Kit di coltivazione Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'


Ritenuto originario della giungla amazzonica, PES Amazonian offre un'esperienza psichedelica degna di sciamani e ricercatori dell’anima. Venerato per la sua crescita alta e per sviluppare un cappello esotico con un “capezzolo” pronunciato, questo cubensis offre una velocità di colonizzazione rapidissima.

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Zamnesia - PES Amazonian: Canaliza El Poder Espiritual De Los Chamanes Amazónicos

Se vuoi sfruttare le abilità sciamaniche degli amazzoni, allora questo Psilocybe cubensis dall'aspetto esotico è la scelta ideale. Con la tendenza di incitare sentimenti di gioia ed il desiderio di alzarsi e ballare, l’effetto vibrante corporeo ti porterà in un viaggio spirituale senza precedenti. Conosciuto per i suoi cappelli grandi e sostanziosi a forma di capezzolo, PES Amazonian cresce sia alto che veloce.

Questi kit di coltivazione consistono in uno strato di perlite (per trattenere l'acqua), una torta di segale colonizzata e vermiculite (strato di rivestimento). I kit sono pronti per crescere quando arrivano a casa tua—tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per far sviluppare i funghi è un po' di pazienza ed una leggera spruzzata d’acqua giornaliera. Anche se le rese potrebbero essere basse, almeno per le prime buttate, raccoglierai una collezione tentacolare di PES Amazonian che sembra intenzionata a raggiungere il cielo. Dopo alcune settimane e diverse buttate, raccoglierai 400–600 grammi di funghi freschi dalla fruttificazione veloce.

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Kit di coltivazione Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian' - Scheda Tecnica
Volume 1200ML
Marche Zamnesia
Varietà PES Amazonian

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Recensioni (155)

    First time grow kit
    I got a great first flush and the second one is coming. The temperatures are nice and they are growing fast. Just need regular air exchange. Oxigen makes them grow better. Just make sure you disinfect your hands and arms while working with the kit and opening the bag. Already tried some 20g fresh from first flush exactly 2 weeks after the kit has started. I must say I was with a bit of tolerance from last weekend experiences with truffles and lsa seeds. Still managed to have some good effects, seems more colorful than truffles. A nice tip and ally to your mushrooms/truffles and LSA trips is a good weed. Most of the countries have CBD weed flowers now, available online and if you are lucky some physical stores out there near home. If you want to avoid thc possible ansiety or paranoia during trip. Legal CBD flowers will just relax you, enhance the trip but in a good way. If you are feeling unease at the stomach specially with lsa, it'll do the trick and nausea go away. Trust me. Need to try more of these mushrooms and other strains and find my favorite.


    First timer
    Id like to say that the service from the team was very friendly and helpful so I would order from them again. I've given 3 stars because the amount and size of the Amazonian wasn't what I expected but I was still happy that it wasn't abort. The mycelium only grew in some parts of the substrate and they weren't that big before the veils started to drop. As it's my first time it very well couldve been something I did. The trip I enjoyed, a pleasant experience. Although after 4 grams I was expecting a deeper more intense experience. Overall a thumbs up!


    Pes Amazonian mushrooms
    The mushrooms off the first flush were amazing however it never did a second one.


    Plenty Fruits
    Had one flush so far and produced 28g of dried fruit.... Shamanic experience on 3.5. Lets see what the second flush brings


    Nicht funktioniert
    Leider hatte ich damals pech mit dieser pilz sorte moby dick bzw mit dem zuchtset Habe alles richtig gemacht aber es sind nur ein paar kleine herangewachsen und haben dann auch noch geschimmelt obwohl ich sehr viele Erfahrungen mit pilz zuchtsets habe und ansonsten hatt es immer funktioniert aber dieses mal leider nicht weiß nicht wieso denn ich habe alles immer gleich gemacht hatte nie probleme damit... nur mit dieser box mhmmm schade leider.. Habe auch leider mit dieser pilz sorte keine Erfahrungen gemacht schade.. villeicht probiere ich es irgendwann mal erneut.


    Gutes Grow Kit let your Ego and just Flow ,super Kundenservice .
    Paket kam ohne Probleme nach 5 Tagen an .Mit etwas Geduld und sauberer Handhabung ,kommt erst da weiße Myzel dann die die Mushrooms,erster Flush 160g Nass ,leider hatte sich bei einem Pilz das Velum schon gelöst und somit Sporen verteilt ,2 Flush war weniger aber noch ok noch ne Handvoll ,hatte dann Druckstellen oder so im Kit wusste nicht genau ,habe es dann entsorgt,war mein erstes Kit ,bin also nicht ganz sicher gewesen und habs lieber entsorgt,wer weiß ob das notwendig war bin auf nummer sicher gegangen , hab später gelesen das man mit einem Wattesäbchen über die Stellen gehen soll ,bleibt die Farbe am Stäbchen ist es woll kontaminiert ,wenn nicht sind es bloss Druckstellen , ja war mein Lehr Kit :).Vom Flash her bei 1-2 g trocken ,Optik verstärkt ,aber eher innerliche Offenbarungen und ein cooles Gefühl von Verbundenheit mit dem Universum ,bin im Wald rum gefahren mitm Bike war cool ,Körperlich und Geistig is man voll Funktionsfähig kann sich also problemlos in Babylon bewegen,schließt man die Augen schießen einem ein bunte Visualiesierung entgegen und das Ego löst sich auf, teilweise auch Bock auf Party gehabt ,einfach guten Sound an und los gehts . Das Kit kann ich Empfehlen und der Kundenservice ist echt gut .


    Good so far
    Have had two flushes - probably 200g + wet weight. Grow quickly and easy to use for a novice grower like me. Second flush I mis-judged the veils and they dropped spores - so we'll see if it flushes again! Thanks Zamnesia


    Great product
    Arrived fast, signed for. Really pleased with the ease of use. Overall magic service


    Great product!
    Great product and great customer service! This is my first grow and team zamnesia really helped me a lot! First flush was 130g wet, now going for a second flush. Positive vibes to everyone :)


    Delivery was fast and First flush was okay but second not so good, got only few little mushrooms let's see what third flush say

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Kit di coltivazione Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'
Kit di coltivazione Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'