The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition)


The Cannabis Grow Bible (Coltivare Cannabis: La Bibbia) di Greg Green è considerato, a ragione, un testo sacro. Ne sono state vendute quasi sessanta mila copie a coltivatori ed appassionati di marijuana alla ricerca di risposte su tutto ciò che riguarda la Cannabis. Il libro illustra come ottimizzare il raccolto, come tenere nascosta la coltivazione, oltre a cenni di botanica e genetica.

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The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition) - Scheda Tecnica
ISBN 9781937866365
Numero di pagine 716
Recensioni (12)

    Sehr gut
    Gutes Buch!


    Valuable info but a bit outdated
    The book is pleasant and informative but I can't overlook the fact that it clearly gives the feeling that it was written a long time ago, when, for example, cultivating a feminized seed could give you, with a very good chance, a male plant instead and when autoflowers were rare and definitely not as potent, high yielding or as valuable as today. The information about cultivating is still valid but I would have liked that a revised edition of 2014 would give a more contemporary feeling.


    Goed book
    Goed boek heel veel info over alles soms te weinig over iets specifiek


    A good specialised book
    One of the best book about the cannabis topic, A must to have !


    Een must voor elke thuiskweker!
    Fantastisch informatief boek. Elk onderwerp wat maar met het kweken te maken heeft, wordt uitgebreid behandeld. Begeleid door zeer veel kleurenfoto's. Ondanks dat het in het Engels is geschreven, leest het toch makkelijk weg. Naar mijn bescheiden mening is dit boek een must voor iedereen die de magie van het thuiskweken wil ontdekken. Of het naar een hoger level wil brengen.


    A wealth of knowledge
    Outstanding book, coving everything regardless of your level of experience - really pleased with it.


    Good to have
    It's Avery nice book with a lot of information even for people who grow for a time.


    Enough reading material for months
    In case you need to stay in...............


    Best information for any grower
    Probably the most complete book for growing cannabis. Great photos and best information on every growing technique. Highly recommended.


    Excellent book
    I ordered this book together with Jorge Cervantes book: Marijuana Horticulture - The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible. And I'm glad I did. Greg Greens book is excellent. Good for beginners but sometimes steps over to more in depth subjects. Thus missing out on important info that you might not know. So personally I would recommend to get both books. I just want to remind you that both books go well together even if they are completely different in style and look.

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Domande (1)
L.M. 2017-11-28 07:02:42

Est-ce que ce livre est traduit en français ? Merci pour votre réponse

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Unfortunately, it's only available in English.

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The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition)
The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition)
The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition)
The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition)
The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition)
The Cannabis Grow Bible (Inglese - 3rd Edition)