l'ai ai retiré et mangé!

    X. H.

    Me encanta la tienda i como tratan los clientes
    En primer lugar quiero agradecer a la página I sus propietarios, por como tratan sus clientes por unos productos que venden son de primera calidad Pero afortunadamente espania es país de mucha calor i correos trabajan fatal Por este sentido los panes llegan afectados por estar mucho tiempo bajo 36 grados celcia por esto aconsejo comprar después de agosto Para que paquetes no sufren daños Nada que ver con chicos de zamnesia son lo más son mejores de Internet fiables i los productos de mejor calidad Lo único que quiero ofrecer que si pueden hacer otra forma de envío a países cálidas de alta temperatura Con mucho respeto i en el septiembre volveré pedir los productos Un saludo Un abrazo Oleksandr

    O. S.

    Golden Teacher
    Leider hat die Kolonie das Wachstum angehalten, seit einer Woche passiert nichts. Ich habe sauber gearbeitet, trotzdem wachsen sie nicht..

    P. B.

    Ordering was straight forward and so was delivery, no glitches. First timer. Followed instructions to the letter just wait and see now.🤞

    M. P.

    Teachers super grow
    Very good quality worked well for me

    L. G.

    Sadly nothing
    EDIT: After the support figgured out the default was by me, they still gave me a second chance and send me a replacement. I‘m absolutly convinced to this great support!! A VERY BIG THANK YOU from me at this point here!! I‘m very excited for the results and can‘t wait to see my magic showing up!

    J. G.

    100% super grow GT
    Unfortunately the kit I received was defective when delivered. However, on contacting customer support and providing them with evidence, they sent me a replacement kit FOC. It arrived quickly and is on the go. Although frustrating at the time, I’m more than happy with the service Zamnesia offers. I’ve mentioned before in other reviews, Zamms customer support are amazing. The experience has not put me off doing business in the future. Keep up the great work guys and thank you That’s why I give 4 stars for this review!

    J. W.

    Everything went perfectly
    This kit came to Greece very quickly,about 10 days.I started instantly to avoid the summer hit and about in a week the first pins started to appear.In 3 days the kit was fully colonized.. very aggressive mycilium. First flush was super..30g dry ,second 35g dry and now let's see what is coming ?!

    G. S.

    Good kit
    This was a good grow kit for my first one. I hadn't ever done shrooms before, or grown them. these seemed to take a while to grow at first but when they did then I had new ones growing all the time. Hopefully the 2nd flush will be even better. Customer support were always happy to answer my questions aswell which i really appreciate because I had a lot of questions.

    H. A.

    This was so easy
    This worked a treat. So easy. I've tried other products from scratch from other companies that never worked well. This one was so much better and I saved myself two months growing the mycelium. Def recommend.

    B. M.

    Golden Teacher
    Primeiro flush com muitos pins, à espera do segundo. Parece tudo bem até agora.

    N. C.

    does what it promises! Really happy
    I'm totally satisfied with the kit. If you read the instructions that Zamnesia sends through carefully and stick to them, you really can't go wrong. Once in the morning & once in the evening 2-3 times each with water, spray the edge of the kit and be patient. Had a very good first yield and can already see the next one coming. Always a pleasure, thanks Zamnesia :)

    J. W.

    Easy very nice

    Y. K.

    Super grow kit
    Super grow kit without lot of work I got 3 yields. My recommendation.

    Z. M.

    Golden teacher 1200
    Super products from a professional supplier. Very happy with the customer support. Can not fault zamnesia they are truly awesome. Highly recommended. Thank you so much

    J. F.

    Growing up lovely!
    After having some issues with my previous kit Zamnesia very kindly sent me a free kit of my choice which was this one. It’s growing lovely so far! On the first flush currently. Now I have done my research and practiced with my first kit I have very high hopes for this one. Amazing service and great products. Would very much recommend getting the hydrometer/thermometer so you can regulate the kit properly and create the perfect environment for growth.

    T. D.

    livraison rapide, un kit avec un très bon rendements.

    B. B.

    Super Service
    Hatte mir vor längerer Zeit zwei Growkits bestellt und es wurde leider nix. Aber nach einer Anfrage beim Support habe ich sofort Ersatz bekommen und noch einige hilfreiche Tipps bekommen. Und siehe da, es gab Pilze ohne Ende. Und noch ein Tipp, haltet euch genau an die Anleitung, ich weiß, es ist nicht leicht einen passenden Platz für die Kits zu finden aber das klappt schon irgendwann. Nach zwei Enttäuschungen wurde ich reichlich belohnt. Man braucht halt auch etwas Erfahrung und die bekommt man nur wenn man Fehler macht. Und der Zamnesia Support hilft euch immer weiter. Und eines noch dann bin ich durch, passt wirklich auf das das Velum noch geschlossen ist bevor ihr erntet, das macht sonst alles kaputt. Lieber zu früher ernten, die nächsten kommen sofort nach . Ganz lieben Gruß

    J. F.

    Super champi
    Le supagro kit est super. Utilisé la première fois de ma vie ici c’est inrattable si vous suivez bien les consignes faciles ! C’est impressionnant de faire pousser ses propres champi et la vitesse de croissance est surprenante Merci beaucoup Zamnesia

    S. M.

    First growing experience
    I had no results at all from my first gro kit from Zamnesia. But I have found their customer service very good and they replaced that gro kit. The next gro kit produced such a large crop, so swiftly, that I really had to do a lot of work to be able to harvest it quickly. I followed all the instructions to the letter and eventually harvested 10 g when dried. There was no second flush at all despite again following the instructions to the letter. Again good customer service with the offer of another gro kit or a voucher. Zamnesia is a good and fair company to deal with.

    N. H.

    1 Goede Flush
    Deze growkit heeft mij 1 oogst opgeleverd. Helaas niet zoveel als gehoopt, maar toch een aardig hoeveelheid. Alle stappen netjes opgevolgd. Het valt mij op dat de instructies van de growkits regelmatig veranderen. Snap niet helemaal waarom dit gebeurd.

    J. P.

    Questo è stato il primo kit che ho acquistato e sono riuscita a produrre più di 190gr totali di funghi freschi, nonostante la mia poca esperienza. da quando ho pagato a quando ho finito di seccare tutti i funghi è passato un mese, di cui una settimanella per far arrivare il pacco, quasi tre settimane per far crescere tutti i funghi e qualche giorno per farli essiccare (tenendoli accanto al termosifone). Io personalmente non li ho ancora provati, solo assaggiati da freschi in quantità che non mi potessero fare effetto per conoscere il sapore, ma li ho dati ad una mia parente e vi posso assicurare che fanno il loro lavoro. Ho già acquistato un nuovo kit

    A. I.

    very pleased with customer service and professional knowledge

    M. K.

    Excellent service
    Zammnesia are a great company , so helpful and briiliant service , replaced kit with no problem would 100% use again

    J. B.

    Not great
    My first box of these only generated 3gs! And nothing else. Didn’t even have a decent flush…. Hoping my new box isn’t so disappointing

    S. J.

    Experienced mycologist couldn't grow this
    Clear instructions on the Zamnesia website that fit the methods you would use in a homegrow. Yield is good and the overal culture is well established upon arrival. I'm happy with the kit, the customer service and the outcome. My advice for users who don't like the taste of old socks, is to make a tea out of the mushrooms with some agave syrup and ginger. These two ingredients (along with some lemon of lime juice) mask the taste of fresh and dried mushrooms entirely with a low glycemic value. I recommend the Zamnesia brand over the other kits, because the air filters can and will make all the difference. If you have any houseplants in your home, or like to keep windows open, infections and insects like fungus gnats will eventually make their way inside the bag if there is no air filter. The zamnesia kit has such a filter and is therefore way easier to work with. Summarized a 5/5 rating.

    T. P.

    Golden teacher
    Une production exceptionnelle.

    F. L.

    Very happy
    Zupa grow kit is super easy to grow! I did exactly as the instructions said and have had 5 flushes already, and have another coming. Once they begin pinning the growth is very quick. I will definitely use zamnesia for all my needs in the future, I love you guys!

    J. C.

    Great shrooms
    Great company

    G. S.

    Supa grow
    Piece of cake, success at last and brilliant customer support

    K. W.

    Je commence à voir les premiers champignons sortir.

    O. B.

    Just 1 little Harvest
    Ich habe alles exakt gemacht wie in der Anleitung beschrieben und nur mit desinfizierten Handschuhen gearbeitet. Leider konnte ich nach ca 2 Wochen nur einen kleinen Flush ernten - dann war Schluss. Der tolle Zamnesia Support hat mir aber nach ein paar Fragen und Bildern des Kits sofort eins als Ersatz geschickt! Super Service daher 4 Sterne. Was mit dem Kit los war weiß ich leider nicht - kann also leider keine klare Empfehlung aussprechen. Der Kundenservice wird euch aber niemals hängen lassen falls Ihr Mal ein defektes Kit erwischen solltet.

    E. K.

    We had several flushes and very potent shrooms!

    G. G.

    Eigentlich pretty easy, aber…
    … mal ganz von vorn! Das Set wurde bestellt und kam sehr schnell, wurde unauffällig geliefert - Alles Schick! Das erste Ansetzen war auch mega einfach - Hin stellen, in die Tüte, ein 3X an Tag lüften und alle 2-3 Tage mal etwas Wasser aus der Leitung hineinsprühen - Fertig! Der erste Gang hat lange auf sich warten lassen - Gefühlt 2 Wochen ist gar nichts passiert, ich dachte schon dass es defekt sei! In Woche 3 ist das Set dann förmlich explodiert, die Wachstumsrate war geradezu pervers! Es hat dann noch etwa eine Woche gedauert, aber den richtigen Zeitpunkt zur Ernte hatte ich da schon verpasst - Man muss also wirklich 2X jeden Tag genau hin schauen, da es dann einfach unfassbar schnell ging! Meine erste Ernte lag bei etwa 200g frisch, was nach dem Trocknen etwa 17,5g getrocknet ergab - Ganz ohne viel Aufwand oder gar weiterer technischer Grow-Hexerei! Leider hab ich dann den Fehler gemacht, und das Set nach einem Video auf YT gewässert / 12 Stunden gekühlt - Jetzt sind 2 weitere Wochen vorbei und ich glaube, das Set damit getötet zu haben :-( Bedeutet also: Lernen durch Schmerz und auf ein neues - Das nächste Set wird die Tage geordert! Zur Wirkung des ersten Schlages: Ich fand die tatsächlich ziemlich „Mild“ - Meinen Erstversuch mit 1g habe ich kaum wahr genommen und ein weiterer mit 4g war total Angenehm, nicht überfordernd oder gar ein Trip richtung Ego-Tod… Ich bin allerdings auch ADHŚler und kann nicht sagen, inwieweit das einen Einfluss nimmt! Würde ich das Set noch mal bestellen? Auf jeden Fall! Ich hätte mir lediglich gewünscht, dass die Dinger etwas potenter sind, aber angenehm sind sie in jedem Fall! Von mir also klare Kaufempfehlung!

    P. K.

    Good product, although needs some improvement on instructions
    I’ve only managed to get a grow going only after two first kits have failed. Most of it (I guess) because of insufficient information about watering. When the kit was waiting for first caps to appear I’ve watered it twice daily but obviously that was too much and the only appeared mushrooms were rotten. Only when I got the third kit, I watered it once in one/two days not to acumulate too much condensation on the grow mix. But this grow was successful, I’ve managed to get a big portion out of the first flush and waiting on the second one.

    M. D.

    My favourite
    I can get 80g out of 1 flush. And the high is so sweet.

    L. S.

    average yield
    not as much yield as I expected unfortunately

    A. M.

    Sehr Empfehlenswert
    Nachdem ich die Box aufgestellt hatte, sind die ersten Pilze sehr schnell gewachsen. Auch die zweite Ernte ließ ließ nicht lange auf sich warten. Ich kann die Supa Gro Box nur empfehlen.

    F. #.

    What an amazingly easy kit, highly recommend. Zamnesia customer support is on point too, Thanks!

    M. G.

    facile, bonne récolte
    En moins de trois semaines, 200g, puis 100g pour la deuxième récolte, et 80g pour la troisième/ Bon effet avec 4g sec.

    P. W.

    Fantastic result from newbie grower
    I started my kit on Monday and nine days later the little pins were out. Three days after that they were enormous and we harvested them, there were four trays in my dehydrator. Unbelievably fast and prolific growth in just a couple of weeks with a totally inexperienced grower. Great value for money, would highly recommend.

    L. S.

    Could use better instructions
    The kit arrived with no instructions, however zamnesia sent me the instructions but they were actually for another kind of mushrooms. Hopefully what we did worked and after 10 days the first pins appeared. First flush a total of 14,5g dry. Then we followed the reinvigoration step (left it with water for 10h in the fridge) to continue with the second flush. It has been 12 days since then and we thought we wouldn't get another one but on the 12th day one pin appeared. I read somewhere that you should not collect the smaller pins of your flush cause they are meant for the second one and by doing so you delay the next flush. Probably that was the reason it took 12 days. (don't take my word for it, just sharing my experience)

    S. L.

    First pins at day 7 Harvest at day 15 First flush 110g i‘m satisfied! Followed the instructions properly. Started with temp. about 19 to 22 Celsius

    I. A.

    5 star love the growth rate amazing product its a shame I can only order 2 in a 90 day period love to watch them grow

    M. W.

    East and secure way to get mushrooms

    R. M.

    Very Easy!
    Bought this for my first grow. Was very easy. First wash was really good and already trying a second. Delivery was very quick considering the time of year I purchased it (just before Christmas).

    G. D.

    I soaked them when they where not ment to
    First time using these I made the mistake from the start and soaked them for 12 hours to later read these ones don't need that.. frustrated I emailed letting them know I've messed up. Zamnesia rest assured its fine, let nature do the work. Took about 10 days and the pins started and doubled in size everyday. Iam a few days from 1st harvest and I am amazed at how generous these fungi are being. Thanks zamnesia !

    S. L.

    Very good
    Delivery and service was good, all looks good so far

    M. L.

    First class!
    First harvest for me. 200 g of beautiful magical Golden Teacher. Great service, great team, great product. Highly recommend.

    J. C.

    Golden teacher
    I brought this andnits amazing works so fast only took 5 days to see results and I'm impressed first time buying and will buy again. Also I was going to say loads of pins and little mushrooms ar growing around the side is that a problem ?

    T. D.

    Goeie grote shrooms
    Lekkere oogst gehad van die paddenstoelen zeker een aanrader

    S. D.

    Really impressed with the Supa Grow Golden Teachers kit. Very easy to setup and in approximately a month I now have a lovely batch drying! Great company to deal with, very good Comms. Highly recommended.

    S. C.

    Easy to use, first crop had a good yield and the mushrooms were quite more potent than anticipated. Can't wait to try different strains.

    R. V.

    Was unlucky, but Zamnesia support is awesome!
    The first kit I got never began to pin, and the next was behaving strangely with almodt no yield. In both cases, Zamnesia shipped a new kit to me at no cost. Third time's the charm, the third kit behaved as expected. This should be a 3-star review of this kit, but Zamnesia is so awesome, I'm making it a 5-star! Thanks, I'll most definitely shop here again!

    C. C.

    Happy customer
    Delivery was quick and after about 2,5 weeks of tending to my babies, the kit produced some beautiful, thick mushrooms. Tried some last weekend and had a brilliant time! Now I have another flush coming, so everything worked out really well and I'm a happy customer.

    N. M.

    Thanks for the support
    Can not really evaluate the product cause the growkit was contaminated (probalby bad manipulations from me) but Zamnesia gaves me a second try after explaining the situation after having explained the situation. So thanks for the great support.

    G. L.

    Good kit!
    Works as sponsored! About 170g of first flush, nothing exceptional but not bad!

    M. M.

    Ça fait du bien...
    Frenchement ça fait un bien fou, ne doutez en rien de la puissance de leur trip. Cest pas des psylo ça ne fait pas rire donc dissimulable aupres des autres attention quand meme au personne sous sub, pas de sub 8h min avant la prise, donc un peu de patience et tout ira bien. Risque de wreck paralysie si vous etes encore sous effet de la bupré. Sinon un pur bonheur

    H. R.

    Schnelle Lieferung, gute Beschreibung und easy handling. !!! Viel Spaß

    N. N.

    Don't work
    This is the second time I've ordered growkits from Zamnesia, followed the instructions to the letter and got absolutely no yield. I've used growkits from other companies which yielded just fine. don't waste your money!

    D. M.

    After one bad experience, zamnezia offered me a solution and replaced the two faulty packs free of charge, . These have had an excellent return, it grows, it grows... lots of great travel ahead. Thank you zamnesia for the professionalism.
    After one bad experience, zamnezia offered me a solution and replaced the two faulty packs free of charge, . These have had an excellent return, it grows, it grows... lots of great travel ahead. Thank you zamnesia for the professionalism.

    C. B.

    29,63gr. (dryed) from the first flush! Followed the manual step by step. When I was unsure the support replied swiftly. Watch out for the 'perfect' time to harvest! It only took 6 hours (!) from the point where the caps seemed fully grown until the velum ruptured and the caps flared out. Now, 10 days after the first harvest, new pins show happy!

    S. L.

    Fantastic grow kit
    This kit sits dormant for approximately 1wk and then explodes into a perfect uniformed display! They are fascinating to watch. Hoping to get a couple more flushes which will keep me in micro doses for a long long time. Thanks Zamie

    L. M.

    Good First Box and Flush
    I got a nice first flush, second one was small but we take what we get. The last and 3th flush was only 4-5 bigger shrooms.

    S. K.

    Good kit
    Decent kit, good results.

    L. C.

    Erste Ernte nach 2 Wochen
    Es war insgesamt recht einfach. 2x Täglich lüften und befeuchten. Ich hab das ganze grow pack morgens und abends auf den Balkon getragen, da die Pilze dort frische Luft hatten. vermutlich hat das nicht geschadet denn nach 2 Wochen konnte ich schon Ernten. einige Tage später erschien noch ein einsamer Pilz. weitere 5 Tage später konnte ich wieder ernten. Momentan bereitet sich vielleicht ein neuer Schub vor (hoffe ich)... Viel Erfolg bei eurer Zucht und zum Schluss noch ein kleines Mantra das mich eine Weile erfolgreich begleitet hat: Ich atme Hass aus und ich atme liebe ein .

    S. D.

    growkit en diensten
    Deze growkit van Supagrow deed het niet bij mij. En ik kweek verschillende kits al 3 jaar. was mijn eerste mislukte. ik heb Zamnesia gemaild daarover. Super snelle reactie. ik moet foto’s sturen en vragenlijst beantwoorden wat betreft ondernomen stappen. Ik kreeg nieuw grow kit naar keuze gratis. super lief van ze! ben blij mee. ik geef hier 5 sterren maar voor de diensten. en het kan natuurlijk wel eens gebeuren dat de kit het niet doet dus ik ga ook de merk supagrow ook niet slecht beoordelen. was de eerste keer dat ik deze merk uitgeprobeerd heb.

    A. L.

    A great strain, very large mushrooms.

    N. U.

    Magic mushrooms disenchantment
    The mushrooms never develooped in the box, money thrown to the garbadge.

    A. B.

    Pas content
    Pour ma part le les fait comme sur le manuel et a côté je faisais des copelandia qui on pouser mais les trous dans le supa gro bag on contaminer le mycelium deja present. Je ne recommde pas j'ai perdu 50,95 euros (je préfère les les pain traditionnel que l'on prépare avec de l'eau et un sac qui laisse pas entrer les moncheron et la contamination ! Pas bon sac le produit peu être sympa mais il faut changer le sac ! 🤮Je ne suis pas satisfait j'ai récupéré 5 champi même pas mure par ce qu'il ne pousser plus.

    J. B.

    Waste of time and money
    I am a customer in Zamnezia for many years. In the beginning the kits were working perfectly and were giving good yields. At some point the kits started to be problematic, with small amount of shrooms or with no shrooms at all. I put a lot of effort and money. Some of the times, Zamnesia sent new Free grow kits for replacement, and that is good, but the result was usually the same. Hopefully Zamnesia will take more seriously customers complains about the grow kits. Would be better for all.

    M. K.

    After a little over a week I got the first flush who was really large even with a lot of mushrooms on the side. This I find a little annoying, because I have to take out the whole cake to get them of. After harvesting the mushrooms they left a lot of blue bruises. For a moment I thought I would get some kind of fungus and nothing would grow out but luckily not! Now a few weeks later new little ones are popping up. Just a little patience works...well a lot of patience!! :D

    V. L.

    Yet another disappointment & Low yield
    This is the 4th batch I buy and its the 4th disappointment. Have optimal growth set up, follows instructions to the dot and yet each time, the yield is so poor. A few SMALL shrooms ONLY on the sides nothing in the middle and ONLY one harvest. Your customer service has been outstanding and you have replaced one of these poorly performing kitts but each time its a time waste and frustrating. Why don't you address what so many are complaining about and solve the issue with side growth. Why wont the substrate perform in the middle? This time i was able to harvest 60g.. thats not ok guys.. Until you come up with steady yield kitts with mush less side growth .. not a happy customer here.

    P. B.

    A great strain, very large mushrooms.

    E. K.

    Estaba contaminado…
    Después de las 3 semanas cuidando con mucha dedicación aun no habían salido las setas, contacté con zamnesia y me ofrecieron una solución muy rapida :)

    M. O.

    The best customer support
    Awesome retailers who try to do the best by their customers and address any concerns immediately which also means shipping for free replacements for faulty items.

    J. S.

    Ca n'a pas marché
    Désolé mais ça n'a pas marché du tout, j'ai lu et suivi mes instructions, je me lave les mains chaques fois que je manipule le kit, j'ai utilisé de l'eau distillée avec un pulvérisateur en visant les bords du sac plastique et pas le substrat directement, la ça fait plus de trois semaines et toujours rien. Un côté est devenu maron et ça sent dégueulasse. Bref, extrêmement déçu. Je vais demander un remboursement

    F. C.

    great Mushroom
    using this kit was my first growing experience, and it was really fun

    A. S.

    Sehr gutes gro kit für pilze Sehr schnell gewachsen leicht zu handhaben funktioniert super leicht solche magic mushrooms zu growen top!! Wirkung sehr toll getrocknet auf jedenfalls stark.. empfehlenswert! Habe damit sehr gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht.

    K. E.

    Golden Teacher fail
    Supa Gro failed to produce any pins although I followed the instructions to the letter. Maybe the heatwave during transit - who knows. Anyway customer service were sent photos and I've now received a new kit - Zamnesia own brand FOC - so fingers crossed. Customer service can't be faulted though.

    O. H.

    Amazing shop
    Ordered GT Supagro kit. Started to see the first pins after around 2 weeks. They looked fine, and some of them even grew well, but a lot of shrooms just stopped to grow and changed their color to black-brown instead of golden. Every problem that occured during the growing were solved by the amazing customer service. And today, after I sent them a photo of my kit, the shop said that it might be defective (which is highly possible, because it was delievered at around 34-35°C). But the kit looked fine, so no idea what went wrong. BUT the shop just provided me with the FREE new kit, I can choose any of it. So, besides I didn`t get any shrooms yet, but the shop received my respects and I am very thankful to them for help and understanding!

    R. N.

    Supe Grow funktioniert nicht
    Dies ist schon das zweite Kid, das nicht funktioniert. Ich habe selbst mehrmals selbst Mycel produziert und erfolgreich zur Fruchtung gebracht. Aber dieses Growkid ist leider Müll ! Nicht kaufen !

    N. F.

    Great product
    I have started my first mushrooms experience with Zamnesia and, so far the service and the shrooms are wonderful.

    H. R.

    Un peu plus d'une semaine
    Des têtes d'épingle pointent le bout de leur chapeau. Je n'y croyais pas trop à cause de cette chaleur écrasante. Je fais extrêmement attention, je me lave les mains je désinfecte avant de toucher quoi que ce soit, et je leur parle aussi . Et contre toute attente, ça pousse ! Deux fois par jour je les ventilé pendant 1 minute.. J'ai un brumisateur donc je me sers pour humidifier. Les petits champignons sont trop jolis. On verra la suite.

    P. P.

    mauvais produits pour la 3 fois
    n°85228359 Bonjour, pour la troisième fois produit défectueux, je désire cette fois ci être rembourser..... Envoyer moi un lien pour vous faire parvenir photos........

    G. B.

    Great support, instructions to be improved
    I had any sort of troubles with the first kit and, while the customer service was super and replaced it at once with a new supa kit, I am still waiting for an answer to my doubts. I wonder why they don't provide a step-by-step video for the grow kits, instead of giving just a few rough hints. Anyway, the second kit was more successful, so I guess that supa kits are not infallible and this is a learning-by-doing business (yet an interesting one).

    B. S.

    Great service
    I ordered a grow kit which didn't produce as expected, the harvest was low and the shrooms came from the bottom of the cake instead of the top. After contacting Zamnesia I could pick a new grow kit, so selected GT again but this time from Supa. My first flush produced 14gr dried, the 2nd around 4gr. Waiting on the 3rd flush now. Took a small dose of 2gr last weekend which was a really relaxing and funny experience.

    V. R.

    Contaminer à réception
    Très mauvais kit même après explication photo au service après vente, aucune réponse apportée.. je déconseille argent foutu en l’aire!!

    A. P.

    Customer Service Top
    I faced some issues with the first delivery because the third party logistics in charge of deliveries in my country is the absolute worst. Anyway, the support offered by the CS was super. CS is able to provide a very quickly feedback on the issue and offer a prompt solution as well. I don't know much about this kit, but I ordered another kit before (McKennaii Fresh) and comparing the two guides I guess Fresh kits are way more easier and you have less chance of contamination.

    A. C.

    Zu voll
    Hat funktioniert. Aber ist so voll gepresst mit myzel, Dass das erste Wasser nicht ganz durchdringt. Darum ist nicht auf der ganzen Fläche was gewachsen.

    G. S.

    Looking promising
    Just received so it's early days. Received as a replacement for an inert kit which may have become overheated in transit (maybe). Anyway, it was unresponsive and the fantastic Zamnesiacs sent a replacement immediately and without fuss and that seems to be behaving well. Always top-notch service.

    G. B.

    I love these mushies
    My kit has arrived, and growing well, I think this strain is great Thanks Domski

    D. L.

    Pour le coup, 300g frais en 3 flush, des très jolis champignons, très forts très bons. Je ne saurais que les vanter, introspection garantie. Mais je n'achèterai plus de supa gro kit, fresh mushrooms m'ont été bcp plus facile d'accès au début en tant que débutant Par contre très bon très forts et très potents, très rentable, c'est la seule box de supagrokit dont je suis satisfait !

    H. B.

    Non fonctionnel
    C'est la première foi que je teste un kit déjà prêt. Vraiment déçu, cela ne fonctionne pas. Autant faire directement sur grinbavec une seringue, au moins on est sur du résultat

    B. D.

    Vers good
    Je recommande

    D. A.

    Enlightening experience
    Good experience with friends and family, we all had a good time ! Feel comfortable to try these out ! Thank you zamnesia :) always nice !

    T. L.

    Helaas niks
    The kit developed wet rot (mycogone infection) and I disposed of it. I did not take any pictures before disposing, so Zamnesia could not offer a replacement from their supplier (for that, Zamnesia needs to provide pictures as well). However, Zamnesia generously offered to replace it by one of their own brand grow kits. That is performing excellent and I expect to harvest the third flush tomorrow. I will stick to those in the future.

    W. R.

    Leider wieder nix geworden.
    Probiere schon zum 4. mal und nichts außer Schimmel. Sonst wie immer alles super mit der Bestellung.

    A. K.

    Excelente, volveré a comprar.

    T. M.

    Very good customer service
    The kit didn't work, just a couple of little fruits, but very soon I've got a voucher and free shipping. I'll try another kit. Thanks!

    R. D.

    Long story short : first SupaGro kit failed because I haven't took good care of it aaaaand, Zamnesia was above anything words can describe, offering to replace it. On this one however, I've got 5 monster mushrooms, the size of my palm and lots of little ones on the first flush. Looking for the weekend to try them out! Big thanks!

    L. T.

    No Joy :(((
    Myocilin developed nicely at the start of the grow, then stagnation and then literally, two fruits only! Followed the instructions to the letter, first time that a kit dosent perform. This is the first time that I used this brand, always grow the GT strain.

    T. G.

    Rien donné, n'a pas fonctionné.
    Pourri. J'ai tout jeté au bout de 3 semaines. Pourtant les conditions étaient requises. Je suis bien refroidie, argent jeté par la fenêtre.

    D. R.

    Culture golden teacher
    Malheureusement la culture n'a pas fonctionné, et je me questionne sur le fait de recommencer ou non

    M. F.

    Ottimo servizio clienti
    Sfortunatamente il kit che mi è stato venduto era contaminato, ma il team Zamnesia è stato super cordiale e velocissimo a effettuare un rimborso. Ottimo lavoro continuate sempre così

    C. G.

    Dead On Arrival
    The kit didn't produce

    R. M.

    very little fruits
    I am not sure, It only gave me a few fruits and it doesn't grow more :/

    K. Y.

    N'a pas fonctionné
    N'a pas fonctionné mais j'en est parler au site et il m'en ont renvoyer une c'est cool

    N. T.

    Very happy with my little Golden teachers popping out. Easy! Thank you*

    K. C.

    Geduld ist gefragt
    Langsam aber doch.

    D. T.

    Sin duda, una experiencia muy buena para los amantes de las cubensis. Cultivo rápido y abundante, hemos recogido nuestra primera cosecha y la siguente está ya en pleno crecimiento. Además hemos tenido un problema con otros kits de cultivo y en seguida nos han repuesto los mismos en poco tiempo. Buen producto y perfecta atención.

    I. S.

    HAT wieder super geklappt. Geld nur per kresitkarte am besten.

    D. A.

    Très décevant
    J'ai acheté un kit golden teacher ça n'a rien donné alors. Que le kit b+ À bien pousser je ne recommanderais plus chez vous dommage moi qui me lance ds le micro dosage

    S. G.

    Just popped
    I put them without soaking them in the water for more then 3 weeks as described in the instruction but nothing happened I soaked them in the water put the lid on and put them in the fridge over night Re did all the same process and they just popped out after 10 days

    N. C.

    I love them

    D. U.

    Got very little. Not worth the money
    This is the second kit I buy from Zamnezia. The first one produced NOTHING. The second kit yielded very little, maybe 5-6 mushrooms and died, although I kept it under perfect conditions. Not worth the money and the wasted time and money.

    L. E.

    No luck
    Kit provided was a dud. Did not generate a single mushroom.

    A. S.

    I love
    The support and shrooms

    S. D.

    Supa Grow Is The Best
    Supa grow is very easy to grow from start to mushrooms, Good amount of fresh mushrooms is produced and very potent. I amHappy with the growbox!

    A. S.

    Everything fine so far
    Works good so far, ladies are taking their time but they keep coming. The daily caretake pais off

    C. W.

    Fine =)
    Worked fine++++++++++++++++++

    D. R.

    didnt work
    I had no luck even after second try

    E. L.

    Very good kit!!!
    The kit grows very good, and the shrooms came very early! I can really recommended it !!!

    J. B.

    Didnt work out for us.
    We ordered this about 4 months ago and for around 2 months we babied it. Water every day, indirect sunlight, perfect temperature and even with a heating pad (bought from here too) nothing ever happened. We've bought a new one now, hoping the last one was just a dud. I'm seeing a lot of good reviews though, seems like it was just us :/

    P. K.

    Great :)
    Sadly, my kit didn't flush well.... first flush only 5, and then second 3.......

    S. F.

    am Anfang hat es etwas gedauert bis sie wachsen, da es etwas kühler war, aber dann ist es ziemlich schnell gegangen.

    S. L.

    Bonjour, Il est vrai que de temps en temps cela prend un peu de temps, j'ai attendu 1 mois avant que quelque chose n'apparaisse. Donc mon meilleur conseil est patience. Bonne journée

    L. L.

    Leider leider nichts geworden
    Ich hatte dort nach 2 Wochen Schimmel drin. Ich bezweifle sehr dass das an mir lag, ich arbeite immer sehr steril. Der Kunden-Support hat perfekt geholfen und mir das Geld zurück erstattet, nachdem ich ausführlich erklärt hatte, was passiert war. Ich empfehle fresh mushrooms. Die muss man nicht dauernd besprühen und das hat bis jetzt immer geklappt.

    M. J.

    Ich kenne die Growkits noch von früher, leider hat die Qualität des Herstellers sehr nachgelassen. Nach ungefähr einer Woche fing der Brick an unangenehm zu riechen, eine weitere Woche später zeigte sich dann Schimmel. Kann ich nicht mehr empfehlen

    S. F.

    Finger weg!
    Habe 7 Boxen gehabt und 3 sind nichts geworden… schon das 2. Mal!!! Früher waren sie echt voll mit Ernte und die Box ging schon über von Pilzen. Heute jedoch sehr stark nachgelassen. Pilze sehn extrem komisch aus wenn sie wachsen und jede 2. Box wird nichts!! Tut mir leid für die Bewertung da ich zamnesia normalerweise sehr mag aber die letzten 3x wo ich bestellt habe wars zum Schlecht!!!

    A. H.

    Sehr reicher Ertrag, einfache Handhabung, gutes High
    Es ist ewig nichts gewachsen ich habe 1,5 Monate auf den ersten Pilz gewartet, doch dann kamen sie, die erste Ernte ist sehr vereinzelt, da die Pilzkörper Zeit brauchen sich zu bilden. Man sollte immer schauen, dass wenn die Folie beschlagen ist, man nicht weiter sprüht (2 Sprüher pro Tag sind ausreichend), da sonst des Myzel den Pilz überwuchert und man in ständiger Angst lebt, dass die Pilze schimmeln. Aber nach der Ernte und der erfolgreichen Trocknung im Ofen nur auf Umluft ohne Temperatur, konnte ich einen wunderschönen Trip genießen 1-2 g Trockengewicht sind ausreichend. bei der ersten Ernte war ich ein bisschen geschockt, dass 20 g zu 4 g vertrocknen aber bei einer Ernte von 200-300g pro Schub, ich hatte bisher nur 2 Schübe, ist das Ganze doch zu verkraften. P.S.: keine Milchprodukte oder fettiges Essen zwei Stunden vor dem Trip und während dem Trip zu sich nehmen, da sich diese mit Psilocybine nicht vertragen.

    I. R.

    It was a total emotional rollercoaster with this kit and Supa Gro in general. 2 yrs ago I've never had any problems with any of the Supa Gro products, they all grew like crazy with huge flushes and very quickly also. This time it was more of a huge challenge, they took and are taking much longer to grow, with the pinset being also smaller. In the beginning they did not want to grow at all. I believe now, that the reason for this, was the weather as it was quite cold around here. Then summer finally arrived and it became ass-rottingly hot. They seem to love the heat. When it is warm and sunny they are growing like crazy. The first flush took very long (~3 wks) and only yielded ~23 g wet, but I must admit, I became over impatient and harvested way early. The second flush went much better, took less, but still 16 days, whatever, the main point is that on the 2nd flush I got a huge 240 g wet yield, so all in all I am very satisfied. Further flushes on the way. I think the cold shocking and soaking in the fridge thing for 12 hrs really revigorated the kit. It seemed to have liked it. So yeah, it took much longer, but in the end everything turned out well!

    M. M.

    Bien mise à part la première récolte peu fructueuse, c'est facile à utiliser, j'attends la seconde récolte pour voir ! Mais en gros je recommande vivement

    C. C.

    Gut gewachsen
    Bin momentan beim 2. flush, der erste hat sehr gut funktioniert. Bildete einen kluster mit vielen shrooms. Jetzt beim 2. eher vereinzelt und nicht mehr so viele. Leider kann ich über die potenz und wirkung noch nichts berichten.

    A. S.

    Didnt work
    Ordered 2 kits, none of them worked with little but no mistakes made Support repplied by asking 6 questions about How I did it, then asking pictures of the cardbox then of the box and then and then... Losing my time. Won't order again, culture kits work better.

    Z. C.

    supa gro kit
    Its the 4th time in a row that this kit dosnt produce nothing but just a few pins (4-5) compare to the previous times that was ok...Zamnesia replace it but everytime the same...well you have to do something

    A. P.

    Toch beter een kit die moet weken
    Op 1 cluster na groeide alle paddo’s aan de onder- en zijkant. Heb het idee dat met water te weken de sporen meer daar de bovenkant drijven.

    R. D.

    Finger weg!
    Growbox ist nichts geworden, da ich extrem auf Hygiene und Anleitung geachtet habe, muss es an der Box liegen. Hatte zuvor von anderen Shops auch erfolgreich gezüchtet. Leider keine Reaktion auf meine Frage nach einer Neusendung oder wenigsten Teilerstattung.

    L. E.

    Mauvaise manip
    Je vois que les avis sont partagés mais de mon côté, je vois bien que cela vient de mon côté et ma première manipulation du kit. Est-ce que je l'ai contaminé en le manipulant ? Est-ce que je l'ai assez humidifié ? Bref, beaucoup de questions qui font que je vais attendre un peu avant de retenter l'aventure dans un nouveau lieu et en doublant toutes les précautions nécessaires...

    N. L.

    kit started rotting
    Expérience décevante avec ce kit; J'ai suivi les instructions à la lettre mais il ne s'est absolument rien passé en 4 semaines, puis le kit a commencé à moisir doucement.. J'ai contacté le service client Zamnesia, qui m'ont posé des questions sur le setup et l'expertise utilisée, et m'ont demandé des photos, après avoir répondu à toutes leurs questions, plus de réponse de leur part.. bref plutôt décevant pour un kit réputé fournir des rendements "de dingue" et surtout à 50€.. je n'ai rien pu en faire et j'ai du le jeter.. J'essaierais surement le kit "Fresh Culture", en espérant avoir un peu plus de chance ! Aslo had a dissapointing experience with this kit; i strictly followed the instructions and nothing came out after 4 weeks, then mold started to spread on the kit.. i contacted the Zamnesia service, who asked me about the whole setup, my expertise, and photos. After i answered all their questions they never replied to me again.. Kinda dissapointing for a 50€ kit supposed to produce insane yields.. Nothing could be done and i had to throw it away. I'll probably try the "Fresh Culture" kit and hopefully be a bit more lucky with that one.

    L. A.

    Commandé et reçue très vite, malgré quelques erreurs de debutants ça a donné quelques récoltes, pas aussi volumineuse que je l'aurai voulu mais on apprend à comprendre les conditions favorables au développement quand on lit bien, quand a l'effet ils portent bien leur nom, ils ne nous lâchent pas, mieux vaut être à plusieurs pour rire tout seul se stimuler n'est pas évident.

    J. L.

    Highly recommend
    The yield and effect of these were very good even though i handled them a bit roughly due to my inexperience.

    C. L.

    no shrooms
    My first kit worked just fine, no shrooms with my second one. expensive and didnt work

    A. T.

    Kit Failled
    Kit did not grow at all, would not recommend

    B. B.

    Leider nicht so viel Glück gehabt mit dem kit, trotzdem super Kundenberatung

    J. Z.

    Niets, niets, niets...
    Geen idee of het aan mij ligt of niet, want ik deed mijn eerste kweek ooit, maar het lukte ooit wel met oesterzwammen. Handleiding gevolgd en niets geoogst, zelfs geen klein paddootje. De ruimte waarin ze gekweekt werden is constant 21-23°. Ik ben wel ontgoocheld en vraag me af welk product wel kwalitatief in orde is.

    D. T.

    No outcome
    No activity at all, completely dead kit.

    I. T.

    no results at all. messaged regarding advice / comment. no response
    Have had many successful kits ( not supergrow) but this one has done absolutely zero in 6 weeks and despite and email with pics politely asking for comment, advice, opinion, no response at all. Not impressed

    J. N.

    L'été dernière j'ai pris ce kit et c'était INCROYABLE ! 200g mais depuis un moment je vois que dans les avis ou sur les forums, les kits sont décevants. J'en ai pris ce fut un échec et l'équipe Zamnesia me la remboursé (un grand merci à eux) mais malheureusement le second, qu'ils m'ont envoyé pour s'excuser, n'était pas mieux... 2 mois et toujours rien. Voici mon setup : 22-23°C Lumière : 6500K (+ de 16h/j) Humidité : 95%

    R. S.

    Dont buy these Kits
    Got this Kit as a replacement for anotherone that didnt did that well And now its infected by Wet bubble Wet bubble comes from infected Soil, so it was not my fault. Buy from the other shroomkit producer like "Fresh Mushroom" but SUPA GROW Does not seem to do their job that good Hopefully Zamnesia support can help me out again....

    J. N.

    0 customer service!
    0 customer service! I wrote a review before but was flagged for some reason! I got a Grow kit and it was absolutely a failure! I have been working with Zamnesia for a while and they were really nice but now it's the first time I have a problem and I got no help! I have grown mushrooms for a long time and had the Supra kit beside other kits which did give me results but this kit despite being the most expensive was a failure! now it's over a month since I got it! I wrote them and they asked for some info and photos which I did send but again no reply! honestly, if it wasn't a damn virus destroying my job I would just order another one but now That I asked for a refund they showed not much care for losing a customer which is disappointing. my Order number is: 83568171

    A. S.

    Schnelle bearbeiitung und lieferung
    Leider nach 3 Wochen kontaminiert ,Baumwoll artiger Pilz hat die Pins erstickt.hab die ersten 2 Wochen dummer Weise ,die Anleitung nicht befolgt,zu trocken.war ich wohl selber schuld.

    M. S.

    Mit diesem kit leider kein Glück aber der support ist klasse
    Nach 4 Wochen warten und mit richtiger Handhabung ist leider nichts passiert zamnesia ist mir entgegen gekommen und hat mir Ersatz verschafft super team

    P. B.

    sans résultat et pas de suivi client
    Envoie et réception parfaite, cependant après un mois, pas l'ombre d'un champignon à l'horizon. J'utilise un tapis chauffant et je suis du genre à avoir la main verte... Mais ce qui me déçois le plus c'est de ne pas avoir de réponses du service client après plusieurs jours. Dommage.

    S. O.

    Leider enttäuscht
    Ich habe darauf geachtet, dass die Pilze ausreichend Wasser bekommen und sogar Heizmatte die Temperatur reguliert. DIe Growbox stand nahe der Heizung, hatte also gleichbleibend warme Temperaturen, trotz der kalten Jahreszeit. Einige Stellen an der Box sind mit weißen Myzel bewachsen, aber es bedeckt nichtmal die gesamte Oberfläche. Von Pilzen keine Anzeichen. Evtl. habe ich es aber auch selbst verbockt

    T. R.

    Perfect production
    Everything was OK, production rich.

    T. M.

    Very dissapointed.
    Nothing growed, only white mold, like cotton.

    G. Z.

    Non e' cresciuto nulla
    Come purtroppo leggo essere successo a molti altri, con questo Kit, non ho ottenuto nessun risultato. Ho seguiot alla lettera le istruzioni, ho sempre indossato guanti e mascherina, usato tappetino riscaldante per ottenere 23gradi...Ma niente, dopo quasi un mese il nulla. N.B.: OTTIMO il servizio clienti Zamnesia che, una volta contattato, mi ha offerto o Voucer del valore del Kit o un nuovo Kit a mia scelta. Sto aspettando il pacco, incrocio le dita. Ho optato per un altro brand, dove e' richiesta meno interazione. Nel Kit Supa bisogna spruzzare acqua ogni giorno, aprire e che comporta rischi di comtaminazione.

    F. S.

    No puedo recomendarlo / Not satisfacted
    Compre 2 kits, Tres semanas y no ha crecido nada. He usado muchos kits y conozco de sobra todas las precauciones y la manera correcta de hacerlo. Los kits estaban en mal estado. Zamnesia no me ha dado ninguna solución. Le he mandado fotos y lo único que hacen es contestarme pidiéndome más fotos... y les mando más. Pero nada, no me dan ninguna solución ni devolución ni nada. Es como si cada correo fuese recibido y contestado por personas distintas. Muy decepcionado con Zamnesia I bought two kits that after three weeks anything has grow up. I have used a lot of kits in the past and I know the right way and cautions. The kits was spoiled The Staff hasn´t given me any solution. I´ve sent severals e-mail with pictures but They just ask me about more pictures. It´s like each e-mail was gotten and aswerd for different Staff member. I´m very disappointed with Zamnesia

    V. M.

    Blob mutation
    I had good experience with supa gro kits, but I got blob mutation instead of normal shrooms last time . These are potent, but yields are small and it take too long to grow. Zamnesia support was answering fast and offered me new kit as replacement.

    D. B.

    No mushroom
    Hello, i try this kit and no mushrooms appearing in 4 weeks. We use the manuel of this product. I think he is contamined. Bonjour, j'ai essayé ce kit and aucun champignons n'est apparu après 4 semaines. Nous avons utilise le manuel du produit ainsi qu'un tapis chauffant. Je pense qu'il est contaminé. Merci à Zamnesia de faire le nécessaire afin que je puisse faire une vraie production avec un nouveau kit ou autre.

    C. R.

    Nicht gut
    Nach 2 Würfen kam nichts mehr, bei der alten Firma mindestens 3-7 Mal geerntet Und der Service von Zamnesia wird immer mieser

    D. M.

    Not the result I was expecting , no mushrooms just mold and now I see in comments that this as happened to a lot of people that by here

    A. S.

    Service au top
    Produit de qualité, voyage absolument incroyable rempli de couleur de forme et de fou rire mon dieu, il porte bien son nom ce champignon... Le deuxième cycle n'a pas fonctionné suite à un produit arriver légèrement abîmer mais zamnesia m'en à renvoyer un merci site au top !!

    A. F.

    Nessun raccolto
    Sfortunatamente il mio kit non ha prodotto nessun risultato anche dopo aver seguito le istruzione alla lettera e aver utilizzato il tappetino zamnesia che ho distanziato dal kit usando due matite per dare un buon ricircolo dell'aria. Non so se il kit non ha funzionato perché era un kit vecchio e rimasto nel deposito troppo tempo oppure per semplice sfortuna che può sempre capitare. Quello che posso dire è di aver contattato il servizio clienti e loro mi hanno risposto prontamente facendomi una serie di domande e chiedendo che allegassi delle foto, tutto fatto per il momento aspetto una loro risposta e confido nella loro professionalità e gentilezza...

    A. G.

    Amazing service, but only 5% of the micelia grew
    I am happy that this service of ready growing kits exist. Thank you for that! But as an experienced grower i noticed how uneven the mycelia developed and i got approximately 5% of the area to grow into a mushroom. A very good mushroom though..

    L. A.

    Very Disappointed
    After one month, on the surface i can only see withe lumps mold. Nothing it's growed. I will nwver buy it again

    S. B.

    Not completely satisfacted
    I bought at first a standard Golden Teacher kit, ut it didn't grow at all. As refund, the really efficient and kind customer service of Zamnesia offered me a Supra Grow Kit for free. Although it would ensure 3/4 harvests of 300/400 grams each, I got 3/4 extremely poor harvest, for a total of a it more than 200 grams (overall). Good customer service, not the same for the product...

    A. P.

    Client très satisfait
    Je recommande au plus grand nombre Zamnesia, le service ainsi que l'aide apporté est nul doute le meilleur. Je suis très satisfait Thierry

    T. T.

    Mein erstes Gro Kit und direkt ein Erfolg!
    Ich bin begeistert! Ich hab nur eine Einzimmer-Wohnung und somot nicht viele Möglichkeiten einen perfekten Platz zu finden. Auch Extras wie Heizmatte hab ich weggelassen. Trotzdem hatte ich 3 Flushs und dwr zweite war sogar sehr ergiebig! Insgesamt hab ich bestimmt um die 20 Pilze ernten können! Werde ich wieder bestellen :)

    V. K.

    No success
    No Mushrooms appeared

    O. H.

    Bof !
    Je pensais qu'en prenant la marque de reference, j'allais avoir une belle production Ca fait trois semaines bientôt quatre, j'attends encore que ça pousse

    M. D.

    No crecio nada
    Lamentablemente no me creció ningun hongo, supongo que puede ser por muchas razones. Habrá que probarlo otra vez

    M. C.

    aspettare il secondo raccolto
    il primo raccolto è stato di un fungo. adesso sta crescendo il secondo raccolto, che è più folto, anche se non ci sono in realtà moltissimi funghi.

    C. P.

    Yes but No
    Everyone knows the great customer service from Zam. BUT this grow kit got contaminated because of the big holes on the bag. VERY little harvest again... I bought a few kits from Zam, and i was happy with the amazing service BUT I cannot say i was happy with the experience. I never got the same results as pictured with a full forest of shrooms from the kits. This one got me barely 150 gr fresh (13gr dried) out 3 tiny flushes. Seriously disappointed, so will try another website for buying grow kits. Avoid Supa Grow and Fresh Mushrooms as they are not reliable, and at 50€ a piece, it stings a little on the wallet when it fails.

    C. J.

    N'a pas fonctionné
    5 étoiles sur le service zamnesia, en revanche le kit n'a absolument pas fonctionné, jusqu'alors j'avais toujours pris les kits de chez zamnesia et aucun soucis avec ceux là, je ne prendrais plus que des zamnesia désormais, j'émets l'hypothèse que c'est du au froid car le kit a passé la nuit d'hiver dans la boîte au lettre...

    S. G.

    Will not go for Supa Gro next time - excellent customer service by Zamnesia, though
    I'm a fairly experienced grower and was careful to keep sterile, good conditions etc. The kit failed to produce anything at all, so after a smooth customer service process I was sent a replacement free of charge. This kit did a little better, but yielded less than 20 g dried on the first flush and only two mushrooms on the second flush. Will go for another manufacturer next time, perhaps just Zamnesia's own.

    M. F.

    Terriblement déçue...
    J'ai reçu ce kit pour remplacer un précédent kit qui ne fonctionnait pas, un service client au top, en revanche après avoir vu apparaitre les têtes des petits champignons, le kit s'est mis à stagner et les champignons n'ont jamais grandis... Encore une fois aucune pollution n'est à observer dans le kit et tous mes autres kit (zamnesia & Fresh mushroom) fonctionnent à merveille... Je ne recommande absolument pas les supagro kit...Extrèmement déçue...

    C. A.

    Very good customer service, and speedy delivery, too soon to see the yield as yet.

    T. C.

    Great product! Ottimo prodotto!
    It took 3 weeks for the first flush and now, 10 days after the harvest, i can already see some other small mushrooms growing. Good job, I had no contaminations. 3 settimane per il primo getto e dopo 10 giorni dalla racconta vedo già nuovi funghi in crescita. Ottimo lavoro, non ho avuto alcuna contaminazione.

    N. S.

    First two times i ordered these I had a brilliant grow but the last time it was quite poor so I was sent a replacement.... this time same thing unfortunately... pins started to pop up and then nothing,I think I’m ready to give up for growing mushrooms! Not necessarily blaming zamnesia.. could just be that I’m doing something wrong but I am being super careful so who knows? Think I’m going to just order some seeds next time giving 3 stars as I was helped out a lot by being sent a replacement but at the same time nothing grew..

    A. C.

    3 eme semaine .. juste un duvet blanc à certain endroit .. pourtant bien suivi les instructions mais rien ne vient !!

    L. C.

    Golden teacher supa gro kit
    After I accidentally followed the wrong instructions for my supa gro box, zamnesia replaced them free of charge! Excellent service! (Make sure u use the right ones as the standard boxes and supa gro boxes require a completely different set up). Second time around each box has produced around 250g from the first flush! Second flush is now in progress. Very happy with how they have come out. One thing i would say is that the instructions are not very clear. I went onto the supa gro site its self where I found a more comprehensive explanation of the process. I followed it to the letter and they have worked a treat! It was actually really simple. I would recommend you check out the supa gro instructions when u set up your box, they actually differ slightly in terms of he amount of misting required to the zamnesia instructions. The supa gro instructions tell u to mist the bag daily, only after the first pins appear. This is what I did and had great results! I also bought the heat mats from zamnesia which helped keep the boxes warm in these winter months. Anyway, all in all very happy. Thanks for a great product and service

    J. W.

    Fantastic first flush, still waiting for the second
    First flush resultet in good yields and gave very big shrooms (one got bigger than my hand) which was very satisfying. The trip is quite visual and very positive, it gave very good insights. However, i am still waiting for the second flush.

    H. H.

    Not happy
    3 weeks after opening the box I only see white cotton-like stuff on the surface... Don't know if this is normal or is just a faulty kit

    G. V.

    problème avec mon kit, Zamnesia me renvoie un deuxième kit de remplacement super qualité, super service

    S. M.

    Yield - Golden Teacher Supra Grow
    Hello Zamnesia Team, I am an experienced mushroom grower. I have temperature, (23 ° C is now easy in winter with heating on) humidity, light under control and know exactly how to bring a grow kit to frutation. I also used Zamnesia grow kits in the past and was satified with the yield (GT & McKennai), you can check my order history :) This GT Supra grow box however yielded three small GTs (2 cm long, small caps). Dry yield below 3 gram. The second flush only yielded one tiny pin. The third flush is currently in the making. I also bought a McKennai box for which I will write a sepparate review. The yield was maybe double oft the GT Supra but still way below my expectations (5.5 grams dry) and the advertised potential of both grow boxes. On the plus side I was able to score three beautiful spore prints frome the McK about the size of 2 EUR piece. Would it be possible to receive a replacement for both boxes? I can send back the boxes / substrate for your research so you can see that I am honest and not trying to squeeze a freeby out of you :) Thanks and happy Holidays to your team and all the growers! M*

    M. V.

    Es la primera vez que compro en esta pagina y la verdad, me estan saliendo unas hermosas setas :). Tardaron en el primer brote pero entendi que era por el clima en la segunda estan saliendo de mararvilla.

    J. V.

    Perfect !

    T. A.

    Livraison rapide, service client au top. Pas encore testé.

    B. C.

    Livraison rapide. Bonne récolte, pas encore goûtée

    V. L.

    Wow 450g!
    I have an thermastically controlled propagator so kept the temperature at 25C and humidty at around 90% and I got 3 flushes of about 450g! It took 7 months of trips and microdosing to go through the whole lot!

    R. F.

    Sehr zufrieden
    Der Kontakt zu und mit dem Kunden sowie die Qualität der Ware und der Liefer/Kaufabwicklung ist hervorragend! Fragen werden zeitnahe beantwortet. Super macht weiter so.

    S. K.

    the first kit didn't work. after a month zamnesia proposed a new kit or a voucher. I took the new kit. After 2 weeks, on the heat mat, without touching the kit, even for once, I did my first flush this morning (about 100gr fresh shrooms) I'm happy

    I. K.

    Bad product, Good Zamnesia Support
    It has been second kit for me that didnt grow a single mushroom. I strictly follow all info that is provided in PDF manual from Zamnesia. After contacting Zamnesia, they gave me few questions about growing, so they are sure that I did not do any mistake. After me responding on all questions correctly, they said it was probably bad kit, so they gave me 50 euro vouncher for another kit. So I bought an another kit. Same set up, same result - nothing. Currently waiting for Zamnesia answer again... It has been months since I ordered my first kit, and I'd like to get some Mushrooms... its getting exhausted...

    L. K.

    G.Teacher supaG100% Kit brauchte bei mir für volle Mycel-Ausbildung erstmal ca.3 Wochen & Jetzt alles voller Pins :D
    Also ich musste mich einige Zeit gedulden , in der sich nur weiße Knötchen blicken ließen und habe einfach weiter besprüht , 85-95%LF gehalten 23°C im Zimmer ohne Heizdecke - endlich ist alles voller Pins und die Tüte habe ich nach den 3 Woche gewechselt weil der Geruch des Wassers (leicht säuerlich ) den angenehmen Pilzigen kurzzeitig überdeckt hat,- immer alles Desinfiziert und nur destilliertes Wasser verwendet weshalb ich wohl von einer Kontamination verschont geblieben bin. Hoffentlich kommt bald ein Wachstumsschub. Bin Zufrieden, finde schon eine Balance für gutes Klima für die Entwicklung der kleinen Götter. A++

    C. G.

    Every tjing i buy from Zamnesia is just perfect, and the beat part of it is the great support team, facing a problem not a big deal here, they always fix the problems with best solutions ever. Love Zamnesia

    O. J.

    Bon trip
    Culture simple ,surtout ne pas laisser les spores s'échapper des champis sous peine d'empêcher vos futurs flushs. Les effets sont variables , à 3 pour une dose d'1 gramme sec chacuns , j'ai tripé avec les sons , un amis plus visus , et le 3eme , des frosses barres de rire , voila enjoy it , très bons champis .

    T. H.

    La mejor tienda online
    Desafortunadamente, el kit se contaminó. Pero, después de contactar con el grupo de soporte técnico y explicarles la situación, me dieron la opción de mandarme un kit nuevo!

    J. C.

    supa grow kit
    Fast delivery, discrete packaging. Easy-to-use product when following instructions found on this webpage. first flush good yield, but very bad second flush yield. Instructions unclear?

    S. B.

    First Kit Ever
    If u are a begginer this little guys are for you. They can grow with ease on different types of climates and for your first trips they are awesome. Enjoy and nice rides! :)

    M. S.

    Muy muy mágicos
    Cómo si nombre lo dice, estos champis son una patada a la realidad. Bastante eufóricos y llenos de risa también puedes tener un trío bastante introspectivo que ataca justo en el punto dónde tienes el problema que resolver. Siempre con moderación. Son increíbles de igual manera para festejar. No son tan alucinógenos

    A. S.

    Best support, a lot of shrooms.
    Ordered supa gro kit golden teacher. Arrived within 3-4 days. Also, there is the best support I have ever seen, they answered me quickly and helped me a lot to grow my mushrooms. I made a big mistake gro while grown my mushrooms, and support helped me to solve this problem. Also, I got a voucher code as a present from amnesia, and I got free seeds (gorilla glue) which cost in the shop +-23 euros, but I got it as a present. From 1st harvest i got 233 g wet, I contacted zamnesia support then. and they said that it could be more than that and gave me The voucher amount: 10% and free shipping, thanks a lot. Definitely 5 stars!!!

    M. G.

    Le kit n'a pas fonctionné MAIS ..
    Le kit n'a pas fonctionné MAIS Zamnesia ne laisse pas ses clients de cotés. donc je suis en attente de mon second kit.

    E. O.

    Super Zamnesia. Merci !
    J'ai commandé ce kit et le résultat n'était pas satisfaisant. Aucun champignon n'est sorti. J'ai donc contacté le service client et après quelques vérifications, un nouveau kit m'a été envoyé. Je tiens à le signaler parce que maintenant le profit l'emporte. Donc merci !!! A.B.C

    A. B.

    Better luck next time
    Unfortunately I didn’t succeed with my first grow kit, I don’t know what went wrong. But after contacting Zamnesia, they offered me a new grow kit- what an amazing customer service. Thank you Zamnesia, I wish all internet shops was like you guys.

    J. G.

    Très bon kit
    Ayant malheureusement commandé ce kit quelques jours avant la canicule. Le résultat escompté n'était pas au rendez vous, mais tout s'est bien déroulé sur un deuxième kit. Je recommande vivement ce kit, et les golden teacher sont juste GENIALES.

    I. K.

    Bien malgré un petit soucis
    J'avais précédemment commandé des PES amazonian et tout s'était super bien déroulé! J'ai donc voulu tester les supa gro kit, sur l'une des deux box tout se passe à merveille, malheureusement la seconde m'a l'air stérile... Cela arrive parfois, mais c'est toutefois quand même embetant à 50€ la box... Je recommande toutefois, car même si cela peut arriver, ce ne sont pas tous les produits de concerné!

    L. P.

    Great shrooms!
    Great first flush! Second wasnt that good, im curious about the 3th. Best service zamnesia! Don’t hesitate

    E. V.


    P. S.

    Fresh produce, made simple.
    This was my first time growing at home, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the experience. The package is small but yield more than enough, my first flush was around 220 grams wet, and eventually around 20 grams died. I suggest trying out the Epsom salt desiccant method, make you give the picked mushrooms plenty of space, don't stack them. If your room temperature is around 20 C you should have your first batch in 2 weeks. I am currently waiting for my second flush, just 3.5 weeks after purchase, can't wait!

    R. W.

    Nice one
    I had problems with a previous kit, Zamnesia replaced it and it's all good !

    P. B.

    Massima qualità:
    Ho avuto una bellissima esperienza con la crescita di questi funghi: 300grammi freschi in totale, ma equivalgono a circa 30grammi secchi... è veramente poco, per una spesa di 45 euro.. speravo di più. Comunque a quanto pare questo è il il massimo che si può avere da un kit così piccolo! Io prendo quantità abbastanza basse, in un certo intervallo di tempo (microdosing), e posso dire che i benefici si sentono, e sono alquanto soddisfacenti. In ogni caso, l'unica cosa negativa è proprio la dimensione del kit!! Troppo piccolo e troppo costoso, ma considerando i benefici che non ho avuto con nessun altro tipo di pianta, direi che ne è valsa la pena!

    A. P.

    Pas de gitre
    Pas de filtre micron. Ni sur la boîte (de simples trous de 2mm) ni sur le sac de culture (de simples trous 2mm encore une fois) Le kit n est pas contaminé mais je redoute une contamination durant la culture. J'achèterai une autre maque la prochaine fois. Déçu.

    F. Z.

    Life changing
    Iam really happy from the product and the company as well.

    S. G.

    Tout a bien marché, bon rendement et de qualité

    A. L.

    Un site sérieux pour une mise en culture pas si simple que cela
    Le produit commandé sur le site m'est parvenu assez rapidement sans aucune détérioration liée au transport. Malheureusement j'ai tardé à mettre en culture mon kit (4-5 jours) après l'avoir reçu et je crois que ça a participé à l'échec de ma culture. Car en dehors de cela, j'ai respecté les conseils Zamnesia en terme d'apport en eau, mesures d'hygiène, de température ambiante et le niveau d'ensoleillement. Je souhaite désormais savoir si il est nécessaire de recommander un nouveau kit ou simplement des spores de Golden Teacher. Je reste satisfait par le niveau de prestation du site.

    A. C.

    I am very happy of this product it works really nice and it’s very simple to use, all the informations you need are send with the order confirmation and the support is really fast if you have any problem. That can’t be better.

    A. H.

    Super site
    Un service client au top et de très bon produits. Les goldens teachers m'ont fait vivre des trips incroyable avec 4g de sec... Merci Zam

    D. R.

    The Kit got contaminated despite the precautions I took. I suspect the bag to be responsible for the conta (holes are too big and dust can get in), mycelium was good quality tho (even if it suffered from heat during the travel). I don't recommand these kits because they are the most expensive but not the greatest in terms of materials. I put it 2 stars because I don't entirely blame the product. Despite the big holes, it need constant fanning (forgot to fan some days), and I think the bag structure encourages contamination (holes do not bring airflow, and you can't vent toward the bag because it'll contaminate in minutes). Consider buying a Zamnesia bag (better quality) if you plan to buy this kit tho. Would be way better than this holed plastic bag.

    P. S.

    Geweldig handig
    De kits zijn super handig, oke ja een beetje prijzig maar te gemakkelijk. Ik zet ze persoonlijk in een grote plastieken doos inplaats van de zak die er bij geleverd wordt. Zo hebben de shrooms meer plaats om te groeien en krijg je mooie toverstokken ;)

    R. D.

    Kit contaminated - Zamnesia is TOP in customer support
    I have had experience in growing kits - following hygiene and the instructions about the right conditions. This kit immediately formed a cobweb mold which I was unable to remedy. Zamnesia helped me to understand the problem, potential solutions, and eventually offered to replace the kit.

    K. F.

    You need use higher temp from down, then its more effective. Mind effect is briliant!

    R. T.

    These lil guys are my favorite, such a beautiful medicine . Also I had 5 flushes, 2 last ones weren't big but still very grateful for few extra journeys. Customer service is incredible here too, guys are so helpful and fast to answer and deliver. Already got some more magic growing

    I. G.

    Golden Teacher
    Bin leider überhaupt nicht begeistert. bin beim 3ten Flush und habe gerade mal 40g Nasse Pilze bekommen. Habe viel Erfahrung. aber diese Growbox nervt mich. Habe früher bei einer anderen Seite Gekauft (14 Boxen) da war alles OK.

    P. B.

    Excelent product and service
    I always trust on Zamnesia because of the quality of their products and their client service. 100% recomended

    J. U.

    Golden teacher
    Agréablement surpris par l'efficacité même à petite dose en thé. rien à dire je recommande vivement!!!

    B. R.

    Wonderful first grow experience
    Ordered my first kit ever back in november 2019, and what can I say other than that it totally delivered. Growing was easy, and almost did it itself. Got 250 g wet first batch, and ended up getting a crazy 6 flushes out of the package. Granted, the last flush was only about 10 g wet (2 big mushrooms or so), but had a harvest feast with that and enjoyed the weird textures fresh mushrooms have, and totally had an interesting, subtle evening with the product. Can't remember the total amount, but probably around 40 g dry. Enough for a lot of fun experiences. Always loved mushrooms, and had no idea that it was THIS easy to just make them yourself. Not a super-psychonaut or anything, but Golden Teacher totally did the trick every time for me (been doing 1 - 2 g dry per session). Same goes for my friends, that I shared this beautiful fruit with. They all thoroughly enjoyed. Was a bit freaked out about customs, and if they would snag my package, but it made it's way through like nothing, even to my drugrestrictive country. Not many companies ship similar products over here, but Zamnesia does, and Zamnesia delivered. High praise! Got my second kit on the way now. Hope it turns out as well as the first.

    A. E.

    Good quality
    Love the shrooms. Good quality. And very good service from the Zamnesia guys. I will be back.

    M. P.

    Golden Teacher
    Awesome ! Easy to use, clear explainations. Few days after the first mushrooms appears, they are enormous ! Just find tips on the internet to be sure you make it right ;)

    A. H.

    Better than the ones
    I tried both freshmushrooms and supagro and the supagro are better in terms of harvest. the shrooms are much bigger and they grow quicker. Go for it!

    A. V.

    Super product. Super service!!
    Had a problem with the first kit and Zamnesia sorted me out with a second at no charge. Worked perfectly. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

    P. N.

    Très satisfait
    Une première boîte défectueuse mais le service client qui m'en renvoie une sans problème et qui fonctionne très bien. Le trip quant à lui fut assez intense, très visuel, golden teacher est un nom tout à fait approprié, je recommande

    A. C.

    got a wrong delivery at first (got mexian mushrooms instead - nice growth - 3 flushes, trip felt more like being drunk in my body, no halos, just felt a bit more open emotionally - all in all disappointing), but the new kit arrived fast and without troubles. Growing my third flush now, probably about 100 grams each time, so not growing wildly, but enough for a few nice trips. Haven`t tried them yet, only dried them in a dehydrator at 70 degrees for about 6 hours. works really well. now looking forward to an introspective weekend!

    I. R.

    Golden teachers Always good
    This is the second time of me getting Golden teacher. I like the harvest the resilience of the mushrooms and easiness of growing these shrooms. The journey was philosophical and deep with many visions for me. Thumbs up for this kit!

    C. G.

    gutes produkt
    schmerzen hören auf, aber hallos eher keine, aber in kleiner dosis, ein wundermittel

    J. G.

    BAD! - Contaminated.
    I got a supa gro 100% golden teacher and came contaminated. IT got worse after a few days. I called Zamnesia and they studied the case with some photos I sent them, kindly they sent me a new kit without charge. For my surprise the new kit came contaminated as well. It is terrible, EUR 50 lost. I'm not sure what is going on with their products but my experience with these grow kits was disappointing.

    F. S.

    Molto Deluso - Very Disappointed
    I think I received a very old KIT, it was too dry as soon as it was opened. Zamnesia, if the Kit are too old you shouldn't sell them. I have carefully respected all of yours guidelines but 23 days has passed and nothing happened, thrown to the bucket like the 50€ i spent.

    A. M.

    Only some pins...
    ...very disappointing, probably because the order was in a delivery state for long time by the transporter (covid), tried to restart the batch...nothing at all :( bye bye 50€.

    D. D.

    Qualité inégalable
    Produit plus que conforme, explications claires et précises, livraison rapide, un sans faute Zamnesia un sans faute ..

    A. M.

    Kit contaminé au second flush
    Livraison rapide, service client à l'écoute. Les champignons ont un goût prononcé que j'ai vraiment apprécié. Pas de nausée, trip très puissant avec moins d'un gramme. J'ai trouvé ces champignons pleins d'enseignements. L'équivalent de 10 ans de thérapie en une séance c'est dire leurs efficacités. Parcontre le kit à été contaminé dès le 2nd flush alors que toute les précautions ont été prises. Un peu déçu par la quantité. Sinon Merci Zamnesia !

    S. F.

    Great kit!
    until now a fat third harvest. Always the best.

    G. R.

    This is great stuff!
    I ended up with like 350 g from 3 flushes. A little softer than McKennai I find - but then again this exp varies a lot. I can only recommend. to see these golden helmets rise is great fun!

    J. S.

    Amazing flush
    Quick delivery, quick flush and nice trip!

    O. A.

    Great product - had no problems. This company is %100 legit and accountable. Sadly they don't provide any easy method for professional Courier delivery and there staff speak bugger all English which becomes infuriating.

    D. P.

    Bien mais pas extraordinaire ...
    Déjà j'aimerais remercier le service client de Zamnesia qui est au top. Merci de répondre rapidement et d'être honnête avec vos clients. Pour le kit premier flush 170g donc cool par contre le deuxième seulement 77g un peut déçu j'ai déjà vu mieux. Pourtant je n'ai laissé aucun champignon s'ouvrir avant de récolter. Je n'ais pas encore eu l'occasion de les goûter ;) coming soon

    C. C.

    Bon growkit
    Débutant en la matière mais pas déçu du premier flush, une bonne centaine de grammes. Le deuxième est en cours et a l'air plus conséquent. Livraison rapide malgré les conditions actuelles. Les champignons bien que horrible au goût sauront vous ravir par leurs effets. Avec Zamnesia on a toujours ce que l'on attend et à temps !

    E. M.

    First flush was great. The second and third were okay but i've had better results before.

    C. W.

    Worth it
    Livré très rapidement et très discrètement, le kit m'a fourni 30g+ sec en 3 flushs et je vais lancer le 4ème. Les champignons arrivent et poussent très vite, et ils sont très impressionnants !

    A. M.

    Great Trip. Low amount
    did grow only half of what I expected. great quality, great trip

    D. K.

    Very quick sprout !
    I'm very surprised to see them already growing after only a week of fruiting. Good product ! thanks

    S. D.

    160 grams fresh on the frst flush !!
    With a champion weighting 45.7 grams :D beautiful to watch grow. The only things is that you really need for the no hustle grow are : 1. the light 2. the température above 18° (get an warming pad if you do not heat the appartment that much) 3. no extra moisture AT ALL till the mushrooms pin

    D. M.

    Zero yield
    I've been using different kits and wanted to try this one. After thoroughly following all the instructions, it didn't produce any mushrooms even after 4 weeks. Thanks to the amazing support of Zamnesia team I was able to order a new kit from a different brand.

    A. S.

    Great product and awesome customer support. Highly recommended!

    J. P.

    Super !
    Une semaine et déjà la surface est presque recouverte de boutons !

    D. D.

    Yield has been good, so has time as im into my fourth fluah on 22 days. Trips have been excellent with many visuals and feeling of euphoria. The package came quickly, and costumer support was as satisfiying and very keen on listening and guiding. These are so great to tske a mental trip when you are locked away in quarentine with corona. Loved it

    M. S.

    First try was good
    That was my first try growing shrooms. Easy enough even for bloody beginners. I got some 200g of fresh shrooms from it over two flushes, but I also made some mistakes so I am looking forward to the next try (currently ongoing). Overall totally recommendable purchase. As for the GT experience, once you have figured out your right dose, its a massive lift-off and a very pleasurable experience.

    M. P.

    Premier pack reçu mais j'ai eu un souci alors j'ai de suite envoyé un message au SAV et ils ont été super on a fait quelques tests puis ils ont bien vu mon souci et mon renvoyé un pack sans que ça ne me coûte rien du tout et celui que j'ai reçu a très bien fonctionné C'est déjà la 2 eme fois que je commande et je ne suis pas déçu Je recommande les yeux fermés Zamnesia

    Q. D.

    box champi golden
    ne pousse pas les mexciquains sont plus faciles

    K. P.

    Easy to product
    Currently on my 2nd flush ! A lot of mushrooms ;)

    A. G.

    Amazing trip!
    The mushrooms were absolutely amazing! Probably the best trip I've ever had. I am however a bit disappointed with the yields so far. The first harvest was relatively substantial coming in at 194 grams fresh, although I would have expected at least 200-300 grams and the second flush has so far only produced 4 large mushrooms. The room temperature has been consistently around 22-24℃ so I didn't use a heat mat. Anyway, I'm very thankful to Zamnesia for this wonderful experience!

    S. T.

    That was a nice deal
    So the most amazing thing is that this feels like like eating things out of your own garden, and the total growth gave me like 5-6 individual portions. Tip: Do get a heatmat. The first Kit I bought didn't grew that well, but the second one had a great yield because of the heatmat.

    D. C.

    Le kit ne fonctionne pas
    mon kit n'a donné naissance à rien après avoir bien suivi les consignes je suis très déçu...

    S. O.

    First time problem's kit
    My kit started moldy so fast. When I checked the bag, there was two smalls holes, that I didn't see. I tried to cut the red zone but was too late. Ceck the bag guys!

    M. M.

    Happy happy
    Goeie kit, super goed uitgelegd, super goeie happy trip

    K. D.

    Happy with the product
    Currently on my 2nd flush. I did throw away the lid though. And I didn't give it a cold shock so far because after the 1st flush I still had the little ones growing. Once I pick them, I'll give it a cold shock. Good amount so far for the 1sr flush

    B. M.

    Have good visual trips and give smooth feelings

    K. J.

    Love this strain and brand
    A lot can go wrong with kits!! So make sure you clean your arms and hands well!!! And just follow the instruction!!!!!!++++++++ Super kit 1.time 3xkits = 80,1 g bonedry 2.time 3xkits i´m just after 2.Flush and allready 65,5 g bonedry

    M. L.

    Great service and great product

    D. K.

    Toujours aussi bon
    Toujours aussi bien depuis le temps. Malheureusement étant absent je n'ai pu récolter qu'après que les champignons aient relâché leurs spores et donc le kit ne repart pas mais c'est ma faute. Toujours rapide et quali.

    N. V.

    Le kit a moisi
    Après quelques jours en ayant pourtant suivi toutes les recommandations, le kit à moisi. Je déconseille les supa gro qui ont des gros trous dans le plastique laissant passer les petits insectes. Je conseille cependant les kit de truffes, qui ne laissent rien à faire et sont bien plus simples ! (et aussi assez rapide, j'ai moins d'un mois à attendre) En tout cas, le service client à été parfait et j'ai été remboursés en bon d'achats ! Merci beaucoup à eux

    A. T.

    Kit contaminé, vert !!
    J'ai commandé un autre kit là ça fait 10 jours et hop .. épinglage !!! Ça devrait le faire , j'ai recommandé un kit supagrow hawaian vu que j'ai eu des bon résultats , sinon très bon service client de la part de zamnesia !!!! Très bon site , très bonne boutique !!!

    G. C.

    Great high
    Smooth spiritual and visual high.. For beginners: always harvest before hats are full open, makes the box last longer!

    J. S.

    Première commande très decu
    Rien n'a pousser, la boite n'a jamais produit quoi que ce soit. Je ne sais pas si je renouvelerai mes commandes

    F. D.

    Shroom kit
    All set the on their place crossed fingers for fantastic strain !!! Love brothers

    K. Y.

    premier flush lancer
    arrivée rapide merci zamnesia

    W. R.

    Supagrow kit
    The kit did not work shrooms stalled I sent email to explain I was asked wht kit i had , i responded with several e mails i have had no response back waste of money. Will no longer be using zamnesia . Waste of a lot of money.

    H. N.

    First ever gro kit, got good results, nice yields. Had 2 flushes, going for a third now.

    S. B.

    I have bought the 100% LIE claiming to be 100% mycelium.. i ordered my kit and it took a further 3 working days to process the order.. then it was sent the NEXT DAY so 4 days.. i paid for speedy service 3-4 days and got it in around 8 days. the kit come and it was not fully colonized the tub is just full of loose chunky vermiculite with a few dots of mycelium struggling to colonize.. i dont know if i have been handed an out of date order or just a kit that wasnt looked after but after buying 12 kits from and having NO PROBLEMS AT ALL infact after 3 days using the skilled technique i use i had pins..after 7 days of the snide 100% mycelium kit.. shows nothing!! im going back to wholecelium as they offer cheap and RELIABLE service oh and not to forget the order is with you no longer than 3 days.. WHAT YOU PAY FOR, zamnesia absolute joke! oh and as for the calendar.. who wants salvia? and a grinder? full of crap seeds and the t's and c's are a joke! spend 50 quid to redeem free gifts that are worthless. i shpuld have just listened to the hundreds of reviews and not went for the fake 100% mycelium lie!

    J. S.

    Super produits , équipe très réactive un réel plaisir de commander ici

    K. J.

    Great quality
    Excellent experience excellent quality what more can you ask for.

    S. O.

    Good for the moment
    My shrooms are not fully grown yet and it's a little bit long, maybe because of the temperature... I hope the rest will come soon

    C. L.

    Fast delivery and great customer service!

    V. L.

    It was my second kit and i wanted to try a new one, in the first cycle, didn't have much mushrooms, it was weird, and normaly there's more on the 2nd cycle, and i had even less, like 2g dry grams of mushrooms, and when tried, there was just visual effect without the euphorical et physical effect, i was disapointed

    A. E.

    First ever gro kit... got good results... nice yields...several flushes and was exciting to grow and now I have a mycology hobby...thanks Zamnesia

    A. C.

    So I got three flushes, the second was two giant mushrooms however on the third I decided to ignore the instructions and go my own way and just picked the big ones the flush continued to another 110g of healthy specimens and I’ve done the same again lots of small pins still growing. Very happy

    A. B.

    Carpophores en cours de pousse !
    Tout se passe bien pour cette culture. Le service client de Zamnesia a été incroyable, très réactif, très aidant. Merci !

    R. L.

    Rien n'a jamais poussé dans la box malgré le suivi des instruction et refaite à plusieurs reprises...

    A. P.

    If you take of her, she will reward you
    4 stars instead of 5 but this is my fault: the instructions are very clear, you need to air and vaporize each day during the first weeks. As I had to be away for 3 weeks, I bought an auto-watering system and put it inside of the plactic bag. I returned yesterday: mushrooms were there but completely rot and blue. Not worried as it can generate several cycles but for the next one, I will be there every day!

    C. V.

    I got a contamination wich was not caused by me and they refunded me, so i got unlucky i guess.

    Q. B.

    This product is amazing and so easy to use

    L. G.

    Good Product
    Don't add water if you don't want to ruin their grow on the first flush. Don't dry them in the oven. Rest is is waiting

    O. K.

    Customer service was great.
    Customer service was very fast to reply and very helpful. Delivery is quick.

    A. C.

    Good Product and friendly and fast Costumer suport

    C. M.

    Great product
    Ive tried nearly all different kinds of grow boxes from zamnesia, supa gro and fresh, in my oppinion supa gro is the winner in every category, im at my 3rd flush now growing Golden teacher, cambodian and hawaian, ive had really big harvests around 15-40g dried each flush so creds to zamnesia, fast delivery and reliable trustworthy 100% thanks guys

    P. H.

    Not as advertised
    I bought these same products a year ago, and they were much better. These new grow kits, which have a loose layer of vermiculite on top, produce 3 to 10 mushrooms each flush, and their size and shape varies drastically. Some mushrooms grow crooked and warped, some are so huge they take up most of the moisture and overshadow smaller guys. The grow kits I purchased earlier produced 20 to 30 grams of dried mushrooms the first flush, and less with every subsequent harvest. Now I'm hard pressed to expect 30 dried grams from one grow kit at all. I bought five of these boxes, and they all behave the same. I haven't tried the effectiveness of the mushrooms, but last time I ate an over-sized mushroom, that grew form the last flush of the kit, it didn't have any potency...

    O. M.

    Great kit
    Always a pleasure to grow with this kit. It’s always easy and my first flush gave me 260gr wet mushrooms. Good stuff thanks guys.

    G. R.

    brilliant - 3 flushes and I'm a novice!
    I can't recommend Zamnesia enough for their support and help. I messed up my first kit (didn't read the instructions) and they sent me a new kit. I followed instructions (with the help of a few questions I asked, which were answered very quickly) and I have successfully harvested three flushes of Golden Teacher. I dried them (again using instructions using the Epsom salts method), and have taken a miniscule amount (about 0.2g) a day for three days. I have weaned myself of antidepressants over the last 3 weeks, so am clean of them. I must say, the micro dosing is working a treat! I am so impressed!

    S. R.

    Psychedelic. Far out, man.
    Gigormous first flush, puny second, waiting on third, fingers crossed. Nausea is every present with every trip but you take the good with the bad, I suppose. FWIW, eating a banana prior to ingesting the shroom mitigated my nausea. Newbie here BTW. Was hoping to make the trips on the Dark side of the moon only to discover that the enhanced sensory perceptions (including auditory) make loud music less than agreeable. Clapton and S&G are more agreeable but I find trips most rewarding without any music, with eyes wide shut and in close proximity to the sounds of nature. I ordered the microdosing pack first and found it to be useless. Taking all six at once left me more sober than a university graduate at her first job interview. Probably oxidized. My morning expresso gave me more of a kick. But the shrooms make for far out trips. Will reorder soon. Zamnesia's customer service is top notch, btw.

    J. P.

    Wow! So good. Thank you magic

    E. L.

    Great Flush!
    First time ever growing and i got a really nice flush out of them. Lovely trip aswel very enjoyable. Would grow again.

    D. O.

    Only a few shrooms grew... :(
    Just finished my first flush and i have to be honest, considering the money i spent on the grow kit, heating mat and lots of hygienic accessories, i can't say i am satisfied with what I've got for my money. It came discreet and quickly which is great, and the Zamnesia customer service is amazing from what i have been told but my kit was either slightly faulty or i just wasn't doing something right.. end result i'm not very happy. Hopefully they can do something about this but if not i guess i'll just stick to diy.

    K. P.

    Great grow kit my mate
    Great grow kit was looking beautiful had many mushrooms after around 14 days, some harvested.unfortunately i left it with my friend but it got contaminated but thats not on zamnesia. Btw im a bit of a new grower is there any way to save a contaminated kit i have a spore print but idk theres somthing whrong with it.

    S. B.

    Very good
    Fantastic first flush in 10 days. About 15 dried grams. Great trip but not as strong as the Mckenna. Excellent service from Zamnesia. Quick delivery.

    D. P.

    Works perfect!
    Just began on the second flush and it is alot of shrooms! Went pretty fast.

    M. L.

    Good little kit
    I had never used one of these kits before so was a little uncertain about how things would go. I ended up getting a couple of really nice flushes out of the kit, despite not using my kit for a couple of weeks and not refrigerating it during this period. I think if I grow mushrooms again I'll look into a more DIY solution, but if I were going to buy another kit I wouldn't hesitate to get a supagro kit again.

    J. F.

    Top !
    J'ai l'habitude de commander mes kit sur zamnesia. Sur la commande de 2 kit j'ai pour la 1ère fois eu un problème avec 1 kit mais le site à été très réactif pour trouver une solution. De plus de toute les variété que j'ai testé celle ci est celle que je préfère tant pour l'euphorie du trip que pour sa durée ! Je vous recommande ;)

    A. D.

    Golden Teacher
    solo han salido setas por los laterales del pan por la superficie nada, lo he tenido que sacar del tupper y colocar en fructificadora shotgun encima de un plato, veremos el segundo flush si sale algo.

    M. B.

    BEST support , and awesome flushes!!!
    Anything you ask zamnesia about instructions on growkits gets answered within 2 days. The flushes are extremely nice and i cant be more pleased with the overall result. Harvesting and watching it grow is so much fun, i wouldnt have thought!

    T. T.

    Very fast delivery, great harvest, great mushrooms!Recommend!

    A. L.

    5 star
    Excellent communication. Delivery very fast. Golden teacher trip was very euphoric. Some visuals as well. My first order from zam and I'll definitely be back. Thanks guys.

    J. D.

    Uk based arrived within a week of ordering. Great product got first flush around about 10 days got 130 grams freshly picked. Second flush around 8 days got 119grams, just about to start for a third flush. I’ve been drying the mushrooms using a dehydrator 45 degrees for around 24 hrs then put into a jar with food safe silica gel (works great to get them crisp) blended them up in a coffee grinder to make a powder. I bought a digital gram scale to get the right dosage as I’ve been mainly using them for micro dosing. What a difference it has made already, been using 0.2 of a gram taking every fourth day. Couldn’t resist taking a larger dose on the weekend for more of a spiritual journey. Can’t rate the service and product highly enough.

    S. D.

    Good quality
    The mushrooms took 15 days to grow, a little more than expected - probably due to high temperature. The kit is very easy to use and I am currently vaporizing water daily on the third flush.

    A. L.

    Golden Techers
    Fantastic experience, very easy to grow even for a total non green thumb like myself.

    J. O.

    Good quality
    Everything went as wish

    G. V.

    very happy
    very discret and fast delivery, thanks guys

    I. P.

    great kit
    After a defaulted kit, Zamnesia sent me this one, very productive. Thank you.

    M. K.

    Good stuff
    They taught me the golden rule. Be cool to everybody. Very mental trip.

    C. B.

    Golden Teacher
    They came out, but not so much.

    F. N.

    Contamated box :(
    It is the first time i received a contamated box. (It was my 7. Or smthing) The shrooms moulded before but this was the first box i really worked sterile with desinfect an all. But the box moulded after 5 days unfortunately. I still got a few shrooms out of the first flush but really small ones. Aswell i recommend to buy a seperate bag because they are abit better with filters that dont allow tiny bugs to get in wich the original dont (and its only a few bucks)

    F. J.

    Everything perfect!
    Very Good! Excellent product and fast shipping thank u very much!!!

    G. K.

    wise and powerful
    they deserve there names !

    A. S.

    Facile à faire pousser, assez bon au gout et expérience transantale très profonde qui m'a fait me réinterroger sur ma place dans l'univers et mon rapport à moi-même.

    C. E.

    supa grow 100% mycelium
    Bonjour a tous, étant un habitué des autres kit de culture j'ai voulut essayer ce kit supa grow 100% mycelium. j'ai était déçus de m'apercevoir que a l'arriver de mon kit il avais 4 trou sur la boite contenant le mycelium et un sac supa grow sans filtre non plus, juste des trou, apparemment cela est normal chez supa grow j'ai donc suivi les instructions a la règle, pas de premier dunk et j'avoue être très déçus du résultat car sur le premier et le deuxième flush cela n'a donner que 5 gros champignons mais pas un beau flush comme j'en vois habituellement.

    M. C.

    Phenomenal as always
    Fast, discreet delivery & top results!

    P. L.

    Supa gro 100% mycelium
    Delivered within 7 days of purchase. A good first harvest. Pins showing within a week of first flush so all in all I’m happy with the product. I’ll give full stars when I get a yield like the one advertised on the site

    G. N.

    Nice and easy!
    Everything worked nicely! My only effort was buying a heat mat, plugging a thermostat to it in order to keep it between 23°C and 24°C. Really straightforward. I did not buy zamnesia's heat mat because I needed a larger one, for my future experiments, but I'm sure theirs works just as fine, though it doesn't come with a thermostat. After 10 days I got the first batch, approximately 126 grams. Made a spore print with one of the specimen. A second another batch yielded approximately 70 grams. I'm about to set it up for a third one, let's see if something more comes out. I'm VERY satisfied as it is, anyway!

    R. P.

    Produit reçu en remplacement d'un autre arrivé contaminé. Le premier flush est sorti au bout d'une semaine à peine et a produit plus de 250g de champis frais. J'en ai pris avec des potes et on a eu 3h de fous rires avec effets visuels bien sympas. Je recommande vivement!!!

    A. G.

    Not like the picture
    Followed instructions to the letter and got average flushes at best. 35 dried grams in total after 3 flushes. I feel that the picture is quite misleading as none of the flushes looked anything like what is advertised. Have bought kits from Zamnesia before & had better results. They are pretty potent but was hoping for bigger flushes to have plenty to microdose. I don't think I would buy again as it would be much better value to grow your own from scratch.

    M. T.

    ...but instantly replaced! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

    F. S.

    Had three nice flushes and the shrooms are excellent.

    B. G.

    Very disappointed
    It took over a month for my order to arrive, then I had to collect it from the delivery centre. Comes with no instructions. Didn't grow. Want my money back!

    L. S.

    easy to grow if you follow instructions, first harvest 280 grams, second 130, still waiting for the third. Very sublte and and introspective experiences. medium dosage used 2,5 grms dried allw a 4 hours very nice experience. Thank's golden teacher.

    F. F.

    Very happy
    Very happy with this kit. It gave me 27grams dried on my first flush. Second flush now underway. First flush took between 2-3 weeks. As I generally take 4grams at a time, I have to call that excellent value for money. Sure, doing the whole thing from the ground up costs far less, but I have neither the room nor the time to do that, so a kit is ideal for me. Simply can’t complain. My experience of kits is hit and miss, but with this one, a definite hit. Recommended

    M. L.

    Nice fruits
    The first flush gave me very good fruits. It was very easy to grove - you just have to wait up to 2 weeks until first heads can be seen. I am more than satisfied!

    T. C.

    Golden teacher
    Extremely impressed once again with the service , and the volume of fruits that come from these tubs !! Super impressed once again !!

    J. G.

    Fantastic product
    After trying other brands, this one is far superior. The quality of the box and what’s inside is of great quality. Great flushes and wonderful resulting product! Highly recommended!

    N. C.

    Excellent product, intense trip!
    The first kit came contaminated. Zamnesia created voucher, bought second kit. First flush 21 dried grams. Second 6,7 grams. Third 1,3. Took with 3,5 grams (dried) with a little dark choco (no sugar, 80% cacao) to cover the taste and to extend the trip. After 40 minutes it kicked. For the next 10 hours it peeled my ego until I reached the observer within me. No emotions, no thoughts, just watching universe and life without opinion or questions!! Hard but so enlighting experience!! Thank you zamnesia for the excellent support!

    C. D.

    So far so good
    Just got the first flush in 20 days really nice trip !

    J. V.

    Delivered on time
    Quick delivery, easy to set up

    S. B.

    Amazing kit!
    I am super happy with this kit! It is ready out of the box, no water needed. in 2 minutes its ready to go. It produced flush so quickly. 1 week for things to appear and 2 weeks total to harvest. It also arrived by post very very quickly. Couldn't be happier :)

    D. G.

    I've bought this kit 3 times. Always delivers a good yield of 3 flushes. Good mushrooms. Great for a more "spiritual" trip/Connection with universal oneness

    N. R.

    Fast shipment, well handled Big, beautiful flushes. Really nothing to complain about

    J. B.

    Very good, also very good customer service!

    T. K.

    Only 1 flush, 150 grams
    After 20 days, the first flush gave me 150 grams... The second flush gave me none. This is the first time I'm dissapointed. Have sent them a mail, I hope they can arrange something!

    D. D.

    Delivery was about a week to UK. Kit is straightforward to use (have a look at Supa Gro's own instructions as slightly different to Zam's). First flush within 12 days was 220g fresh. Second flush 8 days later about 110g. Looking forward to seeing what else is to come! Thanks

    B. D.

    Quick growers!
    Quick to pin with a nice consistent pinset! about 6 days in and already having much more luck than I did with a previous B+ grow kit from supagro. Golden Teacher kit came with a very nice rhizomorphic mycellium growth already (pretty much engulfing the whole kit) so I had high hopes from the start. I have not been disappointed! 10/10 would buy again :)

    J. D.

    Golden Teacher!! Golden Teacher!!
    El kit de cultivo ha ido muy bien. Al final fueron 3 tandas (250 gramos frescas). La experiencia increible. Otro 10 para Zamnesia!!

    I. A.

    Amazing product & customer service
    Amazing customer service very helpful and solved issues immediately and greattt productt, A*** happy shrooming!!

    M. M.

    Golden Teacher
    Incredible. I will be ordering more

    A. S.

    best )
    verry good ! like

    K. E.

    Frist time grower
    It got shipped really fast! And i got a bug yield and i startet the nemt flush and There is already New ones Popping up. Some of the spores got onto the kid and it seems like it is at that place the majority of the New ones Are growing

    A. L.

    My friends love it!
    They always ask when new shrooms are avaliable again haha!

    V. V.

    Good gro kit
    My first harvest was in 15 days , for beginner eat 2,5 g -5g dry shrooms and for psychonaut 5 g-10g

    R. P.

    Very good

    K. S.

    4 flushes.
    Ha sido una gran experiencia. Me ha encantado verlas crecer cada día, además siendo primerizo en esto, puedo decir que estoy muy contento, han salido 4 flushes, bastante más de lo que me esperaba. Además el servicio de atención al cliente de Zamnesia es muy agradable. Me alegra haber dado con esta tienda online.

    M. C.

    Mold happens

    L. O.

    Très bien
    Jusqu'ici très satisfait de tous mes achats

    P. L.

    Small flushes
    My kit seemed to have been defective from the start, as I got very small flushes (the largest flush at 7.5g dried). I contacted Zamnesia and informed them about the situation and after they reviewed my case they gave me a value coupon for a new growing kit. I am now waiting in full excitement for a new growing kit. I have had one small trip on Golden Teachers and I must say even though I had a small flush, they are very potent. I usually have quite a high tolerance, but 1,3 grams sent me flying into other realms. Overall extremely satisfied with Zamnesia's customer support.

    P. S.

    Huge fruits

    Q. B.

    I got some really beautiful big mushrooms in 3-4 weeks. Didn't have to do anything. The instructions said to spray everyday but the bag stayed humid inside that I didn' have to do anything. Got 233g first flush, the second is growing and looking strong

    D. A.

    very good stuff!
    very happy and satisfied with these shrooms, they grow up in 2 weeks and my first flush was 160g fresh. Now waiting for the second one :) The customer service is super kind and they are super responsive and quick! You're doing great zamnesia!

    I. M.

    amazing products

    A. P.

    Ist auch hier angesagt. Immerhin hat es die ersten Pilze gegeben und das lässt ja Hoffnung aufkommen. Da ich im nicht belieferbaren Ausland lebe geht es halt immer auch 3-4 Tage länger als normal.

    W. V.

    bon produit
    Commande recu rapidement comme dhab et produit fidele a zamnesia, et il marche plutot bien bref enjoy

    B. C.

    Do not trust the bag
    The product came in good conditions, the plastic bag has a set of holes big enough for insects or dust to get inside. After 2 days there was already sign of contamination. Customer service was great and offered me a voucher for another product. Consider buying a microfilter tupperware (so you can enclose the kit when you do the cold shock since the tupperware is also holed) and a microfilter bag, this way you'll have lower chances of contamination. Will try them again

    S. C.

    Disappointed :/
    The service with zamnesia is very good but I am disappointed of the quality of the products. It wasn't the first time that I use a grow kit. This time, my mushrooms grew up well and I dry them correctly. However, the mushrooms wasn't strong, the effects was very very weak. The trip was really disappointed or for some of my friends there wasn't even any trip.

    L. D.

    Incredible yield for the first flush. 272 grams fresh! 2nd flush was very small though... 50 grams at best. But a pretty good product.

    G. F.


    S. M.

    Zamesia is amazing
    Zamnesia deserves so much praise. Great web shop, excellent products and first class shipment and service allround. Thank you for your awesome work!

    C. T.

    10/7 would order again
    The product arrived shortly (1 week max), and the first flush was pretty substantial (~25g once dried) ! Pretty happy with the results !

    L. G.

    Good and bad
    Didn't get my first shipment but they send me a new one, no questions asked. They helped me through some more stuff that i needed help with, and the shrooms are looking great.

    M. O.

    Way too less shrooms
    I only got about 5g dry in total. Not that much, even though I cared about them as described in the manual.

    J. M.

    Didn't really get that much out of it.
    I haven't been able to get good yields. I've been flushing it successfully, so I guess that helped, since the first grow was such a disappointment. But still not able to the same same results as on the pictures.

    P. S.

    Awesome product! Swift delivery!
    The product is wonderful, currently still growing. The customer service was also amazing! Will definitely buy more products and recommend to anyone.

    D. U.

    Amazing company!
    Received grow kit at setup, after a few days mould started growing. Contacted zamnesia support same day and sent photos. Next day a replacement kit was shipped, now trying second kit. Great customer support!

    C. A.

    Ottimi funghi bel viaggio consiglio usciti in 2 settimane

    M. R.

    Great first experience!
    I was very happily surprised with the ease of use of this grow kit, despite a couple of uncertainties along the way. I had a beautiful first flush, giving me more than enough mushrooms for my micro-dosing needs! I'm now expecting a second one. :)

    M. T.

    No prob

    A. B.

    Great customer service great product I recommend

    R. B.

    Great shrooms
    Great shrooms, great kit and an amazing team at Zamnesia. Always there for you when you need it. Thumbs up! 4 stars for the shrooms and 5 for the team and service - all in all 5 stars

    M. H.

    easy and safe!
    very good I'm satisfate! effect like description: surprising about nature!

    C. C.

    The Supa grow kit came contaminated but after some standard questions Zamnesia didn't do difficult replacing it. This time I opted for a MushMush grow kit (mazapatec) and had a huge first flush in less then 2 weeks. Super easy! Cannot wait to go on a trip now.

    T. L.

    Pacchetto arrivato nei tempi previsti, discreto e con un ottimo supporto veloce e completo da parte di Zamnesia. Con il terzo flush ho raccolto più di 550 gr freschi di funghi. Super soddisfatto

    F. D.

    Nice product and fast delivery
    It's a really good product, I'm growing my magic Teachers right now ;)

    M. S.

    Konti anfällig.. sehr sauber damit umgehen..

    S. S.

    Good mushroom strain
    I cannot say this is the strongest mushroom, but it gives you al lot of insight and wisdom. Now I understand the name Golden Teacher. Rapid growth, that means check the mushrooms twice a day because you could harvest to late.

    A. S.

    Si le kit arrive sans moisissure la récolte est prometteuse. En cas de problème le SAV est vraiment top! Merci zamnesia!!!!

    P. M.

    have some shrooms but they don t get me high
    5g and nothing, but anyways zamnesia team are amazing. thanks for all

    M. S.

    Very good
    Excellent mushrooms!

    M. I.

    not as expected, but awesome support!
    The Kit came contaminated but the support responded quickly and offered a reship. Will update the review. But honestly best support I ever experienced!

    J. H.

    Huge!! :D
    Golden teacher is just awesome. They didn't turn out as many as on the picture but on the other hand they grow to be huge! In the second flush, one of the shrooms was so big, it couldn't fit in the bag. I took some pictures of it. It's beautiful! :) The effect is stronger then the other shrooms that I've tried and they made me go really deep in my mind. But then again, I was alone.. ;)

    B. B.

    Rapide efficace
    Salut les zamnésia,comme d’habitude,reçu rapidement,cela fait 1 mois que je les ai mis en culture,déjà 2 récolte de 237g frais.jattends la suite. Ce n’est pas un rendement énorme mais 135 + 102+ ???? J’utilise un tapis chauffants mais avec une tranche de carton entre le bac et le tapis (sinon ça a tendance à cuire un peu) Merci à tous pour vos conseils et vive le peuple Zamnésien

    V. C.

    Loved it
    This is my first time with a grow kit and even tho my harvest wasn't big i still managed to get a fair amount of shrooms. I've had really good trips on these shrooms and I can recommend them for other first timers out there.

    M. F.

    Great product,fast delivery
    Just arived for me , was quite a fast delivery.The kit looks good. A+.

    E. G.

    Its great
    I had a good time with it and can only recommend it.

    L. M.

    Arrivato in quanto previsto, e riuscito facilmente.

    L. A.

    perfect outcome
    biggest mushs ever seen, over 80 gramms 1 mush.. soo beautiful to watch.

    A. P.

    Yeaa today is hearvest day
    Yeaa today is hearvest day, my shrooms have got flashes today after 18 days without heating mat.

    A. R.

    Excellent product!
    Excellent product and fast shipping! first flush was 270 grams, I'm waiting for the second flush. Thank you for a good stuff, will buy again!

    P. T.

    Really Fun Stuff xD.
    WoW! I did my first shroom trip on these one. I don't want to get in to, to mutch details but if you wanna go completely insane and laugh about it, this is your pick :D. I cant really say mutch about this more then I hade a really pleasant trip. And if you are suffering from social fobia like me, you have to try this. Been suffering from that stuff for like probably 10 years, but after this trip its like my fobia never existed :S. I also feel like its hard to remember how I used to feel around people and that is a very weird but pleasant feeling ^^. Thank you Zamnesia, I will order this shrooms and others in the future for sure ^^.

    N. T.

    Goede keuze
    Goede paddos, lekkere trip, maar mild in de zin van spirituele ervaring. Ik merk niet veel van de 'teach about a better world' ervaring, maar geeft zeker een goede trip. Je kan ook grote hoeveelheden nemen zonder bang te zijn voor negatieve ervaringen. De bak zit wel propvol met substraat, het water loopt er weer vanaf, ik moest de zijkanten uit elkaar trekken om te zorgen dat er water in de bak kwam. En de bijgeleverde zak werkt wat minder fijn dan de zakken die je bij andere shops krijgt. Verder goede service van Zamnesia, goede paddos, goede trips, keurig allemaal. Zeer tevreden.

    B. E.

    Arrivée très rapide & équipe Zamnesia au top ! / Fast delivery and very cool Z Support !
    Le colis est arrivé assez rapidement (env. 6 jours en France) mais malheuresement après 7 jours de pousse je me suis rendu compte que le kit était infecté, L'équipe de Zamnesia m'a tout de suite proposé de m'en renvoyer un autre après quelques vérifications, c'est vraiment nickel merci beaucoup ;) The order arrived quickly (around 6 days in France) but unfortunately after 7 days growing I figured that the kit was infected, The Zamnesia support immediately offered me to choose another after few cheks, this is really great thanks a lot :)

    A. L.

    Thanks Zamnesia
    I originally orderer the Golden Teacher one but after 3 days I found green mold; dont know if it was my fault or if the kit has already been contaminated when I got it. Anyway, I contacted Zamnesia if they could help me and they sent me a new growkit for free! Customer support is simply amazing! For the new kit I chose the McKennai one so I cannot really say a lot about the Golden Teachers but I was really really pleased with the outcome of McKennaii and also the Zamnesia Service. Ill never order in another shop again...

    M. J.

    Good as always
    Good product!!

    F. P.

    bon produit, bon rendement, pousse rapide
    Package livré en temps et en heure avec discrétion assurée. Le produit en tant que tel pousse très bien donc rendement plus que correct. Les pousses sont rapides si vous respectez, l'hygiène, l'hydro-pulvérisation quotidienne ainsi que la température moyenne de 23°. Je suis actuellement au début de mon 4e flush. Concernant les effets, cela dépend de la dose et bien sûr de l'expérience des champotes de la personne. Il est relativement festif, pas mal de fou rires, durée moyenne de 5h pour 4g sec (me concernant). En bref, bon champotes pour commencer une culture, et surtout un rendement super et une pousse idéale. Merci à toute l'équipe de Zamnesia!

    S. B.

    First time grower
    Nice product. Well packaged, easy to grow and in 3 weeks I got 22g of dry shroomy. 30g in total. I recommand.

    M. C.

    à table ;)
    Pas déçu du tout, récolte correcte, produit de qualité et livraison rapide. Bon délires entre potes.

    M. P.

    Fonctionne parfaitement bien et l'experience obtenue avec le produit fini est à couper le souffle ! Elle m'a changé la vie (en bien).

    G. C.

    First Time Grower
    Very simple task to do guys, just follow the instructions and its on!! It grows fast and clean. At about 6 day after starting the process the first pinheads started to show and they are growing strong and beautifull and at light speed! Higly recommend if you´re a first grower.

    D. S.

    awsome mushrooms!!

    D. V.

    They grew absolutely beautifully. 1st flush 291g, 2nd 130g. Haven't tried them yet, 'cause I have several grows going on.

    M. B.

    great product
    250g fresh shrooms froms 1st harvest. Great product!

    M. P.

    Bestellung vom August
    Die Freude war gross, bis sich das Myzel alle mögliche Farben verfärbte (Verdacht auf Schimmel). Zamnesia hat sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend reagiert und mir das Geld "zurückerstattet". Ich habe gleich nochmals eine Bestllung abgegeben, diesmal für Sporenpilze. Bin gespannt ob dies besser funktioniert. Danke an Zamnesia. Hier werde ich wieder bestellen...

    M. L.

    Fast and secure delivery! 11 days behind my first breeding and the edges have grown partly well over the weekend I still look forward to harvesting the crop! tense!

    J. P.

    Te package arrived fast and in great conditions. Thanks :)!

    F. M.

    First time grower
    First time grower, had a nice first flush, 4days after fruiting they where ready to pick. Strength was a bit dissapointing, but I've heard it depends per mushroom even in the same flush. Second flush got contaminated so I had to turn over the cake water it and now a new flush is coming up, its starting from the sides and the mycelium on top is growing and will be fruiting soon. I hope this flush will be stronger but easy to grow just make sure you don't fuck it up.

    N. L.

    Beautiful mushroom
    My personal favourite it's very spiritual and really connects you to a stunning experience. Not a party drug it's a life changing experience that is too difficult too explain but the mushroom isn't out to hurt you so don't be nervous just enjoy!

    N. K.

    Great kit
    great first flush, a good second flush (bigger fruits but smaller harvest), like 7 shrooms, overall great kit, and great customer service. tyvm

    R. E.

    I bought the box and got a great flush in a total of under 2 weeks! Very happy and really recommend this growkit. Also, great customer support by zamnesia.

    E. N.

    flesh of the gods
    mushrooms just safed my life... i wish everyone could make a good and deep psychedelic experience at least once a life.... it would change the world to a better place i totally can recomment these grow kits and zamnesia... very good customer service and friendly support... i am a happy customer and thankful for this perfect service! cheers

    R. Z.

    First time grower!
    First off if anyone out there are newbies these are the best to buy! The kit arrived in just over a week not bad considering I live in the united kingdom and my address is extremely difficault to find even google maps says it's further down than it is the kit took 5 days for pin heads to appeir and only 11 days after that the kit was ready! 330g wet mushrooms however the bag collapsed a couple of times but no real issues also I think that I screwed the kit after picking I couldn't find the lid so I just left it in my bathroom soaking there was blue marks on the mycillium kit I assumed this was because the kit and been left without it's bag for 24hrs and considering when I picked the shrooms they bruised blue I carried on growing shrroms that grew next mostly grew around the sides and bottom only three made it to the surface and other shrooms grew through them so they never finished growing however will be purchacing again soon!

    D. Y.

    Excellent service as always
    Ordered 2 x kits; 1 GT and 1 Mexican. Really fast delivery. Took around 4 working days. 660g wet on the first fruit between the 2 kits. Very pleased with the results. After my first flush, dunked in water for 12 hours and pin heads showed within 1 day once I drained it and put it back int he grow bag. This is my second order and I will be a returning customer. Good job.

    L. G.

    I got 20g dry total in 3 flushes. I know it is not the best but I'm still happy because it is my first grow kit. Tested 1g dry and had a good chill feelings. It felt like I was melting like an ice cream and had a few visuals while closed eyes. Lot of laughts with my friend too. Next time I'll try a higher dose.

    R. M.

    49g beste getrocknete Qualität
    Erste Ernte: 26g getrocknet Zweite Ernte: 16g getrocknet Dritte Ernte : 7g getrocknet Also ingesamt 49g beste getrocknete Qualität Und jetzt probieren wir gerade noch ein viertes Mal. Bin total zufrieden mit Zamnesia!!!!!!!! Kann ich mit besten Gewissen weiterempfehlen.

    M. M.

    I bought the kit in a rush before doing much background research on growing. The online community seems to slate poorer, american growkits so I was skeptical about how it would turn out. In end I had a great turnover, with a full cake of smaller mushrooms the first time, and less of, but much more grander fruits the second and third flush. Great product that has given me full trust in Zamnesia, x

    A. G.

    First time grower
    This kit was amazing! Shrooms grew really quickly they didn't need too much light had them on a shelf with CD covers in front of it. Took it down couple of times to put in indirect sunlight and it helped them to grow quicker . Harvested them too late a spores broke but other then that everything was perfect second flush was only 9g dried but it's probably cause I made mistake somewhere along growing it. Ended up with over 300g wet mushrooms and 28g dried first flush. Will be back for more definitely recommend this to anyone!

    P. B.

    310g wet on first flush :)
    Great service again from Zamnesia on my second order. After slightly poor results previously with the Mexican Supa-Gro kit in winter temperatures with the heat mat (about 40g dry from 2 good flushes and 2 small ones) I tried the Golden Teacher kit in summer temperatures without the heat mat. Much better: 310g wet from the first flush :). A big tip: download Supa-Gro's own instructions from their website - they're a little different to what Zamnesia say. Particularly, they say not to spray water until pins appear, and to place the bag back inside the open cardboard box to cover the sides. I had a LOT of growth on the bottom and sides of my first kit, but none with the second one inside the box. Also after reading a lot online, I wasn't scared to spray the mushrooms a little directly, after all wild mushrooms get rained on. Air circulation is said to be very important too - I fanned inside the bag for 30 seconds then left the bag open for 10 minutes 4-5 times per day after spraying just a little water. Combining all of these techniques with a warmer room temperature gave great results.

    L. C.

    Bonne recolte
    252 au premier flush, 124 au deuxième, 89 au troisième, et le quatrième arrive... donc bonne récolte. Testé 2g sec, effet léger, sentiment de bien être, légère couleur et quelques pensées profondes. Encore merci à Zamnesia pour son sérieux.

    R. Z.

    Almost perfect
    Last year I#ve been to Amsterdam and tried some magic truffles called Golden Teacher. i liked them very much, so it was clear to me, that my first time Magic Mushrooms must be "Golden teacher" as well. The growkit was delivered very fast and the Introduction were missing nothing, except maybe how to dry them. The first flush took about 2 week to fully develop and was a huge success. I got way more than i expect. The second flush was a little bit smaller, but these are all the downsides i came across so far I would definitely recommend buying them, if you're knew to psychedelics.

    J. T.

    I have had much experience with the GT and have completed multiple grows using supa gro purchased from zamnesia, all with great success. when i received the kit it looked by far the healthiest iv ever seen ( until my most recent purchase on the envy ) it began to pin just a few days after receiving it and at the end of the first flush i had 350.8g wet and after 24 hours dark dehydration at a temp of 25 the end results came in at 27.6g dry from the first flush. i picked all the mushrooms even the little ones from this harvest an must have missed a couple as 3 large pin heads popped up with dark blue caps, this indicates that they had been present during the 24 hour cold dunk, they had grew slower than the first flush but had much bigger shrooms, one weighed in at nearly 4g dry. its now on its third flush atm and possibly looking at another 100g wet from that. so far from 2 flushes i have had 525g wet !!!

    J. Y.

    Golden teacher supagrow kit- uk
    My first time growing mushrooms. Followed the instructions and have had 200g dry from my first flush, second flush is looking about the same size! Very impressed with this product, simple and easy to use

    C. W.

    Mr B Edwards
    Grate little kit saw the first pins in a couple days of receiving total dry cubes = 24 gs grate for the money but i saggest anyone to get the xxl kit as the flushes are much bigger keep up the good work zamnesia the best there is

    B. E.

    Stress free. Easy to grow.
    This easy to grow box is dummi-proof. The soldiers grew fast, and the first harvest gave me around 15g cracker dry moderate sized shrooms (between 0.1-1g). The second flush grow even faster than the first one, but a litte spare.( I will harvest them next week, but I estimate the second harvest will be between 9-11g dry shrooms). 2g/70kg(man) where enough for a mind blowing experience. In my opinion this growbox is worth the money.(around 2g for a trip->25g for 50€->2€/1g-> 4€ for a trip) and of course a little bit of waiting.. but that's no problem, this grow box is ideal for people, that like to trip every now and then and have a nice, funny and interesting time with their friends and don't have enough time to invest in a big growing facility that every stereotypical psychonaut wishes. For example I am satisfied with just 2 grow boxes/year. It is stress free, easy to use and worth the money.

    M. I.

    1er Flush récolté sans problème, production rapide et de bonne quantité, je recommande !

    N. P.

    Grows really good
    2nd time i ve ordered these. I really like them

    P. R.

    Best ones
    So far the best shrooms I had. The most colorful visualisations I think. Harvested over 60g dry shrooms with was about 700 grams fresh in 6 flushes. One big flush and five much smaller ones. As for now those are my favorite shrooms.

    P. W.

    Merrence Tkenna
    This was my first experience growing mushrooms of any kind. I Used this kit with the zamnesia mushroom heat mat and after 8 days I was amazied with the size of my flush, I'm currently drying them now but undried I had 244g of mushrooms from my first flush. I've set the kit off for the second flush but I think I may have damaged the substrate when I was trying to remove my side pins, even if my second flush isnt successful the money was worth it for the mushrooms I've got from just my first flush. Would reccomend to anyone!

    S. G.

    Beautiful growth..
    Absolutely satisfied...beautiful large fruitbodies and fast growth. Just pay attention to work clean and you will be grateful for the results.

    T. B.

    Excellent kit
    Je ne suis pas un novice en la matière et j'utilisais déjà la technique "PF" il y a 20 ans, ces kits sont très bien faits : j'ai mis en terrarium à réception du kit, le jeudi 26 janvier (pas besoin du sac Supa, perso !) à température constante de 23/24°C, avec petites aérations comme le Supasac et humidificateur/controleur qui maintient une humidité entre 86 et 93%. Aujourd'hui, donc 10 jours après, je viens de récolter 4 beaux champignons qui venaient de craquer leur voile (20 grammes), et le pot est rempli de champignons... à partir de maintenant, il faut que j'aille vérifier toutes les 2 heures ! Je recommande donc ce kit SupaGro et la boutique Zamnesia qui sont des personnes très sérieuses, iI will come back !!!!!!!! :)

    L. D.

    They grow nicely and looks good ;) Rhx zamnesia

    V. L.

    top produkt
    Bin sehr zufrieden.

    E. L.

    Golden indeed
    Quick delivery, awesome yield. First flush gave 200g. I guess I'll get me one of those heat mats as well with the next order. Stay awesome Zamnesia, cheers!

    A. Z.

    Real nice, so golden!
    Got a really good first flush from these, my highest yield so far! The next one looks like it will he big one too. They have a lovely golden colour to them. Not the strongest but a really enjoyable more inward experience. Will definitely try these again.

    S. T.

    very good box.
    Its easy to grow and i got about 30g dried mushroom on my first flush (8days). And i got about 6 flushes in all. Maybe about 50-60 grams dried mushrooms on whole box.

    S. S.

    Ordered a box 2 weeks ago, fast growing in one week. Discret delivery and great customer service from Zamnesia. I'm gonna order an other box right now.

    M. R.

    Super! Magic!
    Great kit currently expecting 3rd flush. I've dried the first two flushes and weighs around 12g. We brewed a tea using 2.5g dried grams each, and had a 5 hour trip laughing constantly, seeing beautiful rainbow Kaleidoscopes, and plotting Psilocybin spreading! Highly recommend this kit, mushroom, dosage.

    S. A.

    Grow kit
    Brilliant grow kit Brilliant service Couldn't believe how much they produced. My first try at it and they helped immensely, answering all my boring question. Out of the things iv bought on Internet best service by far, thanks

    A. S.

    Nice (Y)
    1st flush in 10 days.I got 347g shrooms (fresh) and 25g (dry) ..and the 2nd flush still growin..

    R. A.

    Happy Days
    Hi delivery was about 5 days and after 6-7 days later they where about 5 cm high just follow the instructions very easy to grow any idiot can do it. I should know :) A Very Big Thank You

    N. P.

    1st week, Plenty of mushrooms
    All good here... I opened the box last monday and we could see the first pin heads Thursday night.... Now it's Monday the start week 2 and the box is full of medium sized mushrooms.... I'm sure that by thursday this week I'll have the first harvest.... Thanks Zamnesia for a great start...

    A. L.

    8 days to harvest!
    Very happy with this. Only took 8 days from the day I started them for the first flush to be done. Unfortunately I was not hygienic when harvesting the shrooms, and therefore the second flush got some mould so I will take extra care in the future. Practice makes perfect! Still happy though, as It got me 30g of dry shrooms. Remember guys be very clean when handling it and never breath onto the cake! Next time i hope to get 3+ flushes.

    B. V.

    Holy S@%T!!!
    Received my package within a week of ordering and followed the instructions and forgot about them. Well, as much as I could anyway. On the eighth day you could see little heads appearing. Now it's the eleventh day and I'm running out of space to dry them. Honestly these little guys are out of control. If you've had a grow kit before and were impressed, this is something else. Looking forward to road testing them tomorrow in preparation for a psychedelic picnic next weekend. Good work Zamnesia, keep it up.

    S. M.

    Very fast delivery and I started them off immediately. After 4 days nothing appeared to be happening but on the 5th they started coming through. From then on they seemed to grow before my eyes and were ready to crop on the 9th day. The tub was crammed to capacity! Snacked on 10 whilst cropping and was blissed out under a biblical sky an hour later. Nibbled on another 10 over the next couple of hours. A beautifully clean experience, very visual without any nausea or neurosis. All there is to do is soak it up, appreciate and love it all. Cold shocked tub last monday and now, friday morning, first growth of 2nd flush is about 1cm high and looking delicious. I could quite happily live on these!!!

    D. C.

    First Zamnesia Kit & First flush; 220g (Fresh) Harvest
    Wow, a really great experience growing these, ''keep patient & trust the teacher'' Looking forward to 2nd flush & exploring how the first batch feels. Dropped 2 fresh as soon as the skirt broke on a few big ones, the taste was so sweet!! 2 an hour after & the fun was just beginning, thank the holy stars!!

    J. B.

    Très hilarant!
    Très bon produit, bon rendement et effet très agréable à partager entre pote les après midi.

    R. B.

    Though one kit arrived contaminated, zamnesia sent a replacement immediately, and this is the only issue I've had from 10+ grow kits (probably 30 or so flushes). Brilliant company with great customer service, fast and discreet delivery (including weekends). Cannot thank enough

    M. S.

    I tried this for my first time eating shrooms, and the gold teacher is really nice to try out.I just had problem with the second harvest,dint come so much.

    M. B.

    Big nolan
    Amazing mushrooms quick and easy to grow 22g dry first flush and 2nd one nearly done :)

    P. N.

    cool... à part l'augmentation du prix !
    Toujours super, pour moi ce sont les meilleurs les golden teachers, que du bonheur !! par contre j'ai payé ma box 48 euros, donc 10 euros de plus que d'habitude, je trouve cette augmentation énorme !

    J. B.

    Top !
    Une première boite commandée puis stocké 5 semaines sans soucis. Premier flush a 20g sec puis 2e a 12. Deux autres boites en cours avec un premier flush de 49g sec en 11jours. Rien a dire.

    F. L.

    Très satisfait!
    Première récolte au bout de 13jours, 270g 1er flush!!! Ils poussent facilement, environ 20°C chez moi. Très simple à faire pousser à recommander!

    J. H.

    Good good !
    Très facile à faire pousser et très bons effets a l'arrivé !

    L. C.

    SUPA GRO KIT 100% 'GOLDEN TEACHER est une valeur sure ,pousse rapide et bon first flush les effets sont sympa et beaucoup plus cessible que les Mcenai pour les novices

    M. D.

    Got maybe 70-80 mushrooms in the first flush, but think that I didn't take care of it properly, would have been nice with some instructions included on when to harvest, how to keep it, how many to expect etc, but then again, there is always google... Despite that, it was actually very easy to grow them, and I'm waiting with excitement on my 2nd flush, haven't tried the mushrooms yet though, but very excited to see what they can do! Thanks Zamnesia, will definitely buy more again!

    A. G.