Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'


Il fungo magico Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher fu scoperto verso la fine degli anni '80. L'origine è sconosciuta, ma il suo nome anticipa le sue principali caratteristiche: le cappelle sono dorate e gli effetti insegnano nuove prospettive. Potrete ottenere più getti consecutivi. Avrete solo bisogno di un po' di pazienza.

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Kit per la Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher': Apre nuove prospettive

Il fungo magico della varietà Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher apparve per la prima volta sul mercato verso la fine degli anni '80. Sia la sua origine che il suo scopritore sono ancora sconosciuti, ma ciò che ha spinto a battezzare con questo nome un fungo magico risulta piuttosto evidente: le cappelle mostrano un colore dorato e i suoi effetti hanno la capacità di insegnare nuove prospettive.

I kit di funghi allucinogeni "Fresh Mushrooms" contengono esclusivamente 1200ml di segale colonizzata. Il kit è pronto per essere usato al momento della consegna. Le uniche cose che dovrete aggiungere sono un piccola dose di pazienza.

Manuale di Fresh Mushrooms

Contenuto della confezione:

  • 1200ml di substrato colturale
  • Sacchetto di coltivazione
  • 2 Graffette

Calcolatore di dosi per funghi magiciCalcola

Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher' - Scheda Tecnica
Volume 1200ML
Marche Fresh Mushrooms
Varietà Golden Teacher

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Recensioni (1492)
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    Je suis très satisfaite de ce kit de culture, pour le moment j'ai pu récolter deux fois et une troisième récolte est en train de pousser. Nous avons testé une petite dose avec une amie et les effets étaient plaisants (légers effets visuels, euphorie). Je trouve également fascinant le fait de voir pousser les champignons.

    A. S.

    I loved to grow this kit. I had 3 flushes,, and lot of satisfaction...

    M. C.

    Easy and good
    Easy and good

    J. L.

    Premier kit défectueux, le second parfait
    J'ai reçu un premier kit qui n'a pas fonctionné, zamnesia m'en a envoyé un deuxième gratuit qui a très bien fonctionné, super effet ;)

    S. D.

    Much better setup
    This is my second kit and while I'm still waiting for early signs ( kit was delivered very recently ) I can say that the simple inclusion of a small cardboard box that snugly fits around the 'lunchbox' containing the cake is a wonderful improvement. This will definitely help with side pinning. Now to wait and see

    R. D.

    The best I've had so far

    J. H.

    Great for a beginner
    I am a total beginner who wanted to try micro-dosing psilocybin and the kit worked wonderfully. I was surprised by how quickly they grew once out in the light and missed the perfect harvesting time as quite a few veils had split. Even so I am on my second (much lighter) flush now. Will definitely order again. Had trouble working out the weights as I had no scales that measure less than 1g and needed 0.2g. I dried them in my Ninja air fryer (set to dehydrate). ONE dried mushroom in a mug of tea worked well for me. Will be ordering again. It would have been better if the instruction kit was included, but I found it online, so no worries there.

    A. H.

    Bin etwas enttäuscht
    Der erste flush war sehr schön hat auch super geklappt, bloß als es zum 2ten flush ging kam nur 1 pilz raus das Fand ich echte sehr sehr schade

    M. K.

    Grows in abundance
    Didn't used the mushrooms yet but as for as I can say for the kit: they grew in abundance! It was fun following the proces :)

    B. S.

    Did almost exactly what it said on the tin
    Arrived very promptly, despite warnings about delays at the border. Only took 8 days from unboxing to being ready to harvest. I'm a first-time grower and had no idea how fast it would all happen & I missed the crucial moment when the veils broke away. But I was really interested to watch the process unfold so I just let them sporulate for a few days. I got an awful lot of side-pinning & there was kind of a "desert" in the middle where nothing came up - next time, I'm going to rig something up to try & stop any light getting in the sides (I did keep it in the box all the time but maybe even in the box it lets in too much light?? Or is it just normal to get that much?) Made a daft rookie mistake when drying them & think I may have baked most of the psilocybin out of them - we'll see when I actually try the ones I dried. Took 13g fresh & it was much more potent than I expected, and much more tactile. One of my first thoughts was, "What's that blocking my throat??? Oh, it's my tongue!" I could feels the insides of my insides which took some getting used to. The touch sensations were bloody amazing though - it was like I'd never walked on grass or a stone floor before. Will definitely buy these again, I can tell I'm going to like them and they were so easy to grow. Can't fault the service from Zamnesia so far and hopefully I might get a bigger flush next time.

    B. P.
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Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit Di Coltivazione Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
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